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The 15 Most Evil Movie Corporations

The East Fox Searchlight

WARNING: SPOILERS all up in the conference room.

Never trust an organized entity, especially if it has a 401K plan.

As this week's new thriller "The East" chronicles a former FBI agent's transition to a private job at a sinister intelligence agency, we thought we'd look back at the rich history of evil movie corporations and separate the maniacally, outrageously, inexcusably evil from the "Aw, that's cute, look at them trying to be evil" evil. Get More »

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'The Impossible' and More

The Impossible Summit

This week: Director J.A. Bayona's gut-wrenching "The Impossible" starring Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts in her Oscar-nominated role tells the true story of one family's struggle for survival after the 2004 tsunami that devastated Thailand and much of the surrounding region.

Also new this week is the troubled "Gangster Squad" with Sean Penn, Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling; Gus Van Sant's "Promised Land" with Matt Damon and John Krasinski; and the Blu-ray 3D debut of the original "Jurassic Park." Get More »

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The Little Girl From 'Mama' Reacts to Recent Events


The Bible says that a little child will lead us. Here at NextMovie, we're better with, you know, images and videos than we are with book-learnin', so we took this as best as we know how. If we must live by the example of a little (movie) child, it may as well be Megan Charpentier, who plays a feral tween in "Mama," the scarytastic flick coming out this weekend.

While little Victoria (Charpentier) must grapple with whether to accept the maternal warmth of foster mom Jessica Chastain or the company of a centuries-old murder-ghost, the titular Mama, we have all kinds of day-to-day stuff to worry about that kids just don't have to handle.

Keeping the little-child maxim in mind, we turned to feral child Victoria to get her perspective on some recent events. Read on to know how you should feel about the world as of late. Get More »

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Video Q&A: John Krasinski on Being the Next Ben Affleck

John Krasinski, who is best known to the world as Jim on NBC's "The Office," is ready to be something more: Ben Affleck.

Just kidding. Sort of. Get More »

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Video Q&A: Matt Damon on How Double Dates Got 'Promised Land' Made

If it wasn't for personal chemistry and Matt Damon's directorial ambitions, the new movie "Promised Land" may not have been made, Damon told NextMovie in a sit-down interview in New York. Get More »

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December Movie Math: Breaking Down the New Releases


December is prime time for movie releases: Awards voters will have the films fresh in their minds when they go to vote, kids are on break from school and all the adults home for the holidays need to go somewhereto escape their families.

Yes, this time of year is jam-packed with new movies. How is the discerning moviegoer to decide which new releases to hit the theater for, and which to wait for on DVD? Simple arithmetic, of course! We've broken down key December releases into simple equations to help you decide what to see, organized by release date.

Your mom always told you math class would be important someday — today is that day. Enjoy. Get More »

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Matt Damon and John Krasinski Discuss Peeing in the Shower

Matt Damon and John Krasinksi's upcoming drama "Promised Land" doesn't open until December 28, but today the duo reached the real promised land three weeks early, as they appeared together on the MTV's viral movie sensation, "The Yes/No Show."

Anchored as always by the lovely and talented Josh Horowitz, Damon and Krasinksi faced and courageously answered hard hitting questions about George Clooney, peeing in Damon's shower and the Q rating of Krasinski man region.

Plus, there's also a little bit about "Promised Land" in there somewhere as well. So check it out, courtesy of MTV. Because you just can't say no to "The Yes/No Show."

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Trailer Takes Matt Damon to the 'Promised Land'... and Oscar?

Matt Damon in "Promised Land" Focus Features

Matt Damon is an Academy Award-winning screenwriter. Yeah, we forgot too. After his acting career took off in the afterglow of "Good Will Hunting," Damon settled into a nice groove acting in hit after hit, but only co-wrote one other screenplay, for director Gus Van Sant's cryptic experiment "Gerry."

That's all changed now that he's reunited with Van Sant, back in feel-good "Will Hunting" mode, who's going to take Damon to the "Promised Land"… and possibly the Oscars, as seen in the new trailer via iTunes. Get More »

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