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Korean Soldiers Present 'Les Miserables' of Snow Shoveling

Who knew the South Korean Air Force had a flair for theatrics? A group of soldiers have created a parody of "Les Miserables," centering on a…err…slightly altered story line of the popular musical/Oscar-nominated film. Jean Valjean, a soldier on a South Korean airbase, is condemned to shovel snow when all he really wants to do is hang with his girlfriend, Cosette. YES, we know, Cosette is practically Jean Valjean’s daughter in the real thing…but let’s look past that minor flaw.

The video beings with "Dig Down," sung by the soldiers of the 22nd Fighter Wing as they shovel away their souls. This is a scene that anyone can empathize with who has been forced to spend a snow day digging out the driveway while the neighbor kids go sledding. The parody also features variations on "I Dreamed a Dream," "On My Own," and "Red and Black": a post- break-up anthem in which the air force boys convince Valjean that the single life is better.

A little silly, but well-produced and entertaining…we think you’ll dig it.


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'Mean Girls' Plus 'Les Miserables' Equals 'Les Mean Girls' Meme Fare

The connection between those sassy "Mean Girls" and the downtrodden of "Les Miserables" is a lot stronger than Amanda Seyfried's long, blonde locks. Oh yes. Now that Tina Fey's trying to re-work the zingers of her old high school clique comedy into song lyrics (go Tina, go!), the comparisons are becoming oh-so-clear.

We smell a crossover. Get More »

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Will We Finally See 'The Book of Mormon' on the Big Screen?

Getty Images

The Latter-Day Saints probably aren't going to be too happy about this one.

"South Park's" dynamic duo Trey Parker and Matt Stone are ready to make movie mischief once again, and this time their target is "The Book of Mormon."

The movie adaptation of the much-applauded musical has been long rumored, but this time it seems a little more legit: Parker and Stone have announced their plans to develop their very own little - big, actually, since they've reportedly got $300 million to play with - Important Studio, and project number one on their list is an adaptation of their satirical smash Broadway musical. Get More »

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Adam Lambert Thinks 'Les Misérables' Sucks

Adam Lambert Getty Images

Hollywood can be a pretty cutthroat place, but as vicious as actors can sometimes be, there's one group even more cutthroat: Theater nerds. And never has this been more evident than this week, as former "American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert, the Guyliner Godfather himself, took to Twitter to let the world know that he basically thinks Tom Hooper's big screen adaptation of "Les Misérables" sucks.

And his prime target? Russell Crowe, better known to most as the lead singer of the hit Australian rock band 30 Odd Foot of Grunts. That's what he's famous for, right? Get More »

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