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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Monsters University' and More

Pixar Pixar

This week: See how Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sully (John Goodman) first met in college in "Monsters University," Pixar's animated prequel to "Monsters, Inc."

Also new this week is "R.I.P.D.," a supernatural comedy starring Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds as two cops tasked with managing ghostly activity on Earth, and "Byzantium," Neil Jordan's atmospheric vampire film starring Saoirse Ronan and Gemma Arterton. Get More »

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Whoa, Pixar's Now Got Nothin' Going for 2014

Disney-Pixar Disney-Pixar

Disney-Pixar has held a steady one-a-year release pace since '05, but next year the streak will be broken.

Mhmm. For the first time in almost a decade, an entire year will go by without one of the studio's new animation sensations rolling out, and according to the Los Angeles Times, it's because "The Good Dinosaur" has gone bad.

"The Good Dinosaur" was set to be co-directed by Bob Peterson of "Up" acclaim and feature a boy who befriends an Apatosaurus in a world where dinos weren't killed off before humankind came along, but apparently the writer-director's deadlines were nearing extinction without results, and the studio decided to pull him from the project.

Stepping in to help co-director Peter Sohn salvage the bones of this "Dinosaur" for now are John Lasseter ("Cars"), director Lee Unkrich ("Monsters Inc.," "Toy Story 3") and Mark Andrews ("Brave"), but Pixar has not set a full replacement for Peterson just yet.

How about that heap of dino drama.

So now the pic, which was originally scheduled for release on May 30, 2014, has been pushed back to Nov. 25, 2015, and that "Finding Nemo" sequel, "Finding Dory," won't bow 'til summer 2016. 2014, meanwhile, is left empty of Pixarness. Oof. A year without income is tough stuff, even for a wildly successful studio.

The pseudo-good news is that Pixar lovers'll get a double helping in 2015 when "The Good Dinosaur" is finally hatched after Pete Docter's brainy and uberexciting "Inside Out" land in theaters on June 19, 2015.

Inside Out

No word yet on whether the casting of "The Good Dinosaur" — which included Neil Patrick Harris, Judy Greer, Bill Hader, Frances McDormand and John Lithgow — will be affected by the delay. 

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Link Riot: Pixar Movies as Infographics

• Pixar movies as infographics are spot on. [Vulture]

• While we're on the topic of Pixar, did you ever notice these Pixar movie Easter eggs? [Hypable]

• 30 years in the making, this is the longest film production of all time. []

• These are the bizarre early versions of famous characters like Bond and Machete. [Cracked]

• Billy Crystal reveals in this interview what he's really afraid of. [Moviefone]

• These are the greatest zombie killers in movie history. [ScreenCrush]

• Disney princesses get made over as sexy warriors. Why? Because, why not? [Geekologie]

• This is an awesome hand-painted poster for 'Raiders of the Lost Ark.' [Videogum]

• In honor of Meryl Streep's birthday, here's all of her award nominations and wins. Because she's amazing. [BuzzSugar]

• Someone made a huge LEGO 'Wizard of Oz' diorama complete with working tornado. [Nerd Approved]

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'Monsters University': Billy Crystal's Grandkids Only Want to Talk to Mike Wazowski

Getty Images Getty Images

Billy Crystal has hosted nine Academy Awards ceremonies and starred in box office hits like "When Harry Met Sally," "City Slickers" and "Analyze This," but even that resume wasn't enough to earn the 65-year-old respect from his grandchildren.

In a recent interview at the Pixar headquarters in Emeryville, Calif. to promote the upcoming "Monsters University," Crystal told a group of reporters what cool customers his four grandchildren are. They didn't know that their grandpa had any kind of special status until a paparazzo was following the actor and kids around The Grove, an upscale outdoor mall in L.A., taking pictures, prompting the kids to ask what the fuss was about. Get More »

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6 Classic Monsters as Pixar Monsters


Pixar is about once again show other animation studios how it's done with this weekend's release of "Monsters University," which chronicles the college years of Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sullivan (John Goodman) as they hone their scary skills in the haunted halls of academia. Get More »

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Jilted 'Brave' Director Slams Merida's Princess Makeover

Disney/Pixar Disney/Pixar

There was a certain fist pump-ery involved with the wily little heroine Disney and Pixar drew up for "Brave." Merida was a lot more rough-and-tumbling Katniss Everdeen than airy-fairy Cinderella, and the world dug it ... to the tune of more than a half billion smackers worldwide. Some of us sensed a new, bolder, more "with it" direction for the House of Mouse's idea of a Princess — one that didn't need a Prince Charming to kiss away the spell but who could get out there and handle business her own dang self.

Yeah, but that didn't last long did it? Saturday, Disney unveiled a shinier, supposedly prettier and definitely thinner variation of Merida at Walt Disney World when it inducted the character into the Disney Princesses line-up. Barf. Get More »

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Pixar Announces 'Finding Dory' Will Hit Theaters In 2015

Buena Vista Buena Vista

The moment an entire generation of film fans has who have just kept swimming since 2003 is here, as Pixar announced today that the sequel to their smash hit "Finding Nemo" will be called "Finding Dory" and will hit theaters on November 25, 2015.

And star Ellen DeGeneres, who voiced Dory in the original movie, couldn't be happier.

"I have waited for this day for a long, long, long, long, long, long time," DeGeneres said in a press release. "I'm not mad it took this long. I know the people at Pixar were busy creating 'Toy Story 16.' But the time they took was worth it. The script is fantastic. And it has everything I loved about the first one: It's got a lot of heart, it's really funny, and the best part is — it's got a lot more Dory." Get More »

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Need a Snack? How 'Bout One of These 3D Pixar Cakes?

wall-e-cake-220Nom nom nom.

Pixar's movies have inspired a lot of awesomesauce, but this takes the cake (pun intended).

As detailed at Yahoo! U.K., someone's wonderfully thoughtful pal decided to honor her animated film buffery by ordering up a Pixar-inspired cake and stumbled upon a ruddy jackpot of these 3D baked gems. Get More »

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'Planes' Takes Flight in New Teaser

Can anyone do Pixar movies as well as Pixar?

Sure, lots of studios have tried to imitate that patented Pixar magic over the last couple decades, to varying degrees of success. But now we're about to find out first hand whether anyone can really copy Pixar's style and heart, as Disney has released the first teaser trailer for their "Cars" spinoff "Planes." And Pixar pretty much has nothing to do with it. Get More »

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We Found Nemo in These Cool Minimalist Pixar Posters!

pixar-minimalist-poster-220It's official: Minimalist posters are a thing. Studios are still churning out dull, lifeless floating head Photoshop deals, but everyone who knows where it's at lives for the clever, often fan-made movie art that pops up with increasing frequency.

One such experiment in coolness was conducted by graphic designer Wonchan Lee, who made several pieces representing different animated masterpieces in the Pixar canon, which can be seen in an article on Yahoo! and after the jump. Get More »

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