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'Pitch Perfect' Lives! There's Now a 'Cups' Tap Dance

Remember when Anna Kendrick whipped out her multitasking wizardry in "Pitch Perfect" and then everyone went "Ooh! Ahh! Maybe can do that, too!" Then, those who just couldn't were instead left to hear the song play out on the radio every hour on the hour as a constant reminder that their hand-eye coordination was just not good enough for "Cups"?

Well, here's a festive alternative: Tap it out, G! Get More »

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Aca-Amazing! 'Pitch Perfect 2' Is a Go

Pitch Perfect Universal

UPDATE: The sequel to "Pitch Perfect" has been given the green light, according to SlashFilm. Universal bigwig Adam Fogelson made the announcement at CineCon Las Vegas and said the plan is to release the film in 2015.

Kay Cannon will be returning to write the script, and we can only imagine that most if not all of the original cast members will be back, too.

Do ya think the well-received "Pitch Perfect" reunion at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards had something to do with this? We do. Get More »

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MTV Movie Awards: 'Pitch Perfect' Cast Reunites, Crushes It

The cast of your secret (or not-so-secret) favorite movie, "Pitch Perfect," reunited and crushed it at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards with an all-new mashup. Sources (read: you) said it was aca-amazing.

Rebel Wilson — who pulled triple duty at the ceremony as host, performer and winner — Skylar Astin, Alexis Knapp, Esther Dean and Ben Platt gathered onstage at Sony Pictures Studio in Culver City, Calif. to perform an a capella medley of Miley Cyrus' "The Climb," Eminem's "Lose Yourself," Alicia Keys' "Girl on Fire" and Macklemore's "Thrift Shop."

It was, as Macklemore would say, f**king awesome. Get More »

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What Should We Call Rebel Wilson: A GIF Tribute

rebel-wilson-pink-220Let's be (lesbe?) real: We all love Rebel Wilson. And if you don't we don't even want to know you.

The MTV Movie Awards hostess with the mostest is not only headlining Sunday night's fun-filled awards extravaganza, she also stars in some of our favorite movies (hey there, "Pitch Perfect" and "Bachelorette"!) and drops the most notable quotables we've ever heard, to say nothing of her legendary dance moves.

In honor of Rebel's turn as emcee, we've combined her with our second favorite thing (GIFs, of course), for your viewing pleasure. Ahead, enjoy the most rebellious GIFs you'll ever seen, in a little sumpin' sumpin' we like to call What Should We Call Rebel Wilson. Get More »

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Russell Crowe told Rebel Wilson to F**k Off!

Russell Crowe Getty Images

First the phone throwing incident, now this? Russell, why can't you just play nice?

Rebel Wilson, the hilarious star of "Pitch Perfect" and subject of pretty much every awesome GIF known to Tumblr made an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where she talked about hosting the upcoming MTV Movie Awards...and about the time she met Russell Crowe.

Caution: Awkwardness ahead! Get More »

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'Pitch Perfect' Reunion Set For MTV Movie Awards

Pitch Perfect Universal

Can't wait for the "Pitch Perfect" sequel? The opening act of the 2013 MTV Movie Awards has something to tide you over until we're treated to the next big-screen adventure of everyone's favorite a cappella performers.

"Pitch Perfect" stars Skylar Astin, Anna Camp, Esther Dean, Adam Devine, Alexis Knapp, Hana Mae Lee, Ben Platt, Brittany Snow and MTV Movie Awards host Rebel Wilson will set things off with a bang (or a song, rather) as they gather to once again portray dueling college a cappella groups, The Barden Bellas and Treblemakers, for a musical performance conceived and executed by "Pitch Perfect" director Jason Moore. Get More »

'Pitch Perfect' Reunion: It's Aca-ON, Y'all!

Pitch Perfect Universal

Now, make sure that when you start squealing with excitement on pitch, everyone: The "Pitch Perfect" cast will have an on-stage reunion at the MTV Movie Awards, star Anna Camp told The Huffington Post.

"We're trying to get a little thing going," Camp said, doing press for the short film "Sequin Raze" at the SXSW Festival in Austin. "We're trying to perform."

Rebel Wilson, who will emcee the festivities on April 14, previously brought up the idea of a reunion on her Twitter.

