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'Pacific Rim 2: Bigger, Badder and Cardboard-ier'

"Pacific Rim" ranked third at the box office last weekend, behind "Despicable Me 2" and "Not a Real Movie" "Grown Ups 2," not quite meeting expectations for a summer blockbuster. Womp, looks like audiences weren't too keen on the "War of the Worlds"/"Transformers" lovechild. Kaiju forevvver!

Despite less-than-stellar stats, the hilarious dudes over at Funny or Die think "Pacific Rim" is worthy of a sequel. A sequel with a smaller budget, that is. A way smaller budget. Try $190 instead of $190 million. This is "Pacific Rim 2," ladies and 'fellas, and it's glorious. Get More »

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'Fear and Loathing' Boiled Down to Just One Crazy Minute

"Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" was one of those uber polarizing flicks that a viewer either completely loved or just could not appreciate one bit. But no matter which side of that 10-strip LSD sheet line you fell on, you gotta appreciate this 60-second rendition of the mind-melting movie.

Based on Hunter S. Thompson's well-documented* explorations of the mind-altered human condition, "Fear and Loathing" featured Johnny Depp and Benicio del Toro as a journo type and his legal eagle on the ride of their lives — okay, probably just one of many — during a trip, literally and figuratively, out to Sin City. Get More »

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Here Is the Trailer for Every Indie Movie Ever

As we all understand and acknowledge, every indie movie that has ever come out, ever, has the exact same plodding, morose trailer featuring a couple dudes doing mundane things with a look of innate sadness plastered on their faces the entire time.

With this idea in mind, some clever individuals recently came out with the trailer for "Home Without, Marleqta," which, in addition to not making any sense grammatically, isn't actually a real movie (we think — if it is, we'd watch it, give it an A- and call it "Triumphant" and/or "Powerful" or something, to play our part). Get More »

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Are You Ready For 'Movie: The Movie 2?'

One of our favorite moments at least year's Oscars wasn't actually at the Oscars — it was the well-timed release of Jimmy Kimmel's send-up of the entire film industry, "Movie: The Movie." Packed with dozens of superstar cameos, the viral clip lampooned everything wrong with Hollywood to hilarious effect.

And now, for this year's Oscars, Kimmel has released the inevitable YouTube follow-up, "Movie: The Movie: 2V."

But can even a parody avoid the lame sequel curse? Get More »

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Wee Actors Take On The Nominees In 'Kids Oscars!'

When you get down to it, the art of filmmaking is really nothing more than one big game of pretend (albeit one with millions upon millions of dollars in production and marketing budgets propelling the whole endeavor). Underscoring that point, the skilled child-wranglers over at Official Comedy have successfully recast 5 of the 9 Best Picture Oscar nominees with a gaggle of thespian tots to create "Kids Oscars!" "Zero Dark Thirty," "Argo," "Lincoln," "Beasts of the Southern Wild" and "Django Unchained" (what, no amour for  "Amour"?) all receive the full toddler treatment, complete with adorable prop appearances by two plush horse-heads on sticks, at least four fake beards and an oversized Kangol hat for mini-Tarantino.

Does "Kids Oscars!" serve as a warts-and-all commentary on the egos of Hollywood’s A-list, or just an excuse to get a tiny spinning actress to perfectly sum up Mary Todd Lincoln in six accurate/adorable words? Watch the video above and decide for yourself.

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Gollum Does Les Miz

If there's one thing you can say about "Les Miserables," it's that its actors — particularly Oscar nominees Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway — don't just chew the scenery. They gnaw, gobble, and chew it up, before spitting it out again -- but, hey, that's how you win an Oscar, isn't it? (We'll find out on Sunday.)

Did you ever think "The Lord of the Rings"' Gollum — of all people, nay, creatures — could emote the same raw, haunting, endlessly-tragic passion that Jackman and Hathaway helped make "Les Miz" an epic soul-crusher? Well, one YouTuber decided to turn that question into a reality by doing his best impression of Gollum singing "I Dreamed A Dream."

