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'One Direction: This is Us' Trailer: Morgan Spurlock Supersizes 1D

This documentary will require 3D glasses. It may also require ear protection.

No, that's not a dig at One Direction's fabulous songs, it's just a point of fact given the insane amount of shrieking that has no doubt been captured on film. In an age where a 100,000 first week (and sometimes less) can get you the #1 spot on Billboard, these dudes have sold a whopping 29 million records since being knighted by Simon Cowell on the UK version of "X-Factor" just a few years ago. Get More »

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ZOMG! One Direction Movie Trailer Has Arrived!

"Everybody scream!" The first trailer for the One Direction movie is in!

The newest Ahhh!-worthy British invasion is all geared up to hit the big screen on Aug. 30 - helmed by "Super Size Me" director Morgan Spurlock in an, um, intriguing career move - and in just two days, the preview has gotten over 2 million views. So, there's an interest in this thing. Get More »

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15 Films to See at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival

2 Days in New York
Magnolia Pictures

It's Year 11 for the Tribeca Film Festival, and it looks like the fest created by Robert De Niro is hitting its stride.

The 11-day event, which takes place April 18-29, has always been known for its flashy red- carpet premieres (this year's fest is bookended with the comedy "The Five-Year Engagement" and Marvel's latest “The Avengers”) and fun family fare (free Drive In screenings of "Jaws" and "The Goonies"). Tribeca is also branching out into the online world: For its second year, the festival will screen a handful of titles from this year's Tribeca Online Film Festival as well as stream some of its panels.

But if you like to watch your movies the old-fashioned way (in the theater), here are 15 titles from this year's fest that we think you should check out. Get More »

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