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'Twilight' Star Nikki Reed Makes Beautiful Music With Hubby Paul McDonald

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If the key to a lasting relationship is a whirlwind romance and love songs, "Twilight" star Nikki Reed and her new hubby may just have it made.

The actress tied the knot with former "American Idol" contestant Paul McDonald on Oct. 16 after dating for only seven months, but it seems the two have more than a passion for each other in common.

The lovebirds have just released their first single together, the predictably titled "Now That I Found You," about – what else? – being head over Louboutins in lurrrrrve. Get More »

Marriage Bells Ring For 'Twilight' Star Nikki Reed

Nikki Reed
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Sniff! It seems like just yesterday that Nikki Reed was merely "Thirteen" and piercing Evan Rachel Wood's navel in that famous teen rebel indie. Nope, our little "Twilight"-er is all grown up and married to former "American Idol" contestant Paul McDonald.

Reed and McDonald met on the red carpet for the premiere of Catherine Hardwicke's "Little Red Riding Hood." Hardwicke cowrote the script for "Thirteen" with Reed and then directed her and Wood in the film when they were just 14. (Hardwicke screen-tested the pair on the very same bed where Bella and Edward shared their first -- but not last! -- off-screen smooch.) Get More »

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Twi-Bites: K-Stew 'On the Road,' Reed Engaged & More


It's nearing the end of the month, and my Twi-hard faithful know what that means. No, not an update on the lunar cycle. It's time for me to break down June's top news and gossip from the world of "Twilight" into easily palatable Twi-Bites. And they're only 600 calories each!

In case you haven't yet sampled my Twi-Bites (sorry, does that sound nasty?), I'll preface the latest installment with this: Being a Twi-hard can land you on a slippery slope. There is so much juice out there that you can fall in over your head and end up addicted. Next thing you know, you're living in a Dumpster, willing to sell your plasma for a glimpse at Anna Kendrick's Twitter feed. It happens.

If you don't have an iron will, cut yourself off now and only read my column. I have a shockingly high tolerance and can digest the need-to-know stories into Twi-methadone (methTwidone?). It's what they pay me the big decent bucks for. Get More »

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