If you're like me, the frogginess of his throat will make your toes curl in repulsion, your stomach ready to deep heave in disgust. But you're probably not like me (because I have a thing with voices, sorry) and you will enjoy this.

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Beyonce Goes to Hogwarts

Harry Potter or Beyoncé? That's basically us asking you to go all King Solomon on us, isn't it? It's an impossible choice to make: whiz kid wizard vs. Destiny's number one Child.

Luckily, Nebraskan songbird Mandy Maynard has combined the two, mashing up B's ground-stomping ballad, "Halo," with the story of The Boy Who Lived to make the most amazing Harry Potter parody we've heard to date. "Hallows" is basically what you'd get if Weird Al was a really pretty blonde chick in wire-rimmed glasses with a scar on her forehead. So, basically, not Weird Al at all.

While we're at it, we'd like to put it out there that if our other favorite Mandy (Ms. Moore, that is) feels like returning to music anytime soon, we'd be game. And, yes, we realize she's a Serious Actress now, but even a Mandy Moore Funny or Die original wouldn't hurt, maybe one about "The Hobbit"?

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'Star Wars' Meets 'Rudy' in This Hilarious 'Yody' Mash-Up

Ever since Disney acquired Lucasfilm, the world has been waiting to see what that might look like. Luckily, the team at "Conan" is more than ready to serve up a hot, piping mashup parody that certainly answers the question by marrying aliens and football.

"Yody" raises the question: What would it look like if Yoda's dream was to play football at Notre Dame? Just like Sean Astin's impossible dream in "Rudy," it certainly wouldn't be easy, considering the guy clocks in at "two feet tall, five pounds heavy, and nine hundred years old." But, hey, Disney movies never leave a dream unfulfilled, which is why seeing Yoda as Rudy is time well spent, even if it may never actually come true.

But if you're reading this, Disney execs, we'd very much like to see that come true (hint, hint).

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Quentin Tarantino Plans 'Rewritten History' Film ... Here Are Our Theories

You've got to hand it to Quentin Tarantino: The guy sure knows how to dispense some righteous justice. First he retroactively avenged the Holocaust with his history-warping "Inglorious Basterds" and then he put the smack down on slavery with his juicy pre-Civil War revenge fantasy "Django Unchained." There's just nothing quite so satisfying as seeing some of history's greatest injustices fixed through two hours of big screen slaughter.

And now we'll get one more; speaking to reporters at Sunday night's BAFTA winners press conference, Tarantino said, "This [rewritten history theme] begs a trilogy, it begs to have a third movie on this theme. I haven't decided about what yet, but I wouldn't be surprised."

Humanity has done so many horrific things over the past few millennia that there's literally no end to the number of revenge fantasies Tarantino could make. With that in mind, then, we dreamed up posters for some of the most egregious wrongs in history that are crying out for the Tarantino treatment. Get More »

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Korean Soldiers Present 'Les Miserables' of Snow Shoveling

Who knew the South Korean Air Force had a flair for theatrics? A group of soldiers have created a parody of "Les Miserables," centering on a…err…slightly altered story line of the popular musical/Oscar-nominated film. Jean Valjean, a soldier on a South Korean airbase, is condemned to shovel snow when all he really wants to do is hang with his girlfriend, Cosette. YES, we know, Cosette is practically Jean Valjean’s daughter in the real thing…but let’s look past that minor flaw.

The video beings with "Dig Down," sung by the soldiers of the 22nd Fighter Wing as they shovel away their souls. This is a scene that anyone can empathize with who has been forced to spend a snow day digging out the driveway while the neighbor kids go sledding. The parody also features variations on "I Dreamed a Dream," "On My Own," and "Red and Black": a post- break-up anthem in which the air force boys convince Valjean that the single life is better.

A little silly, but well-produced and entertaining…we think you’ll dig it.


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