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Are You Ready For Steven Spielberg's 'Obama?'

After the overwhelming critical and box office success of "Lincoln" last year, fans around the world have been wondering just what director Steven Spielberg and star Daniel Day-Lewis could possibly do to top themselves. After all, Day-Lewis won the Best Actor oscar for his role as our 16th president. So where does he go from here?

Well, how about playing our current president, Barack Obama?

Yes, that's the brilliant idea behind this new viral clip, which comes not from the usual sources like Funny Or Die or "Saturday Night Live" but instead from an unexpected comedy machine: The White House.

Saying anything more would be too spoilery, so we'll just let this clip from last night's White House Correspondents' Dinner speak for itself. Because when you have a concept like Steven Spielberg's "Obama," well, what else do you need?

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Over 25,000 Sign White House Petition to Build Death Star


"That's no moon… it's a space station."

Those immortal words were spoken by Obi-Wan Kenobi in 1977's "Star Wars" as he, Luke, Han, and Chewie first laid eyes on the dreaded Death Star, but you may someday point up at the sky say it while drinking a beer out on your back patio.

A real-life Imperial Death Star came one step closer to reality today when a petition on (via Buzzfeed) reached the necessary 25,000 signatures to get a response from the Obama administration. Get More »

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Will Ferrell Stumps For Obama, Ron Burgundy-Style


It's the final stretch of the 2012 election cycle, which means celebrities of all sorts are out banging the drum to get apathetic citizens away from their DVR queue for 5-minutes and go vote.

Perhaps topping all of them is "The Campaign" star Will Ferrell, who made his name impersonating George W. Bush and is now going the extra mile for Barack Obama in a new campaign video for the President. Get More »

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President Obama's Dream Running Mate: Catwoman

Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises
Warner Bros.

With the presidential election heating up it's only natural for the candidates to begin delivering more politically charged rhetoric. After all, not only do they need to get their voting base pumped up, they also need to make headlines in order to stay on top of the ever changing news cycle.

Still, even with that being the case, today's news is a shocker: According to E! Online, President Barack Obama has given his personal endorsement to one of the world's most notorious thieves, the self-proclaimed modern day Robin Hood known only as Catwoman.

Guess the president really took this whole 99% thing to heart after all. Get More »

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Young Hollywood Dines with the President

President Barack Obama
Getty Images

Rise and shine, young Hollywood — it's time grab a bite to eat with the President of the United States.

Many young actors had a different kind of early call on Thursday morning: a private breakfast with President Barack Obama, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

President Obama met privately at the Beverly Hilton Hotel with 25 of Hollywood's hottest young stars, urging them to involve themselves in his reelection campaign. The meeting was part of Obama's "Young America Effort," an initiative to build support among younger voters. Get More »

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