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Our Fake 'Gravity' Poster Rockets Space Puns At Speed Of Light

Alfonso Cuarón's "Gravity," the story of two astronauts (Sandra Bullock and George Clooney) set adrift after flying space garbage destroys their shuttle. It's a heavy story of astronomical proportions.

To celebrate the release of "Gravity," we've put together a stellar new poster for the film, a final frontier of puns. If you're not into this sort of thing, we're sorry to punish you, but just admit laughed. Get More »

Imagining the 'Seinfeld' Movie Posters: Part II

Last month through a series of fake movie posters we answered the question you've no doubt been asking yourself for the last 15 years: What if someone took the stars of today and cast them in the hilarious made-up films mentioned on "Seinfeld"?

And while the reception was hugely positive, a few fan favorites didn't quite make the cut, resulting in cries of "What about 'The Pain and the Yearning'?" and "How could you forget 'Firestorm'?" being heard across the Internet.

But worry not, insatiable Seinfeld geeks — your requests haven't fallen on deaf ears. Here are the remaining fake Seinfeld movies cast with your favorite Hollywood stars.

Blame It On the Rain Get More »

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Exclusive Poster: 'All Is Bright'

All Is Bright Anchor Bay

When we think of Christmas, we think of Paul Rudd and Paul Giamatti. What, don't you?

Paul & Paul are the stars of this holiday season in "All Is Bright," the new dark comedy from director Phil Morrison ("Junebug") about two disgruntled French Canadian ne'er-do-wells who travel to New York City with a get-rich-quick scheme of selling Christmas trees. It's a different kind of holiday comedy, one with as much coal in its stocking as there are cookies on its plate (and don't forget one for Rudolph!). Get More »

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20 Movie Posters That Want to Have Sex With You

It's a quote that's been repeated thousands of times, but it feels especially relevant here. I'm speaking, of course, about this bit of correspondence from Benjamin Franklin to John Adams in 1774:

"John, I know movie posters aren't 'alive,' like you or me or the night when I bring a lady of the eve to my stead, but it almost appears as if some movie posters have a libido of their own, like they're pointing right at me and saying, 'Ben, it is you I wish to bed.' Doth this make me a crazy fellow?"

John, I'll take this one: It certainly doth not, Ben. It makes you a person with feelings.

Don't look now, but the following 20 movie posters are eyeing you ...

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Exclusive Timeline and Posters From Catherine Hardwicke's 'Plush'

Plush Alliance

Are you ready to rock with "Plush"?

Director Catherine Hardwicke, who brought us the original "Twilight," "Red Riding Hood" and arguably one of the best coming-of-age films of all time, "Thirteen," is back with this tale of love, death and rock n' roll.

Emily Browning stars as Hayley, a rising rock star who finds herself in a downward spiral after she loses her brother and band mate to a drug overdose. Hayley finds hope with Enzo (Xavier Samuel), the replacement guitarist who inspires her to reach new creative heights. But then things start to get a little ... intense. And downright dangerous. Get More »

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Ain't Them Grammar Atrocious: 10 Copy Edited Movie Posters

Everyone has that friend with the red pen perpetually in hand, delighting in correcting your "whos" to "whoms."

We hate to admit it, but it's true: On occasion, we're that friend. Not only are we grammar snobs, we're also huge movie nerds. Sorry. You can just imagine the cringe that crosses our delicate faces every time someone utters the name of a certain Casey Affleck movie coming out this Friday. "Ain't Them Bodies Saints"? "Ain't Them?"

Come on.

We're sorry to have to make an example of David Lowery, but he's not the only one who has committed English crime. Where's your hyphen, "The To Do List"? Did you mean to say something else, "She Hate Me"? In an effort to soothe our grammatically rattled souls, here are 10 copy edited movie posters. The wrongs have been made right. Get More »

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Imagining the 'Seinfeld' Movie Posters

Remember "Seinfeld"? Of course you do. Remember how every episode was funny about fifty different ways? Remember how occasionally Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer would go to fictitious movies with hilarious titles and characters that were frequently voiced by an off-camera Larry David?

Us, too. That's why we've decided to revisit the best fake movies "Seinfeld" had to offer ... and update their posters to reflect who might be cast in them in 2013. And because, after over 15 years, we'd still rather check out "Sack Lunch" than "The English Patient" any day.

Artwork courtesy of our pal Old Red Jalopy.

Fake Seinfeld Poster: Rochelle Rochelle Get More »

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The 10 Best Comic Book Movie Posters Ever

Given that comics are a visual medium, you'd expect the posters for comic book movies would be really awesome. And sometimes, they totally are. Case in point: The poster for "The Wolverine," which cleverly uses traditional Japanese art techniques to create an indelible image.

But where does "The Wolverine" rank among the best superhero movie posters of all time?

Well, wonder no more, because we're delving into into our vast art archive to determine that very question. Get ready to feast your eyes on some truly super-powered posters.

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The 50 Worst Movie Taglines Ever

If executed well, a tagline can do wonders for your film. Even today, you don't think of "Alien" without also thinking of "In space, no one can hear you scream" or "Apollo 13" without "Houston, we have a problem." It's a key part of maintaining the legacy of a memorable movie.

If not executed well, however, a tagline has the power to undermine the entirety of the project. The long hours spent on a script, pre-production, filming, post and marketing can be permanently sullied by a misplaced and uninspired pun in the tagline. And it costs everybody millions of dollars.

Don't believe us? Take a look at the top 50 worst taglines of all time and judge for yourself.

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Original Covers: 7 Movies You Didn’t Know Were Based on Rare Graphic Novels

You know that "From Hell," "Watchmen," "V For Vendetta" and, hell, even "Road to Perdition" and "A History of Violence" are based on graphic novels. But did you know that the likes of "Citizen Kane" and "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" also sprung from the four-color funny papers?

(Okay, they didn't really, but it's fun to imagine if they were, along with Orson Welles' epic indignity toward it all.) Designs by Old Red Jalopy.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy Get More »

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