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Stealing Movies? Well, Netflix is Taking Notes

Disney Disney

Arrrrrrrrrre you a movie pirate?

If so, let's start by saying that's totally uncool matey because unless you happen to be Johnny Depp, it's so not a good look. Not to mention the fact that, um, hello it's illegal and wrong and detracts from the industry and so forth ...You know the spiel already. Now walk the plank! (Just kidding.)

To hear a Netflix rep talk, though, it's actually kind of helpful to them at least when people go and steal movies and TV shows online. Why? Well, all that scallywag bootleggery just informs them of what's hot on streaming demand so they can then heave ho and get those titles on their own site. Get More »

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Uh Oh, Netflix Really Pissed off the Sarah Palin Army

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Boy does Sarah Palin's fan base know how to sock it to ya. Yes siree. You betcha.

Yesterday, Netflix — while pretty much side-stepping the matter of losing thousands of movies from its streaming service — decided to have a little fun on the Twitterverse with a burgeoning hashtag. In the process, they inadvertently (we think?) pegged her as a Nazi, and summoned up the mighty web wrath of the former Alaskan governor's faithful flock.

Whoops. Get More »

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Netflix: Ruining Your Dates Since 1997

We've all been there: you're sifting through your Netflix queue and, eager for a suggestion, you click on the selection of recommended flicks. And then it happens: your past comes back to haunt you. Netflix knows what you've been up to, and it's ...not good. Sure, you can tell the rest of the world you just finished watching "I Am Love" or something, but who are you kidding? You totally just finished "Porky's 2" for the millionth time.

In this sketch from UCB Comedy, the equally beloved-and-feared Netflix queue proves a power that reaches far beyond into the queue and into your social life. If you didn't think that "Doctor Who," Kevin James, and that, er, morally questionable foreign flick about a set of conjoined twins could burn your relationship to the ground, think again.

You've been 'flixed!

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