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'Monuments Men' Trailer: George Clooney Is Building a (Handsome) Team

Here's a theory we'd like to put out in the universe: George Clooney's handsomeness is made exponentially more handsome when he surrounds himself with other handsome people. That's why he does it so often. It's like a brain trust of handsomeness.

It would seem the glow from Clooney's star turns in super-handsome ensemble flick "Ocean's 11" and its sequels has faded slightly, so he would like to head to the handsomeness bank and make a handsome withdrawal. (OK, sorry, done saying handsome now. Just once more: handsome.) Enter "Monuments Men," stage left. Get More »

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50 Movies We’re All About in 2013

Pacific Rim Warner Bros.

Man, 2012 was a pretty darn good year for films, right? "The Avengers," "Lincoln," "The Hunger Games," "Silver Linings Playbook," seriously, we could go on and on, as this past year has been one of the best in recent memory.

And that has us even more amped up to see what Hollywood does for an encore. Sure, 2013 has some pretty big shoes to fill, but there are always news movies to see, new adventures to experience, new stars to meet and new pop culture obsessions waiting to be born.

So with that in mind, we've put together our list of the top 50 Movies We’re All About in 2013. Because last year is just so last year. Get More »

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George Clooney's 'Monuments Men' Turns War Into Art

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Turning war into art is no easy task, but if there's anyone who can do it, it's George Clooney. After all, Clooney has made a name for himself doing films that both entertain and deliver a strong social message, such as "Good Night and Good Luck" and "Ides of March."

And that makes his latest project seem all the more perfect for him, as indieWire is reporting that Clooney will be adapting "Monuments Men," the true story of a group of Allied soldiers tasked with saving the world's artistic legacy from Nazis during World War II.

Seriously, does that sound like the ultimate George Clooney movie or what? Get More »

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