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'The Conjuring' Conjures Up A Pile of Money

The Conjuring New Line Cinema

It was a crowded field at the box office this weekend, with no fewer than four major new releases making their debut, but when all was said and done "The Conjuring" rode a wave of viral buzz to an easy win with an impressive $41.5 million according to

That was more than enough to top disappointing premieres from "Turbo" ($21.5 million), "Red 2" ($18.5 million) and "R.I.P.D." ($12.8 million), each of which went in the tank. Overall, the box office was down a full 20% compared to last year.

For a full run down of this weekend's box office top ten, including figures for returning hits like "Despicable Me 2" and "Grown Ups 2," head to

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Mad Max's Weekend Movie Guide: 'The Conjuring' & More

"The phenomena are there, really there! That’s why I say, either you know or you don’t know spirit phenomena exist. If you don’t know, go investigate the findings yourself, but don’t tell me you don’t believe in spirits." — Ed Warren

Greetings from the apocalypse! Well "Pacific Rim" came and is on its way to "went," but I loved it just the same. Of this week's many new releases only one truly stands out, and it’s the lowest-budget one of the bunch. Prepare to pee yourself as Patrick Wilson uses the power of Christ to compel you towards "The Conjuring." Get More »

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Mary-Louise Parker Wants to Quit Acting and Raise Goats (Seriously)

Mary-Louise Parker Getty Images

The internet can either be that wonderful jet-way for lightning fast information sharing and the meeting of many, many minds and web dating and such ... or it can just be a place where nasty trolls go to anonymously rip on people and say stuff they'd probably never dare to utter in real life.

Mary-Louise Parker, for one, has had quite enough of the latter end of the virtual world, and in fact, she's so turned off by the vitriol of the interwebs that she's now declared she's about "done" with acting as a result. Get More »

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Questions and Answers With Mary-Louise Parker

Mary-Louise Parker Getty Images

Mary-Louise Parker is known for playing characters with a dry wit, but we had no idea she'd be exactly as deadpan and hilarious in person. We got to sit down one-on-one with the 48-year-old actress as she reprises her role of Sarah Ross in "RED 2," the sequel to 2010's retirees with ammunition flick that became a sleeper hit.

In the sequel, Sarah and Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) are going through a dry spell in their domesticated relationship but she's in for the ride of her life when Frank and the rest of the gang (including John Malkvich and Helen Mirren) have to save the world from a Cold War-era nuclear device.

Parker has had success in recent years with the TV show "Weeds" and will also take the female lead in this weekend's "R.I.P.D." She talked to us about stealing roles from younger women, returning to Broadway in "The Snow Geese," parenthood and Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich. Get More »

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Old Folks Shoot at Each Other Some More in 'RED 2' Trailer

RED 2 Summit

You're never too old to play spy games.

Bruce Willis, John Malkovich and Helen Mirren return as over-the-hill secret agents prone to causing international incidents in "RED 2," the sequel to the 2010 action comedy that you probably don't remember too much of. Get More »

2013's 29 Movie Sequels Ranked From Least to Most Necessary

Iron Man 3 Marvel

"Texas Chainsaw 3D" is 2013's inaugural sequel in a year chock full of them (29 in all). With this much franchise volume in one year, it's good to keep some perspective in terms of which series we're primed for ... and which ones shouldn't have had a first movie to begin with.

From the bad to the rad, here's our rundown of all the follow-ups fans have been clamoring for — or haven't, as the case may be. Prioritize your sequel viewing, people. Get More »

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