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12 Movie Posters Recreated With Their Original Titles

Remember back when everyone's favorite rom-com was "$3000" starring Richard Gere and hot new star Julia Roberts?

Not every movie starts out being called the movie we've come to know and love. In fact, it's rather common for movies to have "working titles," or titles that just ended up getting changed somewhere between conception and distribution. Steven Spielberg's classic tale of a young lad and his alien pal once had the rather whimsical if vague title of "A Boy's Life" and the Will Smith superhero yarn "Hancock" was almost known as the rather awful "Tonight, He Comes." (Huh?)

Usually whatever title is actually released is ultimately for the best. Here are what a few of the most recognizable movie posters might've looked like if the films they advertise hadn't gone through a name change.

'E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial' (1982)

et-the-extra-terrestrial-a-boys-life Get More »

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5 Exploding Actress GIFs: Bizarre, Hilarious, Amazing

when harry met sally exploding actress

I'll have what she's hav—

OK, everyone, stop what you're doing right now and take a look at the strangest yet most amazing Tumblr to hit the interwebs.

Exploding Actresses creator Simone Rovellini likes "monsters, pugs, animals, stuffed animals"... and, apparently, blowing people's heads off (and it's hilarious). Below, check out our five favorites. (And there's more where that came from.)

Congratulations, Internet. Get More »

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'Tyler Perry's Temptation' and 25 Movies That Sound Like Perfumes


There's a movie coming out this week called "Tyler Perry's Temptation." It has nothing to do with any personal temptation of Tyler Perry himself — it's a movie he directed called "Temptation," but it's Tyler Perry, so his name's in the title.

But it sounds more like a perfume than a movie, right? According to futurist Ray Kurzweil, there's a 37.6% chance that there will be a perfume called "Tyler Perry's Temptation" by 2018.

That got us thinking: What other movies out there could be perfumes? Here are 25 that you could spray on your neck and wrist before a night out. Get More »

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The 13 Ickiest Movie Romances of All Time

Breaking Dawn - Part 2 Summit

Not every romantic movie match was made in heaven. We submit it's quite the opposite in a lot of cases.

This baker's dozen batch of film titles in particular, boasting some shamelessly twisted pairings, has definitely given our gag reflex an unhealthy workout over the years. From incest to incomprehensible deception to just plain strange, there are a lot of different variations of yuck to be experienced within this group. Get More »

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Your Favorite Rom-Coms Get Face Swapped

Face Swapped "Pretty Woman" Poster

Remember when we decided to do a few face swaps for "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1" photos? Of course you do. They were so hilariously creepy that you will probably never be able to get those images out of your head.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the Internet, we've dug up some photos to keep you horrified. Someone decided to give a few rom-com posters a facelift — or two — and swap the faces of the lovable leads.

So if you've ever wondered if Richard Gere could pull off Julia Roberts' iconic hair and thigh-high boots in "Pretty Woman" or if Sarah Jessica Parker is laid-back enough to fill Matthew McConaughey's shoes in "Failure to Launch," the answer is in this imgur photo album, and it's not pretty. Get More »

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Our 9 Favorite Gingers (in Movies)


In the UK, redheads or "gingers," once considered evil demonic spawn, are regularly insulted and abused. But we in America have a long-standing love affair with strawberry locks, so much so that many blondes and brunettes have dyed their hair to become famous fiery redheads, a la Lucille Ball, Nicole Kidman and Emma Stone.

In honor of Pixar's new "Brave" heroine Merida (voiced by Kelly Macdonald), we've assembled our list of favorite cinematic gingers -- and by that we mean the characters were redheads, not necessarily the actors. Yes, they're all ladies, but we'd love it if more actors like Damian Lewis, Michael Fassbender and Kevin McKidd let their ginger flags fly high. Rupert Grint can't be the only one to represent, guys. Get More »

Richard Gere: 'Pretty Woman' Suuuuuuuucked


Richard Gere has been a major movie actor for decades now, becoming an A-list superstar thanks to the massive 1990 international blockbuster "Pretty Woman," arguably the most popular and successful romcom of all time.

But how does Gere feel nowadays the meal ticket that's fed him for the rest of his professional life?

He thinks it sucks. On ice. Get More »

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