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It's Official: 'Breaking Dawn' Is the Worst Movie of 2012

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" Summit

There were a whole lot of bad movies last year, but after all the votes were tallied and the industry grudges settled, Hollywood officially named the worst film of 2012 yesterday at the 33rd annual Razzie Awards — and "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" was the clear winner loser, earning Golden Raspberries in seven categories including Worst Picture.

But was it really the worst film of the year? Get More »

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Razzies: 'Breaking Dawn' Leads Race For Suckiest Movie of 2012

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" Summit

The 33rd annual Razzie Awards announced their official nominations today and "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" led the way, earning a whopping 11 nominations along with the unofficial title of crappiest movie of the year.

A title that will no doubt become official once the winners are announced on February 23. In fact, Razzie voters think "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" is so bad that they actually gave it more nominations (11) than there are categories (10). Get More »

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Adam Sandler's 'Jack and Jill' Sweeps the Razzies

Jack and Jill
Sony Pictures

The 32nd annual Razzie Awards, which recognize the worst movies and performances of the year, were held earlier this evening and according to Reuters, Adam Sandler's "Jack and Jill" made Hollywood history by winning all ten categories.

That's not just pretty bad, it's legendarily bad. Get More »

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2012 Razzie Nominations: Is 'Jack and Jill' The Worst Movie Ever?

Jack and Jill
Sony Pictures

"Jack and Jill" may have gone up the hill to fetch a pail of water, but they've just come down the hill with a record setting 12 nominations from the 32nd Annual Razzie Awards.

Sorry, Adam Sandler. Looks like you just broke your crown. Get More »

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The Razzie Awards Move to Only Appropriate Date: April Fool's

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1"

While we all know that the Oscar ceremony is broadcast sometime between the Superbowl and Easter and the Tony Awards are aired on a Sunday when we have a flu and weren't really feeling like going out anyway, one set of awards is making a bold move to a new date.

That's right: the Razzies, Hollywood's most important award for letting writers, directors, and actors know that they should probably go ask their manager at the DQ for their jobs back, is moving to April Fool's Day.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the awards ceremony isn't the only thing switching dates; the nominations for the industry's preeminent awards will also be taking up some new space on the calendar, and like any outcast award that's ever dreamed of ruining prom for all the pretty people, they've chosen the perfect date: Feb. 25, the night before the Oscars. Get More »

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'The Last Airbender' Wins (Fails) Big At Razzie Awards

The Last Airbender

Well, at least they were (relatively) kind to "Twilight."

Despite nominations for several Golden Raspberry Awards, "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" managed to emerge from this year's Razzies unscathed, except for a Worst Supporting Actor win for Jackson Rathbone (poor Jasper). Get More »

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Pay No Mind to the Razzies, My Dear Twi-Hards

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

It's official. "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" -- along with M. Night Shyamalan's "The Last Airbender" -- leads the nominations with nine. Unfortunately, those nominations are not for the Oscars, the MTV Movie Awards, or even the People's Choice Awards. "Eclipse" is nominated for nine Golden Raspberries (aka Razzies), an award that "celebrates" the worst in film.

I know. I screamed at my computer monitor, too.

No doubt you've already started organizing fellow Twi-Hards, lighting torches in preparation to lead an angry mob toward the home of Razzies' founder, John J.B. Wilson. However, before forgetting your classy Twi-principles in order to enact some kind of "Frankenstein"-justice on Wilson, the face of this Twi-Hatred and a man whose two middle initials clearly indicate he thinks he's better than us, please take a a moment to read this. Get More »

Haters Gotta Hate: 'Twilight' Leads Razzie Nominations

Twilight Eclipse

If there's one thing we've learned over the years, it's the essential truth of the old maxim: haters gotta hate.

And nobody does it quite as well as the Razzie Awards, which today announced the nominations for their 31st annual pitcher of Hollywood haterade, including a whopping nine nods for "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse."

Considering the Golden Raspberry Awards (as they are more formally known) only honor the Worst Achievements in Film in 10 different categories, that's quite a feat, but "Eclipse" isn't alone -- M. Night Shyamalan's live action adaptation of "The Last Airbender" also earned nine nods. Get More »

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Race for Worst Film of the Year Heats Up with the Razzie Shortlist


Enough applause and award giving to the best films of the year - it's time for film buffs to take a deep breath and get their snark on. It's time for the Razzies.

Every year, the endless drone of award season blares so loudly (how many times can one person handle being told "The Social Network" is fantastic?) that the only form of relief is taking a masochistic look back at the year's worst. Writer/Publicist John Wilson started the "Golden Raspberry Awards" in 1981 and every year since, voters have been naming the worst movies, actors and directors of the year, alongside the prestigious Oscar ceremony.

The shortlist for the this year's Razzies have been announced (found via The Envelope) and it's a swift reminder of 2011's big disappointments and movies destined for the $4.99 bin at Walmart. Get More »

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