"I've been talking to the Pitch Perfect cast about reuniting for a number at MTV Movie Awards..aca-let's CRUSH IT x" she tweeted. Get More »

Questions and Answers with Skylar Astin

Skylar Astin Getty Images

Hot off the heels of his role in "Pitch Perfect," Skylar Astin is moving on from singing in a college a cappella group to getting spanked by a college sorority. In the new comedy "21 and Over," Astin plays Casey, one of two buddies (the other played by Miles Teller) who surprise their friend, Jeff Chang (Justin Chon), at his campus dorm in celebration of his 21st birthday. One crazy night goes all sorts of wrong when Jeff gets piss drunk and the guys need to get him home before the break of dawn, a task made all the more challenging due to the fact that they don't have his address.

We chatted with Astin about some of the shenanigans in "21 and Over," including getting butt naked and what it was like to kiss both a girl and a guy (yes, that happens, too) in one film. Get More »

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Staff Picks: Brooke Tarnoff's Top 10 Movies of 2012

Warner Bros / Weinstein / Focus

As much as I love the chance to impose my taste upon the world — and I really, really do — the day I have to commit to a final top 10 list is never fun.

I see a lot of movies; some of them are pretty terrible, but the majority fall somewhere on the spectrum between good and amazing. My personal best-list starts with at least 25 candidates, and I slowly yank out movies I really enjoyed until I reach 10. It's painful. Like plucking eyebrows painful. (But not really — dudes, you have no idea how much that actually hurts.)

And then there are the screenings I've missed — I'm positive "Zero Dark Thirty" would be at the top of the list... I just haven't seen it yet.

So, I'm sorry, Kathryn Bigelow — you're not in here, though you should be. "Take This Waltz," "Safety Not Guaranteed," "Smashed," you're the finest of indies; you deserve a place, but there's no room at the inn. And "Wreck-It-Ralph," you sweet lug, I loved you almost enough. May we meet again, someday, on Blu-ray.


10. 'Pitch Perfect'

This is not a good film, exactly. It's silly, often nonsensical, has befuddling plot holes and relies a little too heavily on ethnic stereotypes for laughs. That said, it's the first movie in who-knows-how-long I've seen in the theater twice in one week. And then once the week after. (And maybe once after that, as well.) The soundtrack is phenomenal, though I'd have sworn I hate a capella, and Anna Kendrick is so ridiculously real-person charming, I could watch her sing the phonebook... as long as someone was beatboxing her accompaniment.



9. 'Cabin in the Woods'

I'm no fan of slashers, but I'm a huge fan of writer/producer Joss Whedon, writer/director Drew Goddard, and clever twists (à la early Shyamalan, sans resemblance à latter day Shyamalan) so I approached "Cabin in the Woods" with an open mind. Still, I was unprepared for how much I could love a slasher – I don't care what you say, it's still a slasher: people get slashed – based on the genre-bending elements of humor, fantasy, whip-smart writing and those twisty, twisty twists.




7. 'Chronicle'

I thought I was over the found-footage thing. Actually... I never really thought I was under the found-footage thing. But "Chronicle," hardly a pioneer of the medium, used the device so cleverly, so seamlessly, I felt I was actually seeing a new form of fiction. The few moments where the technique stretched the movie's credibility were balanced by engrossing performances, including Dane DeHaan's heartbreaking turn as a maladjusted teen learning to control his newfound superhero powers. What seems, on its surface, to be a gimmicky comic book action movie is actually a nuanced depiction of an innocent kid's descent into villainy — a character that's all too familiar in the real world.

The Avengers Marvel

7. 'The Avengers'

A superhero supergroup and nerd-god auteur Joss Whedon: two great tastes that taste AWESOME together. "The Avengers" contains the best features of its single-hero predecessors and corrects some of their failures: it retains the wit of "Iron Man" (filtered and refined through Whedon's iconic voice) and the bravado of "Captain America," and despite Marvel's repeated "Hulk" failures, finally finds the perfect green goliath in Mark Ruffalo. Yup, somehow, amidst the charisma of Tony Stark, the black-clad posterior of Black Widow and the arrow-flinging gun show that is Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye, Ruffalo is the smash hit of "The Avengers." (Get it? Smash? Yeah... sorry.)

Also Check Out: NextMovie's 25 Best Movies of 2012


6. 'Looper'

Spoiler alert: time-travel isn't a real thing. But that hasn't stopped sub-par sci-fi movies from explaining their pseudo-science into the ground. One of the amazing things about "Looper" (aside from some exceptional performances, a riveting plot and a physical transformation so incredible I didn't recognize Joseph Gordon-Levitt though I had just met him for an interview) is the grace with which it backed off from its own time-travel logic. "If we start talking about it, then we're going to be here all day talking about it, making diagrams with straws." Indeed, Angry Bruce Willis From the Future. Indeed.

