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'Hell Baby' Trailer: 'Reno 911' Dudes > 'Scary Movie' Dudes

The horrible box office performance of the last "Scary Movie" hopefully put the nail in the coffin of those terrible parodies. Although Marlon Wayans, who abandoned that franchise a while back, did have an $18 million debut with "A Haunted House." Nevertheless, lest we think the horror parody premise is dead, Rob Corddry arrives fresh from zombie-rom-com "Warm Bodies" in "Hell Baby," from the folks who brought us "Reno 911!." So we have somewhat heavenly hopes for this thing, especially based on this trailer. Get More »

'Red Dawn' Inspires a Slew of Patriotism, A.K.A. Racism


With a tidy $22-million haul over the long Thanksgiving weekend, the "Red Dawn" remake inspired a lot of turkey-stuffed/tryptophan-drunk American citizens to salute that grand old flag of ours and prepare themselves to do what it takes to defend our great nation… namely, killing Asian people.

See, that last part was meant to be ironic, especially if you read our tirade about the producers' screwed-up decision to switch the villains' nationalities from Chinese to North Korean in post-production, but comedian Paul Scheer has posted a graphic of post-"Red Dawn" anti-Asian Twitter posts that never heard of irony. Get More »

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Critics' Choice Movie Awards Hosts Engage In Serious 'War Horse' Horseplay

Funny Or Die

Hosting the 17th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards is serious business. And hosts Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel are taking it seriously, as today, just hours before the Critics' Choice Movie Awards air live on VH1 tonight at 8 p.m., they've sat down with one of this year's most serious stars for an exclusive interview: The horse from "War Horse."

At Funny Or Die.

Seriously. Get More »

VH1 Breaks Out the Big Guns For 2012 Critics' Choice Movie Awards Promo


The 2012 Critics' Choice Movie Awards are almost here and this year, VH1 is bringing out the big guns ... literally.

One of the most prestigious awards in Hollywood, the Critics' Choice Movie Awards annually recognize excellence in film as determined by the folks who watch more movies than anybody else alive: The critics. But since even the best critic needs a little help now and again, this year's CCMAs are being hosted by the drop dead comedy duo of Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer and, as our new exclusive tease proves, their mouths won't be the only thing they're shooting off. Get More »

David Hasselhoff Dives Back Into the Ocean For 'Piranha 3DD'

David Hasselhoff
Getty Images

Of all the films released last summer, it seemed the most unlikely of films was the most universally loved: "Piranha 3-D."

"Piranha 3DD" has the unenviable task of trying to not only match the popularity of its predecessor, but outdo it in outrageousness.

So far, the crazy of "Piranha 3DD" has been purely restricted to its casting choices like Gary Busey. How do you balance out Busey? With the Hoff, of course! Dimension Films announced today that David Hasselhoff has officially joined the cast of "Piranha 3DD." He'll proudly share the screen with the aforementioned Busey, Ving Rhames, Christopher Lloyd, Paul Scheer, Katrina Bowden, Danielle Panabaker, Matt Bush, Chris Zylka and David Koechner. Get More »

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Ving Rhames and Christopher Lloyd Back For More 'Piranha'

Ving Rhames in Piranha
Dimension Films

Wait a minute... didn't Ving Rhames (spoiler!) die in the last "Piranha" movie (end spoiler)?

No matter. There are no rules in the world of "Piranha," and if the producers want to list him as a "survivor," then so be it. Rhames is joining fellow "survivors" Christopher Lloyd and Paul Scheer for a second feeding frenzy, "Piranha 3DD," according to The Playlist. Get More »

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