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'Mood Indigo' Trailer: It's Not Insane, It's Just Michel Gondry

True fact: If you were to go through a psychiatry textbook and look up all the clinical definitions of insanity, at least two thirds of the symptoms would be on full display in the new trailer for the French film "Mood Indigo." But before you start prescribing Zoloft to everyone involved in production, don't worry: It's not insanity, it's just Michel Gondry. Get More »

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Sweded 'Avengers' Trailer Will Make You Assemble in Your Shorts

The Avengers

If the recently-released "Avengers" trailer is to be believed, Joss Whedon's superhero crossover spectacle is going to be a an eye-popping special effects extravaganza featuring flying ships, lightning hammers, one big, green menace and explosions, explosions, explosions.

Which, you know, will be cool, but perhaps not as cool as this sweded version of the trailer, which features cardboard buildings, action figures, and also explosions, albeit of a much smaller variety. Get More »

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Michel Gondry Goes Back to Oddball Sci-Fi with Philip K. Dick's 'Ubik'


In the aftermath of his first big studio action/comedy "The Green Hornet," Michel Gondry is headed back to familiar territory - the non-familiar.

According to The Playlist, Gondry will direct a big screen version of sci-fi author Philip K. Dick's "Ubik," a book Playlist notes was selected for Time's 100 greatest English-language novels of all time. Like most of Dick's fiction, the plot sounds twisty and turny, concerning a group of security agents who battle psychic infiltration and a mission to the Moon that goes awry. The titular Ubik is a cure-all drug and a key component of the story.

What's it all mean? We'll let Gondry tell us. Get More »

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Memory of 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' Now More Vivid on Blu-ray

Eternal Sunshine Blu-ray

We have all been with someone we'd rather forget or loved someone and lost, but usually there is some memory of the person we'd like to keep with us even if it hurts to remember. This is the conundrum faced by Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet in this bizarre and widely celebrated 2004 romantic fantasy directed by Michel Gondry, "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," which hits Blu-ray today.

Introverted Joel (Carrey) and wacky free spirit Clementine (Winslet)—whose whims change as often as her hair color—strike up a relationship on a Long Island railroad train despite having little in common. The truth is that the two are former lovers that had a tumultuous relationship complicated by the fact the Clementine impulsively hired a company named Lacuna, Inc. to erase all memories of Joel from her brain. Get More »

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