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Excellent! Mike Myers and Dana Carvey are Pals Again!

Wayne's World Paramount

It's taken 20 years — sh'yeah! — but the shaggy-haired showboats of "Wayne's World," Mike Myers and Dana Carvey, have finally made nice and are now ready to party on.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Myers will at long last re-team with Carvey and director Penelope Spheeris for an excellent "Wayne's World" reunion panel in Hollywood on April 23. Get More »

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The 10 Best Movie Mashups of 2012

Vampire's Kiss MGM

Across the many long, winding roads that make up the information superhighway (a term that '90s-era pioneers often used to describe "the Internet"), one of the most respected of skills is the ability to make a decent mashup.

Really, where would we be if we weren't able to distract ourselves from the tedium of our workdays with little three-minute videos that incorporate footage from different sources to create one cohesive piece of satirical entertainment? No damn where, that's where. Get More »

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'Wayne's World 3' Script is Finished ... Yay?


Ever since the epic disaster that was 2008's "The Love Guru," Mike Myers has been conspicuously absent from the big screen. He did a small cameo in "Inglorious Basterds," provided the voice of Shrek in "Shrek Forever" two years ago and then he disappeared into his man cave to draw up a new plan of attack to resuscitate his flagging career.

Well, now that exciting new plan has been revealed, as JoBlo is reporting that he has just completed the first draft for the script to... "Wayne's World 3."

Guess we're about to party on like it's 1992. Get More »

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Mike Myers is Michael Myers in 'Halloween'

Mike Myers Halloween Screen Junkies

Trick or treat, baby, yeah!

We have to admit, we're a little surprised that no one (to our knowledge) has done this before. Still, better late than never — let 2012 be known as the year we finally got the Mike Myers/Michael Myers "Halloween" mashup. Get More »

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15 Beards That Steal Movies

The Dictator

Sacha Baron Cohen brings his trademark ridicu-shock humor to his new film "The Dictator," but it may be his beard that steals the show.

He plays Admiral General Aladeen, deposed dictator of the (fictional) Republic of Wadiya, who flees to the U.S. when his country converts to democracy. As a dictator, he's used to ruling with an iron fist, an incorrigible sense of righteous cruelty, and a thick, bushy beard that could house several terrified baby sparrows.

Aladeen may feel like a fish out of water in New York City, but he'd feel right at home among Hollywood's most magnificent beards of all time. Here's our ode to the  greatest facial hair in movies, in 15 parts.

Get More »

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Mike Myers Teaches Kevin Kline To Mind His Oscar Manners


Though they're both gifted comedic actors with a talent for taking on multiple personas within a film, not to mention alliterative names, Mike Myers and Kevin Kline have never performed together… until now.

ABC (via thought Kline, Best Supporting Actor Oscar-winner for "A Fish Called Wanda," could use a little lesson in etiquette so as not to manhandle his poor, mistreated gold guy, so they brought in Sir Cecil Worthington (Myers). Get More »

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Mike Myers Gets His Mojo Back For 'Austin Powers 4'

New Line

"Shall we shag now or shall we shag later?" You can shag anytime you want to, Austin Powers.

After three highly successful outings keeping the world safe from Dr. Evil while simultaneously walking in the footsteps of both James Bond and Inspector Clouseau, we were pretty sure Mike Myers was ready to let the world-renowned British secret agent hang up his crushed velvet suits and retire to some industrial shag flat in London with Foxxy Cleopatra by his side.

Now, if Hit Fix is accurate, Powers is officially returning to active duty and shall "Yeah, baby" once again, most likely all the way to the bank. Get More »

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Newest Mike Myers Role Really Stinks

Mike Myers and Pepe Le Pew
Getty Images / Warner Bros.

He's played a green-skinned ogre with a Scottish accent and a troublemaking cat with an enormous top hat, but now Mike Myers is about to take on his most unusual role yet: the sweet talking skunk loverboy called Pepé Le Pew.

According to New York Magazine, Myers has signed a deal with Warner Bros. to provide the voice of the classic Looney Tunes second stringer Pepé Le Pew in an upcoming feature length film about the odiferous lothario's romantic misadventures. Get More »

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