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Angelina Jolie's 9 Sexiest Roles


It's a good thing Angelina Jolie became a movie star. Her distractingly sexy features would surely cause a slew of on-the-job injuries if she was, say, a Starbucks barista or a crossing guard (think of all the scaldings and run-over children!).

Yes, it's for the public's own safety that this reluctant spawn of Voight be kept behind the protective barriers reserved for our Hollywood royalty, athletes and political leaders.

For over a decade, Jolie's upsettingly pouty lips and model-esque figure have defined "sex symbol" to the Western world (and "possible mommy" to the developing one). She'll soon be appearing with Johnny Depp (the only man prettier than her) in the upcoming "The Tourist," and the sexy factor might be off the charts. Get More »

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