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Huzzah Beantown! A Cinematic Tribute to Boston

Boston, you've had a hell of a week. This one's for you.

The great capital of Massachusetts has been trapped in its own horror movie upon last week's terrorist acts at the Boston Marathon and the subsequent city-wide manhunt for the suspects. Thankfully, it looks like the nightmare has ended and Boston can go back to being the greatest city in New England without serving as the unwilling host to those who would look to do it and its citizens harm.

As a tribute to Beantown, the wizards at have conjured this mashup that highlights some of Boston's great moments in the movies, with scenes from "Gone Baby Gone," "The Last Detail," "Good Will Hunting," "Legally Blonde," "The Fighter," "The Social Network" and many more. Oh, and Cliff from "Cheers" provides some Wikipedia-esque narration as well.

We think you'll like dem apples. Enjoy.

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A Mash-Up of 'Les Miserables' and 'The Shining'?

Here's a movie we'd go see: The imaginary "Les Miserables"/"The Shining" movie mashup.

A freak photo snapped in the Los Angeles area, featuring a banner with an image of Jack Nicholson from "The Shining" covering baby Cosette's face on a "Les Miserables" billboard, got the idea into our heads and now it won't quit. After all, "The Shining" is a horror movie, and "Les Mis" is about the horrors of life. It doesn't really work at all, but it does.

If you're not convinced, just think: "Heeeeeeere's Fantine!"

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Hobbits Never Say Die in 'Goonies' Trailer Mash-up

New Line

It may be that The Goonies 'R' Good Enough for Cyndi Lauper, but could we please have some Hobbits with that as well?

Seems a guy named Lance Ford wanted to take that unexpected Journey as well, and has mashed up the trailer for "The Hobbit" with some choice cuts from 1985's best kids booby trapped pirate treasure romp.

Of course there's an extra layer of humor given that Sean Astin, he who portrayed Samwise the Brave in Peter Jackson's original "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, also starred in "Goonies" back when he didn't need CGI trickery to appear tiny. Get More »

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Video: Watch Everyone Protect Bella

[From] For a seemingly average girl living in the unremarkable logging community of Forks, Washington, Bella Swan sure requires a lot of protecting — a fact we've been recently reminded of thanks to a marathon viewing of the first four "Twilight Saga" films.

And while the newborn vampire will stand valiantly against the villainous Volturi in the film franchise's finale, "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" — hitting theaters November 16 — Bella suffered a lot of close calls along the way that had nothing to do with the ruling vampire class. Indeed, her foes have been many and varied and include a mini-van-driving classmate, a Port Angeles gang, a trio of nomadic vampires and her own two left feet. So you can see why Edward would be worried.

Get more deets at

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The Inevitable 'Madea' and 'Alex Cross'-Over Arises

Tyler Perry in "Alex Cross" Summit

Tyler Perry's first turn starring in a movie that was not his own (and for which he needed no fake boobs, white wig or tattered nightgown) didn't exactly pan out as he might have hoped. "Alex Cross" turned out to be both a box office and critical mess, and the likelihood of that "Double Cross" sequel ever happening grows slimmer and slimmer with every scathing review.

Bummer for him, sure, but the good news for us is that it provided ample fodder for a "Madea" mash-up like no other. Get More »

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Abracadabra! All The Spells In 'Harry Potter'

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2
Warner Bros.

It seems the switchboards are on fire with "Harry Potter" stories today, and we're not just talking about that exclusive piece of Hogwarts concept art received.

With the announcement of Sept. 7th's 31-disc steamer trunk full of DVDs known as the "Harry Potter Wizard's Collection," it seems only fitting that we also bring you a Riddikulus collection of all the spells — and just the spells — from every one of the eight magical movies. Get More »

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Batman Gets Disneyfied In 'The Lion King Rises'

The Lion King 3D

So, is this what they meant when they sang about the "Circle of Life?"

All that is old will be made new and ironically hilarious again, as in this YouTube clip "The Lion King Rises" which, you guessed it, seamlessly blends audio of the "Dark Knight Rises" trailer with Disney's 1994 classic "The Lion King." Get More »

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Ease Your Post-Halloween Blues With '[the films of] Tim Burton'

Getty Images

If you're still nursing a Halloween candy hangover -- look, all those extra Reese's Peanut Butter Cups aren't just going to eat themselves -- then we have the perfect clip for you today courtesy of someone whose life and career seem to be part of one continual, endless Halloween: Tim Burton.

Forget the tricks, because this is 100 percent treat. Get More »

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Most Overused Line Ever: 'You Just Don't Get It, Do You?'

Owen Wilson in "Night at the Museum: Smithsonian"

Seems like the inebriated geniuses over at FilmDrunk are on a roll… or is that a bender? After recently taking on the ridiculous overuse of "Jack" and "Rose" in "Titanic," they've set their sites on a hoary old chestnut: "You just don't get it, do you?"

You might have heard that once or twice in your day-to-day life, but with their new video editor Jeff Smith has found more than 100 films that use the line, and the eight-minute video does not get old due to the sheer odd assortment of random flicks they've used. Get More »

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Extra! Extra! Read All About The Same Dude in Every Movie!

Jesse Heiman

Extras: The unsung heroes of the movie business. It's great to see stars like Colin Firth do their thing, but with no crowd of cheering Brits to whom he'd deliver his speech, where would the king be?

It's not uncommon for people to make a living showing up in the background of films, and many of them are aspiring actors just hoping to get a leg up in order to get the exposure they feel they deserve. Now, the magic of YouTube has given one such thespian his moment in the sun.

His name is Jesse Heiman, and if that name doesn't ring a bell, well, you're not alone in your ignorance. But Heiman is EVERYWHERE. Get More »

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