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'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Trailer: Mutant Time Travel

Mutants can travel through time and manipulate the past now. Take that, regular humans!

That's the brand new layer Bryan Singer's "X-Men: Days of Future Past" installment intends to add to the "X" universe  this go-round, and if this first trailer for the pic is any indication it's going to be a deep and dramatic little effort indeed. Get More »

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Jack the Giant Slayer' and More

Jack the Giant Slayer Warner Bros.

This week: Bryan Singer adapts the British fairy tale of "Jack and the Beanstalk" into the underappreciated action-adventure "Jack the Giant Slayer," starring Nicholas Hoult, Eleanor Tomlinson and Ewan McGregor.

Also new this week is the coming-of-age comedy "21 & Over," the psychosexual drama "Stoker" with Nicole Kidman and Mia Wasikowska, the quirky morality play "The Brass Teapot" with Juno Temple and the celebrity-riddled anthology film "Movie 43" starring, well, half of Hollywood. Get More »

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Warm Bodies' and More

Summit Summit

This week: It's a not-so-classic case of zombie (Nicholas Hoult) meets girl (Teresa Palmer) and how their burgeoning love might save the world in the sleeper zombie rom-com hit "Warm Bodies."

Also new this week is Bruce Willis back as John McClane (in theory) in "A Good Day to Die Hard," Jason Bateman tracking down Melissa McCarthy in the comedy "Identity Thief" and a new Blu-ray collection of the "Mad Max" trilogy. Get More »

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Free S#!t: Win a Zombielicious 'Warm Bodies' Prize Pack

warmbodiesDVDcover-220In a society where zombies are very real and very much taking over, can love really change the world? Well, what if the love was zombie-human? That's the predicament in 'Warm Bodies' after R (a zombie) saves Julie (a human) from a zombie attack. Their newly formed relationship could have the power to change the way the world works.

If this sounds like a no-brainer to you (badum-ching!), then you have to enter our 'Warm Bodies' DVD prize pack! Get More »

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Hot People Looking Hot: Nicholas Hoult Photos

Who can resist this giant-slaying zombie mutant Beast?

Nicholas Hoult is becoming a household name in the realm of pop art with his comic-book turn as Hank McCoy/Beast in "X-Men: First Class," his YA turn as R. in "Warm Zombies" and his fairy tale turn as the title role in "Jack the Giant Slayer." Now it's our turn to show this up-and-coming hottie some NextMovie love.

You could plant some magic beans (what are you, crazy?) ... or you could get a'clickin' through our Nicholas Hoult gallery. We recommend that second choice there.

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Eff, Marry, Kill: 'Warm Bodies' Edition

One of the (many) taglines for the upcoming zom-rom-com (that would be the new genre of zombie rom-coms that we hope is just beginning) "Warm Bodies" is "Cold Body, Warm Heart." That's exactly how we tried to approach this edition of Eff, Marry, Kill: Just as the human Julie (Teresa Palmer) learns to look past the grey-skinned zombie facade of R (Nicholas Hoult), we (our expert panel of Effemkayers) must learn to look beyond that handsome genetic Franco facade and ask ourselves the important questions: Who is he really? Does he had a warm heart? Is he kind?

Do we want to eff him?

We invite you to ask these same questions alongside us in this very special "Warm Bodies" edition of Eff, Marry, Kill, pitting Nicholas Hoult, Dave Franco and John Malkovich against one another for a place in our hearts, a place in our beds, and a place at the bottom of a cliff.

Onwards and effwards! Get More »

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Rob Corddry Spills the Beans (and the Brains) On 'Warm Bodies'

Playing a zombie in a major motion picture like the upcoming undead romcom "Warm Bodies" may seem like a walk in the park — or a shamble in the park, at the very least — but as this new Screen Junkies interview with funny guy Rob Corddry proves, there's a lot more to playing a zombie than just eating brains.

Though he did plenty of that too.

"De Niro, on 'Raging Bull,' would eat a whole chicken. Feathers and all," Corddry said, explaining the inspiration for his extreme method acting. "Every day, I would eat a real human brain."

"Also with feathers," he added. "Because feathers are delicious."

For more of Corddry's amazing zombie acting tips, as well as commentary from co-stars Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer and Dave Franco, zombie-shuffle over to this cool clip right now!

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'Warm Bodies' First Four Minutes Revealed

"I'm lonely, I'm lost," Nicholas Hoult, as an angsty, undead young adult, laments. Then: "I'm literally lost. I've never been to this part of the airport before."

That's the tone of "Warm Bodies," the Jonathan Levine-directed zombie dramedy starring Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer, slated for a Feb. 1 release, the first four minutes of which has hit the web courtesy of Fandango. Get More »

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'Jack the Giant Slayer' Trailer: Have Fun Storming the Castle

Jack the Giant Killer Warner Bros.

Fee-fi-fo — oh, you know how it goes.

Except the upcoming release "Jack the Giant Slayer" would like to argue that you don't. The retelling of the classic girl-meets-boy-meets-beanstalk story, directed by Bryan Singer and starring Nicholas Hoult as the titular giant slayer, features impressive digital effects, mad kings, near-castrations and even a swashbuckling Ewan McGregor leading an expedition to save a princess. Get More »

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'Warm Bodies' Trailer Is 'The Walking Dead,' Rom-Com Style


When the good guy in your movie is a zombie, coming up with a decent bad guy has got to be a pretty big challenge. But as the trailer for the offbeat zombie rom-com "Warm Bodies" shows, there's only one thing in Hollywood scarier than flesh-eating undead — and that's a live, scenery-eating John Malkovich.

What's a zombie in love to do? Get More »

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