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'Enough Said': Poster Debut for James Gandolfini's Last Major Role

James Gandolfini Getty Images

James Gandolfini may no longer be with us, but there are posthumous projects on the way that will give us a last look at his incredible acting chops.

The late actor best known for changing television as we know it as Tony Soprano will next be seen in "Enough Said," opposite "Seinfeld" legend Julia Louis-Dreyfus. "Enough Said" marked the last leading role for Gandolfini, who passed away from a heart attack last month at the age of 51. Louis-Dreyfus plays a divorced mom who starts a romance with Albert (Gandolfini), who turns out to be the ex-husband of her new best friend, Marianne (Catherine Keener). Fox Searchlight will release the rom-com on September 20th.

Gandolfini had also completed work on the crime drama "Animal Rescue," which stars Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace. "Animal Rescue," in which Gandolfini plays a bar owner, is due in theaters next year.

He was a producer on the green-lit series "Criminal Justice," which reunited him with "The Sopranos" network HBO. The late actor had completed work for the pilot episode as the character Jack Stone. HBO had originally passed on the series in February but reversed their decision in May with a seven-episode order. Get More »

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Spring Breakers' and More

Spring Breakers Annapurna Pictures

This week: James Franco turns in one of the best performances of his career as a drug and arms dealer who corrupts four vacationing coeds in "Spring Breakers," the latest from director Harmony Korine.

Also new this week is the comedy "Admission" starring Tina Fey and Paul Rudd, the Stephenie Meyer YA adaptation "The Host" and the thriller "Dead Man Down" with Colin Farrell and Noomi Rapace. Get More »

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'Passion' Trailer: Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace Smooch and Throw Down

Unless you're in deep with the French film scene, chances are you didn't catch the 2010 film "Crime d'Amour," but iffen you did, this might look really familiar.

Here we have the first trailer for "Passion," the latest crime thriller from Brian De Palma, featuring Rachel McAdams as Christine, a snaky international businesswoman who finds herself neck deep in salacious intrigue, masked murder and gobs and gobs of money after messing with the wrong protégé in Noomi Rapace's Isabelle. Get More »

'Prometheus 2:' Well, It Can't Be as Disappointing as the First One, Right?

Fox Fox

Hey guys, remember "Prometheus?" Last summer, everyone was totally psyched up for Ridley Scott's long-awaited prequel to his 1979 masterpiece "Alien." And then the movie actually came out and it was, like, the most confusing mess of nonsense ever put together.

Well, if you're into that sort of thing then we've got some good news for you, as star Noomi Rapace has revealed to indieWire that Scott and company are already hard at work on a script for "Prometheus 2."

Geez, the bruise on our forehead from all that slapping hasn't even healed yet! Get More »

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Casting Roundup: Theron, Chastain and Farrell Get the Gigs

Getty Images

All of the week's hot casting news in one fell swoop ...

• Seth MacFarlane has scored quite the cowgirl! The "Ted" funnyman has rounded up the gorgeous (and quite funny herself) Charlize Theron to star in his new film, "A Million Ways to Die in the West," a self-described "Blazing Saddles"-type comedy about a sheepish farmer who chickens out of a gunfight and sees his girlfriend leave him. [Heat Vision]

Colin Farrell and Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain are going classical with "Miss Julie," director Liv Ullmann's take on August Strindberg's 19th-century stage play about the sexually-charged battle of wills between a wealthy socialite and one of her head servants, with the servant's fiancee popping up every now and then to make things even more interesting. Samantha Morton is also set to star. [The Hollywood Reporter] Get More »

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GALLERY: Sexay Punk Rock Chicks in Flicks

Jessica Chastain — you go, grrrl!

The Oscar-nominated star of "Zero Dark Thirty" trades her trademark red mane for a short jet-black 'do (complete with accompanying tattoos) for her goth punk turn in "Mama," the Guillermo del Toro-produced frightfest about a rather, shall we say, over-protective ghost.

Jessica's new look has us wanting to start a band that only covers Sex Pistols songs ... and gather some pics of other hot punk rock chicks in flicks. Fight the power and get clickin' through our gallery.

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Colin Farrell's 'Dead Man Down' Trailer Goes Up


Anyone who has seen the original Swedish version of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" knows that it is probably a pretty darn bad idea to mess with Noomi Rapace. Luckily for us as movie fans, though, the bad guys in her movies apparently don't have Netflix, because they keep making that same fatal mistake over and over.

And as the new trailer for "Dead Man Down" shows, not even Colin Farrell is enough of a badass to escape her power. Get More »

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Casting Roundup: Redmayne, Barks and Diesel Get the Gigs

Getty Images

All of the week's hot casting news in one fell swoop ...

• We wonder if "Les Miserables" star Eddie Redmayne had to sing for his new role. The handsome up-and-comer is officially joining Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis for "Jupiter Ascending," the top-secret sci-fi film from the Wachowski Siblings. [Heat Vision]

Samantha Barks just can't stop singing! Eddie Redmayne's "Les Miserables" co-star is in talks (or, rather, in songs) to go "Walking on Sunshine," a musical set to '80s pop ditties about a mother and daughter who fall in love with the same man while vacationing in Spain. '80s pop star Kylie Minogue has already been cast (we're assuming as the mom, which makes us feel old). [The Wrap] Get More »

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Noomi Rapace Brings 'Doom and Gloom' to Rolling Stones Video

Noomi Rapace in Rolling Stones' Doom and Gloom Vevo

"What's it all about?" asks Mick Jagger in the new Rolling Stones single, "Doom and Gloom." Well, when it comes to the song's official music video ... well, we're not quite sure.

But hey, when the video features "Prometheus" star Noomi Rapace as an airline stewardess, zombie killer, fast food gorger and somewhat topless hitchhiker, who needs an explanation for just what in the hell is exactly going on? Just sit back and watch these old dudes try to prove that they've still got it with a little help from an international hottie in this bizarro NSFW indulgence. Get More »

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Prometheus' and More

Noomi Rapace and Logan Marshall Green in "Prometheus" Fox

This week: Years after directing the sci-fi masterpieces "Alien" and "Blade Runner," Ridley Scott returns to science fiction with the harrowing and ambitious "Alien" prequel "Prometheus" with Noomi Rapace, Charlize Theron, Guy Pearce and Michael Fassbender.

Also new this week is the movie-musical "Rock of Ages," the Edgar Allan Poe-themed mystery thriller "The Raven," and the Blu-ray debuts of "E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial," "Little Shop of Horrors" and "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?"

Get More »

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