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Rob Thomas Doubles Down on TV Show Resurrections with 'Party Down' Movie

Starz Starz

Last week came the out of this world news that "Veronica Mars" had Kickstarted her way to the silver screen thanks to deep-pocketed fans shelling out to get the crime-solving babe a movie.

But what of Rob Thomas' OTHER cult show, the sarcastic LA catering sitcom "Party Down," which he's been teasing as a movie so long the hors d'oeuvres must be stale by now? Huffington Post talked to the world's luckiest producer to see if he might try a similar tack, but Thomas is confident he will not need to panhandle on the internet to get this particular party started. Get More »

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'Party Down' For Cult TV Hit Getting Big Screen Treatment

Adam Scott
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Have you tried sate your desire for Adam Scott every way you can possibly think of? Do you slog through old episodes of "Party of Five" just to see his youthful face?  Fall asleep to "Parks and Recreation" just so you can imagine he's there with you as you drift into the land of nod?

It's time to put your crazy back where it belongs because you're about to get a whole lotta Scott. Megan Mullally has confirmed that her highly-praised series "Party Down" will be returning, this time on the big screen. Get More »

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