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'Project X': 2012's Most Pirated Movie

Project X Warner Bros.

The numbers are in, and it's official: The (fictional) found-footage epic party movie, "Project X," is the most pirated film of 2012, according to TorrentFreak.

The sleeper spring break release was downloaded 8.7 million times on populat filesharing site BitTorrent, taking this year's crown for movie people most want to stare at, huddled glassy-eyed at the laptops in the middle of the night, mumbling, "Dude. Duuuuuude." Get More »

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Jeremy Renner Attacked in Knife Fight in Thailand

Jeremy Renner
Getty Images

Things just got a bit too real for Jeremy Renner.

Known for his roles in gritty, action-packed flicks like "The Hurt Locker" and "Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol," the future Jason Bourne was recently caught in a violent outburst not choreographed for the big screen.

Renner was out for a night on the town in Phuket, Thailand, when he and his party, which included 31-year-old Vorasit Issara, a general manager at a nearby resort, were attacked — and stabbed — by six staffers at the Rachada Pub. (Yes, stabbed.) Get More »

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Year-End Poll: Best Action Movie of 2011

What's the best action movie of 2011?
20th Century Fox / Marvel / 20th Century Fox

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This poll will close on Dec. 26 at 11 p.m.

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Annoying Orange Puts the Squeeze on 'Mission: Impossible'


Running up the side of a building? Check. Using rubber masks to trick the savviest secret agents in the world? Done that. Blown up the Kremlin? Before breakfast, kid.

You might think there's nothing Tom Cruise can't do in "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol." But today Ethan Hunt faces his toughest test yet: The Annoying Orange. Get More »

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Year-End Poll: Hottest Babe of 2011

Who's the hottest babe of the year?
Paramount (2) / Screen Gems

Farewell, 2011. It's been real. We had some laughs. We cried. We met some new people and spent time with old ones and saw plenty of action -- all of it at the movies. (On the screen, silly, not in the back row!)

But 2011 isn't over quite yet, so we're taking one final look back at some of the actors, characters and films that we enjoyed most this year. Vote for your favorites -- starting with 2011's hottest babe -- and be sure to come back every day and let us know what you'll remember most about the year in movies, from apes to Muppets, vampires to wizards, superheroes to bridesmaids.

This poll will close on Dec. 26 at 11 p.m.

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