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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'The Conjuring' and More

The Conjuring New Line Cinema

This week: Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson play real-life ghost hunters Lorraine and Ed Warren in the supernatural thriller "The Conjuring," one of the scariest and most profitable films of the year.

Also new this week is Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson in the buddy comedy "The Internship," Ryan Gosling reuniting with his "Drive" director Nicolas Winding Refn for "Only God Forgives" and Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy at it again as Jesse and Celine in the romantic sequel "Before Midnight." Get More »

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Mad Max's Weekend Movie Guide: 'The Conjuring' & More

"The phenomena are there, really there! That’s why I say, either you know or you don’t know spirit phenomena exist. If you don’t know, go investigate the findings yourself, but don’t tell me you don’t believe in spirits." — Ed Warren

Greetings from the apocalypse! Well "Pacific Rim" came and is on its way to "went," but I loved it just the same. Of this week's many new releases only one truly stands out, and it’s the lowest-budget one of the bunch. Prepare to pee yourself as Patrick Wilson uses the power of Christ to compel you towards "The Conjuring." Get More »

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Ryan Gosling Characters You DON'T Want to Say 'Hey' To You

Only God Forgives RADiUS-TWC

Oh, Ryan Gosling. America's Sweetheart. The man who was robbed — robbed! — of the Sexiest Man Alive title. There are several good reasons why The Gos inspired the wave of "Hey Girl" memes: He's our handsome dream boyfriend who will write to us every day for a year, will do the "Dirty Dancing" lift with us in his living room and break up a street fight in New York on his way home from the gym, and so much more. Get More »

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Ryan Gosling: 'Only God Forgives' is Like a Video Game

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Ahhh, Gosling — sweet, sweet Gosling. There are normal humans and then there's the beautiful Ryan Gosling (honestly, who needs friends when you look that good)?

Gosling took a few minutes out of his busy schedule of, ya know, being hot, to chat with MTV News' Josh Horowitz about his new film "Only God Forgives," directed by Nicolas Winding Refn (responsible for the also Gosling-filled, oddly silent "Drive"), and according to him, it's a lot like "Grand Theft Auto." Yep. Get More »

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Gosbook: The Ryan Gosling Loner Friend-o-Meter

Only God Forgives RADiUS-TWC

Poor Ryan Gosling. He's one of the most popular actors on the planet (or at least on the Internet), and yet he usually plays such a lonely boy.

Sure, Gosling has had his share of companions, lovers and even wives in his movies, but for the most part he's made a career at playing the rugged loner, the lone wolf who walks (or drives) the earth with only very few "friends" ... if you can even call them that half the time. Get More »

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Ryan Gosling Unleashes Hell in 2 'Only God Forgives' Trailers

[From MTV Movies] For Ryan Gosling and Nicolas Winding Refn's next movie together after "Drive," you'd expect a similar dream-like, violent yarn to match their first collaboration. You may not have been expecting the seriously tripped-out trailer for "Only God Forgives" that popped up a few weeks back.

Now, after an official Cannes line-up announced the duo's return to the festival, two new international (and NSFW) trailers have gone online (via The Playlist), and they give you more of the same but with some extra insight into the story of revenge and Thai boxing.

Check out the trailers above and below and an animated poster at MTV Movies.

Ryan Gosling Wants to Fight in 'Only God Forgives' Red Band Trailer

"Wanna fight?" Well, no ... but, yes. You know.

Ryan Gosling raises all sorts of bloody hell in "Only God Forgives," the Bangkok-set crime thriller that reunites him with his "Drive" director, Nicolas Winding Refn. Gosling plays the owner of a Thai boxing club that serves as a front for his family's criminal empire who's forced by his crazy mama (Kristin Scott Thomas) to track down the man who killed his brother, a retired police office who calls himself the Angel of Vengeance.

Bullets, fists, swords and an awesome Cliff Martinez score ... you know you're there.

But when? "Only God Forgives" will screen at Cannes in May but it has yet to score a U.S. release date. For now, dig the groovy yet dangerous style of Gosling/Refn in the somewhat NSFW red band trailer, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies.

'Only God Forgives' Those Who Do Not Watch This Teaser


Hey you guys, remember "Drive?" The 2011 movie by director Nicholas Winding Refn that featured Ryan Gosling tooling around in a getaway car, being all stoic as he beat the unholy hell out of people? Well, that film became an instant cult classic and generated huge critical acclaim, so you may just want to check out the first teaser clip for the upcoming indie "Only God Forgives."

Because Gosling and Refn are back at it again — and someone is about to pay the price with their face. Get More »

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Hey Ryan Gosling, What Happened to Your Face?

You know how Ryan Gosling's always saving people from bar fights and stuff? Well, it looks like it's time he save himself.

In the new poster for "Only God Forgives," his latest collaboration with "Drive" director Nicolas Winding Refn, Gosling has taken a serious beating. We're talking blood, pus, eye swollen shut, the whole thing. But here's the amazing thing: He still looks kinda sexy.

Guess we'll have to wait until sometime next year to get a glimpse at the other guy (who inevitably looks much worse).

(Via FilmStage)

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What Happened To Ryan Gosling's Face?!


Last year, Ryan Gosling became the darling of the international film set thanks to his acclaimed collaboration with director Nicolas Winding Refn, "Drive." Now the two are pairing up for another movie and if the new photo from Movieweb is any indication, the title "Only God Forgives" is spot on.

Because only the almighty could forgive what Refn has done to poor Gosling's beautiful face. Get More »

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