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Dalton's the Bad Guy in Gonzo 'Road House' Mashup

Road House MGM

"Pain don't hurt." That's something a supervillain would say, isn't it?

You know the story of "Road House," the greatest movie ever made: Dalton (Patrick Swayze), a professional bouncer with a PhD in philosophy, accepts the job of cleaning up the Double Deuce, a small-town honkytonk watering hole from hell. In the process, he gets to make sweet love to the town doc (Kelly Lynch) ... and runs afoul of the burg's self-appointed patriarch, the corrupt Brad Wesley (Ben Gazzara). Tons of two-fisted homoeroticism ensues. Get More »

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GALLERY: Great Moments in '80s Hair

Before the 1990s, there was a stretch of time -- roughly 10 years or so -- we refer to as "the '80s." It was, like, this totally rad era in which a geriatric Rodney Dangerfield could be a party animal, coke was a problem and New Coke was an even gnarlier problem. And the only rule for your hair was that it had to appear hilarious to anyone not living in the '80s.

With the jukebox broadway musical "Rock of Ages" coming to theaters, we say it's time to grab a pogo ball and hop our way through the historical hallway of hairstyles, searching for what made '80s yearbooks into the comedy treasure chests they've become.

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Catskills Fire Destroys Original 'Dirty Dancing' Resort

Dirty Dancing
Vestron Pictures

A bunch of brave firemen had the time of their life putting out a massive blaze that took down a piece of very cherished movie history.

MSNBC reports that over 43 fire companies and 300 firefighters had to rally together to douse the flames that devoured the Catskills condominium complex formerly known as Brown's Hotel, which inspired the affluent resort Kellerman's in "Dirty Dancing," the favorite movie of nearly every member of the female gender. Get More »

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Knuckle Up For 'Every Face Punch in Road House!'


"Mystery Science Theater 3000" guru Mike Nelson referred to "Road House" as "the single finest American film," but what really gives the saga of Patrick Swayze's super-bouncer James Dalton that extra punch?

Probably all the punching, as evidenced by a new video that properly catalogs, indexes and files "Every Face Punch in Road House!"

Is that listed under "F" for "Face" or "P" for punch? Try "X" for "X-cellence in violence." Get More »

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Patrick Swayze Dances For Pabst Blue Ribbon

Patrick Swayze in a 1979 Pabst Blue Ribbon commercial

Patrick Swayze has PBR on his mind.

The late, great "Dirty Dancing" star gets his "Saturday Night Fever" groove on (with a woman who might very well be his wife, Lisa Niemi) in this 1979 commercial for Pabst Blue Ribbon.

It's quite amusing to see PBR, that cheapest and most lowest common denominator of beers (and we mean that in the most affectionate way possible), celebrated so extravagantly. Look at how thrilled everyone is to be out at a dance club and drinking big frothing mugs of the stuff! Get More »

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'Point Break' Remake Hangs Ten at Warner Bros.

Point Break (1991)
20th Century Fox

Our dear Bodhi may be gone, but his legacy lives on as Alcon Entertainment prepares a remake of "Point Break," according to Deadline.

"Point Break" was released in 1991 and starred Keanu Reeves as Johnny Utah, a (very) young FBI agent who infiltrates a group of surfer dudes who moonlight as masked bank robbers known as the Ex-Presidents.

Soon, our young G-man is seduced by the rush of their adrenaline-charged activities (both legal and illegal) and freedom-loving lifestyle... and by the charisma of their zen philosopher leader, Bodhi (the late, great Patrick Swayze). Get More »

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Hollywood's Most Convincing Men in Drag

Brandon T. Jackson and Martin Lawrence in "Big Momma's: Like Father, Like Son"

Really, who doesn't love a man in drag?

From Tyler Perry and Robin Williams to those kooky kids at Harvard who put on the annual Hasty Pudding silliness, a dude in dainty duds is often the cause of a good laugh, an occasional heartfelt moment and even some family-oriented warm fuzzies.

With "Big Momma's: Like Father, Like Son" hitting theaters this week – and "Tyler Perry's Madea's Big Happy Family" arriving in April – we're counting down the most convincing male movie cross-dressers from the utterly ridiculous sight gags to the jaw-droppingly feminine. Get More »

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Patrick Swayze's 'Ghost' Still Knows How to Rock

Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in "Ghost"
Everett Collection

What happens when you combine a star we miss, an erotically-charged movie we love (it was 1990, don't hate), and rock 'n' roll?  Philadelphia rockers Valencia proved the results are pretty cool, paying homage to Patrick Swayze using clips from the movie "Ghost" to illustrate their new single, "Dancing With a Ghost."

We think this was a fun way to do a music video, so check out MTV’s Buzzworthy for three and a half minutes of Swayze in his heyday.

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