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Liam Neeson Vs. Ralph Fiennes

Liam Neeson vs Ralph Fiennes - Wrath of the Titans
Warner Bros.

It’s been a couple years since they battled on screen in what became a huge blockbuster, 2010's "Clash of the Titans." Now, real-life friends Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes are reprising their roles as Greek gods in "Wrath of the Titans." Neeson plays Zeus, king of the gods; Fiennes is Hades, his brother and god of the underworld.

These two acting giants first matched wits (and handsomeness) in "Schindler’s List," which scored them a ream of awards nominations and established both as leading men to be reckoned with.

Both were born citizens of the British Empire. Each has taken a different path in film stardom of late, with Neeson known for his recent man-on-a-mission roles and Fiennes renowned for his villainous turn as Lord Voldemort in the "Harry Potter" series.

You might think the 6'4" Neeson would come out on top in a matchup with the 6-foot Fiennes. But you might be surprised. Get More »

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Pledge the True Greek Fraternity With 5 'Wrath of the Titans' Clips

Wrath of the Titans
Warner Bros.

The sequel to 2010's "Clash of the Titans" is here ... with a vengeance. "Wrath of the Titans" picks up a few years after its predecessor, with Perseus (Sam Worthington) still denying his godly roots; but when his papa Zeus (Liam Neeson) is taken captive by Hades (Ralph Feinnes) in a plot to bring fearsome Titan Cronos back to power, he gets back in action faster than you can say "3-D glasses."

If you're wondering, yes, the IMAX 3-D is way good this time, and director Jonathan Liebesman does his darndest to make this new romp through Greek mythology bigger, grittier and more epic than the last. Get More »

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Oscar's 13 Biggest Mistakes


For every winner who leaps up to thank the Academy, at least four nominees stay behind -- and with them, countless audience members wondering why their favorites failed to snag the big award. But there are times when everyone -- maybe even the winner -- believes the wrong name was read and the Oscar should have gone to... someone else.

We've picked 13 unlucky times the Academy made a huge, irreversible mistake, whether out of misguided loyalty to an actor-turned-director, fear of bestowing the Oscar to a violent or controversial film, or for no discernible reason at all (in no particular order). Get More »

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And Ralph Fiennes' Secret New James Bond Role Is...

Getty Images

The shroud of secrecy surrounding the upcoming James Bond film "Skyfall" has been so dense, you'd almost think Christopher Nolan or Ridley Scott were directing it, but now the first real spoiler has just hit the internet... and this one is about as big as they come.

Forget spoiler warnings; you're going to need a bomb shield for this one, because your head is about to explode. Get More »

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GALLERY: The 19 Most Memorable Movie Tattoos

It’s an elite group that Rooney Mara is about to join. As Noomi Rapace did before her, Mara, playing "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo," will take a spot in film lore as one of the very few female lead characters sporting major body art.

Usually, on-screen tattooing signifies toughness, edginess and a certain amount of invincibility, qualities that Mara’s character, computer hacker Lisbeth Sander, has in spades.

With the dragon tattoo itself being a key part of the murder mystery story, here's a look at some other top body artistry in movies -- mostly sported by heavily muscled and bare-chested bad guys. We think you’ll agree that some of the imagery is practically museum-worthy.

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'Tyrannosaur' Wins Big at British Independent Film Awards

Optimum Releasing

Last night at the British Independent Film Awards in London, actor/ director Paddy Considine's feature, "Tyrannosaur," lived up to its name, taking home several trophies, including the top prize for Best Film.

The brutal drama, which tells the story of a widower trying to conquer his crippling anger, also nabbed Best Debut Director (Paddy Considine) and Best Actress (Olivia Colman). Not too shabby for Considine's first time behind the lens. Get More »

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Felicity Jones Goes From 'Like Crazy' to Totally 'Invisible'

Getty Images

Felicity Jones' short career has won her numerous accolades, including her recent win for breakthrough actor at the Gotham Independent Film Awards, but an upcoming film will have the beautiful star playing something she's likely unaccustomed to – being the other woman.

The Daily Mail reports that Jones will play Charles Dickens' young mistress, Nelly Ternan, in the Ralph Fiennes-directed "The Invisible Woman."

The film, based on the Claire Tomalin book "The Invisible Woman: The Story Of Charles Dickens & Nelly Ternan," reveals the relationship between the married "Great Expectations" author and Ternan, who stayed with the 45-year-old Dickens from the time she was 18 until his death 13 years later. Get More »

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Q&A: Ralph Fiennes on His Bard Badass 'Coriolanus'

Ralph Fiennes
Getty Images

How does one follow up a stint as one of modern lit's all-time most powerful figures, the noseless wonder and embodiment of evil, Voldemort, in the insanely popular "Harry Potter" series?

For Ralph Fiennes, it's by playing one of classic lit's all-time most badass figures, taking the title role of the mercilessly tough military leader/ politician in "Coriolanus."

Fiennes not only stars in but directs this inspired adaptation, which, like Baz Luhrmann's 1996 spin on "Romeo + Juliet," unspools the timeless Bard yard in contemporary times. The first-time filmmaker and venerated thesp talks Shakespeare, "Potter" and Bond (sort of). Get More »

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Malfoy's Mom Helen McCrory To Help Bond Polish His Nimbus 3000

Getty Images

Besides being English, what do Harry Potter and James Bond have in common? With a 15-movie difference and 40-year head-start, 007 seems like he has the major advantage, but now several castmembers have defected from the Ministry of Magic and are heading to MI6 with a quickness.

The U.K.'s Daily Mail reports that Brit Helen McCrory has joined the cast of MGM's 23rd James Bond feature. She played one bad motha', Narcissa Malfoy, in the final three "Harry Potter" movies in addition to having previously worked with new Bond director director Sam Mendes on several plays, with Daniel Craig in the little-seen 2008 film "Flashbacks of a Fool," and newly-cast Ralph Fiennes as ol' Voldy in the aforementioned fantasy franchise. Talk about being grandfathered in. Get More »

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'Page Eight' Trailer: Scrimgeour vs. Voldemort, Round Two


In the "Harry Potter" films, Minister of Magic Rufus Scrimgeour (Bill Nighy) attempted to fight back against the menace of the deadly Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes) with the help (kinda sorta) of Professor Albus Dumbledore (Michael Gambon) -- and failed.

Looks like he's about to get a second chance.

Yes, the first trailer for the new espionage thriller "Page Eight" has just hit the internet -- and considering it stars Nighy and Gambon apparently working in concert against Fiennes, well, let's just say this might have more of an audience than your usual festival flick. Get More »

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