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The 10 Best Movie Mashups of 2012

Vampire's Kiss MGM

Across the many long, winding roads that make up the information superhighway (a term that '90s-era pioneers often used to describe "the Internet"), one of the most respected of skills is the ability to make a decent mashup.

Really, where would we be if we weren't able to distract ourselves from the tedium of our workdays with little three-minute videos that incorporate footage from different sources to create one cohesive piece of satirical entertainment? No damn where, that's where. Get More »

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Mike Myers is Michael Myers in 'Halloween'

Mike Myers Halloween Screen Junkies

Trick or treat, baby, yeah!

We have to admit, we're a little surprised that no one (to our knowledge) has done this before. Still, better late than never — let 2012 be known as the year we finally got the Mike Myers/Michael Myers "Halloween" mashup. Get More »

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Boo! John Carpenter's Really Creepy Student Film Found

John Carpenter
Getty Images

When you're a world-famous director, it's hard to get away from your past, and that includes people who want to pore over your student films and look for clues to your future work. This was certainly true for George Lucas, whose short film "Electronic Labyrinth: THX 1138 4EB" became his debut feature-length film "THX 1138."

The discovery of  30 minutes of the first film that Alfred Hitchcock was ever credited on, "White Shadow," was greeted with great excitement from Hitch fans and scholars.

Appropriately enough for the season, horror master John Carpenter's first student film was just discovered in the archives of his alma mater, the University of Southern California. Get More »

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