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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Jack Reacher' and More

Tom Cruise in "Jack Reacher" Paramount

This week: Tom Cruise proves naysayers wrong yet again in the above-average thriller "Jack Reacher," which was shot entirely in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is based on Lee Child's 2005 mystery novel, "One Shot."

Also new this week is the horror hit "Mama" with Jessica Chastain, the Nicholas Sparks adaptation "Safe Haven" with Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough and the Blu-ray 3D conversion of "Gamer" with Gerard Butler. Get More »

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5 Movies You’d Think Had Been Written by Nicholas Sparks

The Vow Screen Gems

Nicholas Sparks has a well-deserved reputation as the master of the romantic drama, thanks to films like "The Notebook" and new release "Safe Haven." Last year's movie "The Vow" has everything you would expect from a Nicholas Sparks film: hot actors (Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams), a wife in a coma, lingering amnesia and the joy of love rediscovered. Just one thing -- somehow, amazingly, Sparks didn't actually write it.

Yeah, we're surprised, too. So in honor of "The Vow," we hereby present our list of the Top Five Movies You'd Think Were Written by Nicholas Sparks. Get More »

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Questions and Answers With Josh Duhamel

Getty Images

Josh Duhamel may seem like the consummate leading man, all tan skin and white teeth. After all, he did get his start in the infamous soap "All My Children" and was later the titular Tad in "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!" His role in "Safe Haven," opening Valentine's Day, is somewhat familiar territory: Based on the Nicholas Sparks novel of the same name, the film tells the story of single dad Alex (Duhamel) and his seemingly doomed love affair with Katie (Julianne Hough), a Woman With A Secret who showed up to his small town under duress and settled down almost immediately.

However, Duhamel was refreshingly candid in a chat with NextMovie, putting on display some decidedly un-rom-com views. Read ahead to find out about the inspiration behind his murder-face, his musical aspirations, the surprising first movie he made out to and more. Get More »

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Eff, Marry, Kill: Nicholas Sparks Edition

It's time to face reality: It's Nicholas Sparks' world. We just live in it.

Really, the prolific romance author plays us like goddamn puppets. The author has seen eight of his novels adapted for the screen, to stunningly successful results. "The Notebook" makes our romantic lives pale in comparison, and the devotion between Mandy Moore and Shane West in "A Walk to Remember" is swoon-worthy. Let's not even get started on "Dear John" — it's enough to make a girl want to invest in personalized stationery.

Since there's not even a point to these movies other than romance, let's get to business: Which of these gentlemanly characters would we most like to take home to our dewy-eyed mothers, which would we hit and quit, and which would we just, well...hit? Yes, it's time for Eff, Marry, Kill: Nicholas Sparks Edition. Get More »

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Nicholas Sparks Mad Libs: Write Your Own Bestselling Romance for Adaptation to the Screen!

New Line Cinema

Man, don't you just love a good Nicholas Sparks movie? There's nothing better to pop into the DVD player, hit play, and just unwind, your only companions a pint of Ben and Jerry's, a pack of tissues and a box of Chardonnay. (Wine never judges when it comes to weeping over the doomed romance of Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling.)

But, much as we love "The Notebook," the totally underrated "A Walk to Remember" (We still love you, Mandy!) and all the other masterpieces based on Sparks' novels, don't they get a little...samey after a while? Get More »

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Taken 2' and More

Liam Neeson in "Taken 2" Fox

This week: The former CIA agent played by Liam Neeson is the one who ends up being abducted instead of his daughter in "Taken 2," the hit action sequel that also features the return of Maggie Grace as Neeson's daughter and Famke Janssen as his ex-wife in a story that moves the action to Istanbul.

Also new this week is the Sam Raimi-produced Jewish exorcism flick "The Possession" and a new collector's edition of "The Notebook" packaged with movie-inspired keepsakes. Get More »

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You Can Go Your Own Way to 'Safe Haven' Trailer

Safe Haven Relativity Media

"Open up ... everything's waiting for you!"

Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel fall in love to a Fleetwood Mac cover in the trailer for "Safe Haven," the latest screen adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks romance novel.

If you saw "The Notebook" (and we know you did) or "The Lucky One" (you probably didn't), you know the drill: A cautious courtship leads to passionate embraces before some element of danger — usually one that comes from a secret one of the characters is harboring — comes to light in time for the third act. Get More »

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Battleship' and More

Rihanna in Battleship

This week: Will "Battleship" sink or swim on DVD and Blu-ray? The mega-budget summer flop about a naval fleet fighting off alien invaders had a reported budget of about $209 million but had to rely on the foreign box office to keep it afloat.

Also new this week is the romantic drama "The Lucky One" and the stop-motion animated adventure "The Pirates! Band of Misfits." Get More »

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You Could Be 'The Lucky One' With This Nicholas Sparks Movie Giveaway

"The Lucky One" Blu-ray Cover
Warner Bros.

Nicholas Sparks really knows how to build up a movie audience and break them down with unforgettable love stories.

His latest mushfest, "The Lucky One," stars Zac Efron as a U.S. Marine returning home to try to find the woman in a photo he believes kept him alive during three tours of duty in Iraq, and a romance between the two follows. We've got tears in our eyes just thinking about it.

In honor of the release of "The Lucky One" on Blu-ray and DVD on Aug. 28, we're giving one lucky fan the chance to win a prize pack full of Nicholas Sparks weepies. Take a trip down memory lane with some of the greatest romantic movies of all time, starting with Sparks' first novel-turned-film "Message in a Bottle." Then, move on to the movie that put him on the map ("A Walk to Remember"), the classic ("The Notebook"), the movie that kept us crying ("Nights in Rodanthe") and the latest film. Get More »

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Julianne Hough Heading for a 'Safe Haven' With Josh Duhamel

Julianne Hough
Getty Images

Nicholas Sparks books are pretty much the be-all end-all of romantic book-to-film adaptations, and now that "The Lucky One" is out and has earned a respectable box office keep ($77 million worldwide on a reported $25 million budget), it's time to focus on the next. "Safe Haven," which is sure to yank on our heartstrings like so many have before, might have found its leading lady in "Footloose" star Julianne Hough, according to Variety.

"Safe Haven" is about a woman named Katie Feldman, who arrives to the small town of Southport, North Carolina, with a dark secret and tries to avoid relationships with the townsfolk until widower shopkeep Alex (Josh Duhamel) with two adorable little tykes wins her over and forces her to face her past. Get More »

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