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Woody Harrelson's 9 Woodiest Roles

Now You See Me Summit

Environmentalist. Cannabis spokesperson. Playwright. Vegan. Cannabis enjoyer. Woody Harrelson is a complex individual and a multifaceted presence on screen, his roles running the range of clean-cut cowboy to cold-blooded killer. But no matter who he's playing there always seems to be a lingering essence of the real Woody, and that's why he rules. Get More »

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Twisted Valentines From Movie Characters

Valentine's Day is great for getting cards and candy and flowers and stuff. But some people take the concept of "Be Mine" to rather sinister and even psychotic levels.

No, we're not talking about anyone's ex (well, not in particular, anyway). We speak of the diabolical romantics that make for some of cinema's most memorable and twisted villains. This Valentine's Day, you should recall a different holiday and be thankful that you're not the one receiving some of the sentiments below.

Natural Born Killers Get More »

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O.J. Simpson Known for 'Natural Born Killers,' According to IMDb Page

OJ Simpson in Naked Gun Paramount

Nothing like a good user-generated content prank.

NFL Hall of Famer O.J. Simpson had an accomplished side career moonlighting in movies, most notably appearing as Lt. Frank Drebin's sidekick Nordberg in the "Naked Gun" trilogy and in the disaster porn "Towering Infero," before the still-unsolved murder of his wife made him among America's Most Hated.

However, he was not, to our knowledge, in Oliver Stone's 1994 blood-soaked rabble-rouser "Natural Born Killers." Get More »

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GALLERY: Awkward Family Photos in Movies

Since the dawn of time, people with nothing in common and zero to say to each other have been coexisting in homes against their will. We call this a "family." But it wasn't until the invention of the camera that every uneasy hug and forced smile between these disparate souls could be preserved eternally.

Thanks to the hilarious website Awkward Family Photos, these embarrassing moments are now available for the entire world to mock. And with Tim Burton set to release "Dark Shadows" (May 11), a gothic comedy about a frighteningly dysfunctional family, we're opening up our own photo album of movies' most motley clans.

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The 9 Trippiest Road Trip Movies


This week sees the release of "Paul," Simon Pegg & Nick Frost's outrageous comic road movie where they play two British sci-fi nerds in America who help a rowdy alien (Seth Rogen) get back to his home planet. Over the course of their journey they inevitably get their minds blown in many ways, although Paul's love of super-strong Mary Jane is definitely involved at one point.

Since Jack Kerouac first put pedal to the literary metal, the horizon-expanding aspect of a road trip seems intrinsically linked with a factor of trippiness, and thus we chose the nine greatest movies that indulge in a bizarre, crazy, and surreal atmosphere. Dig it, man! Get More »

Exclusive Q&A: Juliette Lewis, Still a 'Natural'

Juliette Lewis
Getty Images
Juliette Lewis has never been afraid to eschew glamour in favor of naturalism. While best known as the female half of serial killer couple Mickey and Mallory in Oliver Stone's "Natural Born Killers," the 37-year-old actress has been steady working since she was 14, often playing the fractured, slightly unhinged character on the fringes of society.

She may only be in two scenes in "Conviction," the true story of Betty Anne Walters (Hilary Swank), who puts herself through law school and eventually gets her brother (Sam Rockwell), wrongly convicted of murder, exonerated after 18 years, but as Roseanna Perry, Lewis stands as one of the most memorable characters in the film -- a hard-drinking, self-serving recluse who helped put him away. Get More »

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