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Get Super-Pumped By This Supercut of Blockbuster Movie Trailers

Hollywood blockbusters are often criticized for subscribing to a typical formula: beloved hero has goal, beloved hero faces conflict that jeopardizes said goal, beloved hero fights enemies and achieves said goal. (Can we be screenwriters, too?)

But has anyone ever stopped to think about the trailers of these movies? With the latest supercut to hit the interwebs, it appears that, yes — not only has someone thought about this, but they have actually taken the time to showcase it to the world.

In this video, YouTube vlogger The Nerdwriter has created a supercut the final shots of blockbuster movie trailers, including scenes from "The Dark Knight Rises", "World War Z" and "Battleship". Not surprisingly, when these clips are cut together — quite seamlessly, might we add — we essentially get a minute-long Michael Bay movie followed by some dramatic music and eerie silences. Get pumped, guys! Get More »

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Link Riot: Awesome Lego Movie Trailers

• Movie trailers made even more awesome in Lego. [Forever Geek]

• This is why it's almost impossible to make Superman a dramatically interesting character. []

• Speaking of Superman, if Superman comics were as sad as 'Man of Steel' looks, they'd look like this. [Funny or Die]

• Rumor Control: new 'Catching Fire' trailer will not debut at Comic-Con. [Hypable]

• Here's 5 ways to know you're watching a Sofia Coppola film. [BuzzSugar]

• Betcha didn't know these 10 things about 'Monster's Inc.' [ScreenCrush]

• These are 18 Disney movies that never got made. [Mental_Floss]

• What if Pixar remade 'Flash Gordon' and other pulp hits? [io9]

• Did you ever notice these superhero movie mistakes? [Moviefone]

• Who knew that these 15 stars turned down career-changing roles? [The Wrap]

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The Missing 'Jack Reacher' Explosion and 7 Other Trailer Baits and Switches

Tom Cruise in "Jack Reacher" Paramount

Advertising is a bait and switch culture, no question. So many commercials for movies often create a false impression, whether its selling a movie about cancer as a raucous comedy or taking the few moments of action from a lame thriller and making it look like "Die Hard."

Sometimes a trailer just plain old doesn't have the scene in question, and The Telegraph reports that this led a customer known only as "J Congdon" to post a complaint to New Zealand's Advertising Standards Authority in regards to one split-second explosion left on the cutting room floor of Tom Cruise vehicle "Jack Reacher." Get More »

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The New 'Despicable Me 2' Trailer Is So Cute You're Going to Hate Yourself

Okay, all you cynics out there. We know exactly what you're thinking when it comes to "Despicable Me 2." All those little "cuddly" minions and their "hilarious" nonsensical dialogue. The cutesy story about a bad guy turning good due to the love of children. The corporate tie-ins. We get it. You're determined to hate on this thing. We're right there with you.

Or, you know, we would be. Exceeeept, check out the new Apple Trailers clip for "Despicable Me 2," you guys. Because it's just so gosh darn cute and fun that even the most cynical fan will love it despite themselves.

Dang it, it's hard to be darkly edgy when they keep putting out stuff like this! Get More »

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'Kick-Ass 2' Trailer Premiere: Guess What Gets Kicked

For the last three years, fans have been eagerly anticipating the release of the superhero sequel to end all superhero sequels, "Kick-Ass 2." And today, MTV and NextMovie are presenting the exclusive premiere of the first ever "Kick-Ass 2" trailer.

Now that's really kick-ass! (See what we did there?) Get More »

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'World War Z' Meets Super Bowl XLVII

Sports fans, and football fans in general, enjoy using war metaphors to describe the action. But this year, the Super Bowl is going to take things to new heights thanks to the release of the first television teaser for Brad Pitt's upcoming zombie epic "World War Z."

Forget sacking the quarterback — how about eating his brain instead?
Get More »

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9 Trailers That Spoiled the Whole Damn Movie

The Impossible Summit

By all accounts, "The Impossible" is one of the best movies of the year. Not just heartwarming but legitimately moving, it stars Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts as a couple who, along with their three children, are flung into chaos and danger during the deadly 2004 tsunami. It's a story that is guaranteed to have you on the edge of your seat and leave a lump in your throat as you wonder if any of them can possibly survive.

Unless, of course, you've seen the trailer, in which case you know the answer — and the plot of the entire film. Get More »

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'The Dark Knight Rises' Trailer Made Entirely From Legos

The world hasn't given us everything related to "The Dark Knight Rises." Not yet.

Until today, that is. That's because today, we found a shot-for-shot remake of the film's trailer, made entirely out of Legos. Get More »

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The 10 Best Trailers of 2012

The Great Gatsby Warner Bros.

There's a certain art to making a great movie trailer. And frankly, hardly anybody seems to have mastered that art.

Indeed, for every halfway-interesting trailer that comes out there are ten more that give away the entire plot, deliver nothing but obvious jokes about farts and crotch punches or are simply a series of incredibly fast jump cuts with weird music playing over them. In short, they are crap. Get More »

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2011 Trailer Mashup Gives the Ultimate Preview


Now that every trailer for a 2011 theatrical release has become something of a retrospective, why not look back on all of them all at once?

The year-end mashups are just getting more and more impressive -- and epic! In this one, sights and sounds from every movie trailer released this year have been put together into one giant mega-super-trailer -- and one that runs just a little over five minutes, at that. Who knew that "Sucker Punch" contributed so many thematic images to the 2011 cinema experience? Or that "The Thing" contributed anything at all? Get More »

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