Moonrise Kingdom Focus Features

5. 'Moonrise Kingdom'

You either love or hate Wes Anderson movies; there's really no middle ground with his style of adorable absurdity. As you might have guessed from his presence on this list: I love him, and I really loved "Moonrise Kingdom," though (or... because?) Anderson out-twees his twee-est "Royal Tenenbaums" scenes by making his latest film entirely about children who listen to age-inappropriately cool music and attempt to elope. It's weird, it's stylish, it's nostalgic without any resemblance to my actual childhood or the childhood of any person I've ever met… and I could watch it every day for a week without getting bored. (Plus, it makes me wonder where Anderson goes from here. My suggestion: well-spoken toddlers in jaunty berets, working out their issues. French accents wouldn’t hurt, either.)


4. 'Life of Pi'

I put off seeing this as long as I could; I'm one of those people who can't handle animal deaths in movies (p.s. If you're like me, this is the greatest resource you'll ever find) and I was given to understand that "Pi" features CGI creature casualties by the boatload. Literally. I'm glad I disobeyed the instincts of my tender lady-heart for two hours; Ang Lee's visually stunning adaptation — genuinely a breathtaking big-screen spectacle — was worth any mourning I may or may not have done over a certain fictional zebra. Suraj Sharma (as the titular Pi during the most important parts of his narrative) is something special, too. So, yeah. I loved it. Just... don't talk to me about the goat.

Weinstein Co.

3. 'Silver Linings Playbook'

Who knew Bradley Cooper had it in 'im? The pretty boy who once brought us gems like "All About Steve" and "He's Just Not That Into You" was shockingly brilliant in "Silver Linings Playbook" as Pat, a bipolar wreck of a man, fresh from a court-mandated stint in a mental health facility. Despite the grim circumstances — his female lead is Jennifer Lawrence as a brittle, short-fused young widow — the movie is hopeful, funny, uplifting. Watching Lawrence emote, after excellent but glacial performances in "Winter's Bone" and "The Hunger Games," was the icing on a Globe-nominated cake. A silver lining, if you will.


2. 'Perks of Being a Wallflower'

I read a lot. A lot. A looooot. So believe me when I say this is a big deal: "Perks," the book, was my favorite for about a decade, and it still has a permanent place in my top five. The novelist, Stephen Chbosky, adapted and directed the movie; it's faithful enough to satisfy die-hard fans like me, with enough adjustments to show that Chbosky has allowed his work to evolve. His story remains a moving elegy on adolescent isolation,  a love letter to the precocious and the peculiar. It will touch the heart of anyone who was a little sad or a little strange in high school, whose friends were their lifeboats, who felt the wind in their hair and knew, for a moment, what it meant to be infinite.

Warner Bros.

1. 'Argo'

1970s beards and tan suits have no right to be this riveting. "Argo" proves that Ben Affleck, while decent as an actor and fair-to-middling as a tabloid personality, is one hell of a director. The tension he infuses into a Wikipediable true story is remarkable. Affleck also plays the lead, Tony Mendez, a real person who led the far-fetched rescue of six U.S. diplomats during the 1979 Iran hostage crisis, using a fake sci-fi movie production to cloak his attempt. Even though the mission's outcome is now a matter of public record, the implausibility of its success makes "Argo" more than a nail-biter – "Argo" is a whole-finger-biter. Thanks, Affleck. I needed those.


NextMovie Senior Editor Brooke Tarnoff also sings in a band, regularly ignores off-leash laws in the park with her dog, and reads zombie fiction like it's her job. (It's not.) Follow her on Twitter.

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Staff Picks: Kase Wickman's Top 10 Movies of 2012


I don't believe in feeling guilt over what movies I like. Many critics and bloggers and other people who get to say with a straight face that they get paid to think about movies all day will tell you all about "important" movies and other milestones they feel are underappreciated by mainstream audiences, but I personally don't feel like I'm above having a good time at the movie theater.

You won't see "Zero Dark Thirty" on this list, nor will you find "The Master," though I saw both and enjoyed them and took something away from them. They just aren't movies that I can see myself wanting to enjoy again (ever again), unlike the 10 titles that made my admittedly somewhat fluffy year-end list.

2012 was a banner year for movies, and the hits just keep coming (thanks for the time off, winter break! You would need to call in sick to see the array of awesome holiday offerings coming at us before year's end). Read on for my list of my top 10 picks for the year. Get More »

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