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'Monsters University': Billy Crystal's Grandkids Only Want to Talk to Mike Wazowski

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Billy Crystal has hosted nine Academy Awards ceremonies and starred in box office hits like "When Harry Met Sally," "City Slickers" and "Analyze This," but even that resume wasn't enough to earn the 65-year-old respect from his grandchildren.

In a recent interview at the Pixar headquarters in Emeryville, Calif. to promote the upcoming "Monsters University," Crystal told a group of reporters what cool customers his four grandchildren are. They didn't know that their grandpa had any kind of special status until a paparazzo was following the actor and kids around The Grove, an upscale outdoor mall in L.A., taking pictures, prompting the kids to ask what the fuss was about. Get More »

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6 Classic Monsters as Pixar Monsters


Pixar is about once again show other animation studios how it's done with this weekend's release of "Monsters University," which chronicles the college years of Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sullivan (John Goodman) as they hone their scary skills in the haunted halls of academia. Get More »

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The EPCOT Center's Spaceship Earth is Now Mike Wazowski

Spaceship Earth at the EPCOT Center has turned into Mike Wazowski.

Yes, to promote the upcoming "Monsters Inc" sequel "Monsters University," Disney has turned their famous Spaceship Earth (you probably know it better as "pointless golf ball-looking thing") structure into a large, equal parts adorable and horrifying version of Mike Wazowski, a main character (a main monster?) from the two films voiced by Billy Crystal. The way they were able to do it is incredibly impressive, if a little over-the-top and a lot "1984"/"Lord of the Rings"-ish. Get More »

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We Found Nemo in These Cool Minimalist Pixar Posters!

pixar-minimalist-poster-220It's official: Minimalist posters are a thing. Studios are still churning out dull, lifeless floating head Photoshop deals, but everyone who knows where it's at lives for the clever, often fan-made movie art that pops up with increasing frequency.

One such experiment in coolness was conducted by graphic designer Wonchan Lee, who made several pieces representing different animated masterpieces in the Pixar canon, which can be seen in an article on Yahoo! and after the jump. Get More »

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'Monsters University' Clip Brings Out the Squeals

Unlike most movie follow-ups, "Monsters University" takes its main characters James "Sulley" Sullivan (John Goodman) and Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) back a phase to show how they became the pair of lovably scary scamps we got to know in 2001's "Monsters, Inc."

As the title suggests, the story takes place at the college where the two first meet (lucky this is an animated world where they can easily age in reverse) and from the looks of this new clip, their initial encounter is just as festive and messy as one might expect. Get More »

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December Movie Math: Breaking Down the New Releases


December is prime time for movie releases: Awards voters will have the films fresh in their minds when they go to vote, kids are on break from school and all the adults home for the holidays need to go somewhereto escape their families.

Yes, this time of year is jam-packed with new movies. How is the discerning moviegoer to decide which new releases to hit the theater for, and which to wait for on DVD? Simple arithmetic, of course! We've broken down key December releases into simple equations to help you decide what to see, organized by release date.

Your mom always told you math class would be important someday — today is that day. Enjoy. Get More »

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'Monsters, Inc. 3D' Trailer Scares Up Some Laughs


With just about every movie studio on Earth trying to wring a few extra bucks from their film catalog by reissuing their movies with hasty 3-D transfers, fans can become a little jaded. But there are two things about the new 3-D re-release of "Monsters, Inc." that buck that trend: The movie is awesome and it was pretty much made to be shown in 3-D anyway.

And just to make sure you remember how cool "Monsters, Inc." is, Pixar has just released a brand new trailer.

Start printing money now, Disney. Get More »

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'Boo Bass' Makes Music with 'Monsters, Inc.'

Monsters, Inc.

How does one make music out of "Monsters, Inc.," you wonder? The answer may come as a surprise — and most definitely as a delight.

"Boo Bass" is a light electronica ditty comprised of various sound bites from the animated Pixar classic, most of which are noises made by the film's young heroine, Boo (voiced by Mary Gibbs), and the excitable mini-monster, Mike (Billy Crystal) — with the occasional aside by good ol' Sulley (John Goodman). Get More »

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Disney Prepares an Onslaught of 3-D Re-Releases

The Lion King 3D

Here's a quick review for you: In preparation for the first Blu-ray release of "the Lion King," Disney decided to invest a few bucks in a 3-D conversion and send it back to theaters for a limited time to generate a little bit of buzz. That it did -- and three weeks later, it's also generated the studio about $80 million bucks.

Three guesses what they're going to do next.

Okay, so you probably only needed one to figure this out, but it's still pretty cool news for fans of animation: Disney has officially announced today that they will be re-releasing several of their most popular films for 3D theatrical runs, including "Beauty and the Beast," "Finding Nemo" and "The Little Mermaid." Get More »

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Pixar Goes Old School With 'Monsters University'

Monsters Inc.

Just how do you go about getting a job as a monster, anyway? Sure, for some folks its easy -- take Cookie Monster, for instance, it's right in his name and everything -- but for everyone else, becoming a certified monster isn't quite so simple. You have to be truly dedicated in order to devote yourself to a life of monstery and even then, there are always unexpected challenges.

Like those killer student loans.

Get ready to head back to school, because according to Entertainment Weekly, Pixar has announced the details of next year's "Monsters Inc." sequel and it turns out the sequel is actually a prequel that will show just how monsters Sully and Mike Wazowski met. The title of the film? "Monsters University," of course. Get More »

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