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GALLERY: Sexay Punk Rock Chicks in Flicks

Jessica Chastain — you go, grrrl!

The Oscar-nominated star of "Zero Dark Thirty" trades her trademark red mane for a short jet-black 'do (complete with accompanying tattoos) for her goth punk turn in "Mama," the Guillermo del Toro-produced frightfest about a rather, shall we say, over-protective ghost.

Jessica's new look has us wanting to start a band that only covers Sex Pistols songs ... and gather some pics of other hot punk rock chicks in flicks. Fight the power and get clickin' through our gallery.

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Hot People Looking Hot: Anne Hathaway Photos

We first fell in love with Anne Hathaway's charming turn as teenage princess Mia in "The Princess Diaries," and we've been hooked ever since. Whether Anne is playing a recovering drug addict ("Rachel Getting Married"), the incomparable Catwoman ("The Dark Knight Rises") or a poor wretched factory worker turned prostitute who can sing like nobody's business ("Les Miserables"), she's matured into quite the leading lady and one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood.

Anne also seems like one of the friendliest stars out there, showing off her gorgeous smile in just about every photo. There's really nothing we don't love about this actress, and we know you'll feel the same way after flipping through this Hot People Looking Hot gallery.

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All In the Family: 12 On-Screen Relatives Who Actually Look Alike

Harry Potter
Warner Bros.

Hollywood usually ignores the rules of genetics when it comes to casting family members in movies. Even some of our favorite films of all time, from "The Godfather" to "The Royal Tenenbaums" feature relatives that no combination of chromosomes could have realistically created. But every once in a while, the showbiz powers that be strike casting gold with actors who resemble each other enough to believably share a last name.

Here are 12 pairs of co-stars who you'd swear could be related. Get More »

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