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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'This Is the End' and More

This is the End Columbia Pictures

This week: A party at James Franco's house rages on as the Apocalypse gets it on outside in the outrageous horror comedy "This Is the End," starring Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride and Craig Robertson and featuring cameos from numerous celebrities.

Also new this week is the based-on-a-true-story thriller "The Frozen Ground," "The Amityville Horror" Trilogy on Blu-ray, and "The Wizard of Oz" 75th Anniversary Edition on Blu-ray 3D. Get More »

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Hahaha, Kelsey Grammer is Joining 'The Expendables 3'

Getty Images Getty Images

Um, has Kelsey Grammer convinced everybody he's some kind of action star now or something? Seriously, did we miss that memo, Hollywood?

'Cause according to Deadline, he's now joined the cast of "The Expendables 3," a shoot-'em-up-bang-banger purposefully stuffed with pretty much all the muscular man meat — or, as the first installment coined to it, "the only men you're allowed to love" — the genre has had to offer over the past four decades. Get More »

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The 13 Most Surprising Producer Credits in Movies

Leonardo DiCaprio & Red Riding Hood Getty Images / Warner Bros.

Sure producers accept the award when a movie wins Best Picture at the Oscars and get to say awesome things like "I'll make you a star, kid!," but what the hell does a producer actually do?

Well, the answer is sometimes everything from coordinating the script's development, financing and hiring the film's director ... and sometimes doing little beyond having a famous name and giving a thumbs-up at the movie's premiere. However, we're sure the following famous folks, who have had surprising producer credits on a variety of flicks, were more hands-on types when it came to getting these 13 movies made. Get More »

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Here's the Ultimate Nic Cage Mashup

What do "The Breakfast Club," "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets," "Mean Girls," "48 Hrs.," "Gung Ho," "The Money Pit," "Jaws," "Wayne's World," "Get Over It," "Ghost," "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure," "Stand By Me," "Duplex," "Hamlet" and "The Ten Commandments" all have in common?

Until today, practically nothing except for the small fact that they're all movies (duh!). But now — thanks again, internet — they all share in the gift to memedom that is Nicolas Cage. Any movie should be so lucky, right folks? Get More »

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Questions and Answers With Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens Getty Images

Vanessa Hudgens has certainly matured on camera exponentially since her Disney Channel and "High School Musical" days. The 24-year-old actress took a walk on the wild side as a gun-toting criminal who wears a neon bikini in Harmony Korine's "Spring Breakers" and now Hudgens is tackling tougher dramatic material in "The Frozen Ground," which opens in theaters on August 23.

The Scott Walker-directed movie chronicles the real-life 1980s Alaskan hunt for serial killer Robert Hansen, who stalked and killed between 17 and 21 young women and then buried them in the Alaskan wilderness. Hudgens plays Cindy Paulson, the only survivor of Hansen, played by John Cusack. Nicolas Cage stars as the detective trying to track Hansen down, and 50 Cent appears as Pimp Clate Johnson.

We caught up with Hudgens as she talked about getting to meet the real-life Paulson, what rating she thinks the MPAA would bestow upon her, the various substances she's been required to snort on camera for different films and if her family-film days are behind her. Get More »

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5 Things Nicolas Cage Says We've Gotten Wrong About Him

Getty Images Getty Images

Everyone knows the name Nicolas Cage, right?

It's one of those household few — like Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman and Sandra Bullock, for example — who even your 94-year-old great-grandma would recognize and has probably even seen in a movie or two. Better yet, chances are she could even spout off some errant knowledge about his off-camera life to boot, since some of the dude's private woes have become very public information.

But to hear Nicolas Cage talk, people, we've just got the guy all wrong, and he's ready to "Face/Off" with all the rumors once and for all.

Cage has now detailed the many, many public misgivings about him in a new interview with The Guardian, and as it turns out, we know nothing. NOTHING. Brace for imminent mind-blowage as we break down the five biggest things we've gotten wrong about Nic Cage ... according to Nic Cage. Get More »

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The 15 Worst Accents in Movies Ever

Killing Season Millennium

So many actors have tried, and so many actors have failed. Accents have long proven to be one of the hardest things to hone when it comes to a film role. While Irish seems to be the most challenging of dialects to lock down, there are also other accents — even American — that have yet to be mastered in cinema.

Playing a Serbian posing as a Bosnian in the upcoming "Killing Season," John Travolta is going a rare route. It's debatable whether he can pull it off, but he doesn't have to worry about sounding all sorts of wrong if he's in the company of these actors with the worst movie accents. Get More »

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9 Celebrity Superman Fans

Jerry Seinfeld and Superman American Express

Everybody is a fan of something. Even celebrities are often fans of other celebrities, which is both awesome and awesomely meta.

But of all the things in pop culture people could be fans of, perhaps the most popular is Superman, who gets a modern update this week in "Man of Steel" thanks to super-fans Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan. For 75 years, regular folks and celebrities alike have thrilled to the adventures of the Last Son of Krypton — and they haven't been shy about showing their devotion. Get More »

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The 13 Most Hilarious Google Movie Searches

Mel Gibson Getty Images

Ah, Google. The greatest information superhighway, where most of us cruise on the daily, searching for intel only an absurdly complex, fast-acting algorithm can provide (unless you use Bing). We look for recipes, statistics, images, ourselves … pretty much anything and everything.

Google is a judgment-free zone, thus you can ask it whatever you'd like without fear or embarrassment. It's a mostly secret enterprise, as far as your personal search history is concerned. But ever since the search giant introduced the auto-fill drop-down function Google Instant, it's given us delicious insight into what others most commonly seek out around a subject.

Vulture made great use of this last week when it looked at what people most commonly asked about when it came to the Google love-fest "The Internship." It inspired us to look at a broader spectrum of Hollywood, plucking the very best/ most hilarious/ most absurd/ most depressing queries. Really, this list could go on forever ... Get More »

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'The Frozen Ground' Trailer Covers The Same Ground Again

At the end of the brand new Yahoo! Movies trailer for the upcoming serial killer thriller "The Frozen Ground," star Nicolas Cage grimly intones the question, "have you ever seen anybody do anything like this before?"

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. A bunch of times. Get More »

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