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Meryl Streep's 'Into the Woods' Look Will Make You Want to Reconsider That Halloween Costume

Walt Disney Studios Walt Disney Studios

We've definitely seen Meryl Streep rock some gray locks before — like that time she turned all fierce ice boss in "The Devil Wears Prada" and when she got the salt-and-pepper treatment for "The Iron Lady" — but for the currently-in-production adaptation of the musical "Into the Woods," she's treading into all new, scraggly mane territory alright.

First of all, is that silver or is it blue? Or is it silver-blue? It's hard to decide. And secondly, would you just get a load of those nails. Yech! Get More »

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Hollywood's 13 Best Commencement Speeches

Getty Images Getty Images

Some of us just yawned and obsessed over the ticking of the clock during our far-too-long commencement speeches. Whatever maniac decided that so-and-so's wife's something or other who didn’t even graduate is equipped to send students off with a 30-minute diatribe on themselves is sorely mistaken. Just dole out the degrees already and call a day a day, right, kids? Unless ...

You know, every so often schools are able to wrangle in someone actually interesting to deliver a few notes of wisdom — some more often than others (cough Harvard cough). Even better, once in a while they're our very shiniest movie stars who make lots of funnies and deliver all the feels and suddenly the speeches don't seem so bad. Get More »

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Emily Blunt Gives 'Into the Woods' A Fairy Tale Beginning

Emily Blunt Getty Images

When it comes to hobbies, different people enjoy collecting different things. Some people are really into coins, while others collect comic books. Your little cousin Eddie might be into Pokemon cards, while your Grandma Ethel might enjoy stamps. In the world of collecting, there's something for everyone.

And Disney? Well, as Variety is reporting, Disney is putting together an unmatched collection of superstars for their upcoming fable "Into the Woods" — and Emily Blunt is their latest mega-acquisition.

Move over, Honus Wagner. Get More »

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Chris Pine and Jake Gyllenhaal Head 'Into the Woods'

Chris Pine Getty Images

We've all heard of fairy tale endings, but the upcoming musical "Into the Woods" is having a real fairy tale beginning, as The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Chris Pine and Jake Gyllenhaal are the latest superstars set to join the party.

It's almost enough to make you randomly burst into fanciful song, isn't it? Get More »

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'August: Osage County' Trailer Gives Us the Full Streep: Meryl

Let's face it, it sucks when people die. Except sometimes in the movie, because then it gives filmmakers an opportunity to put together an amazing ensemble cast for one of those big family dramas where everyone comes together and their shared grief causes them all to say a bunch of stuff nobody should probably say out loud.

Like, for instance, in the new Yahoo! trailer for "August: Osage County."

Hey, if someone has to die to give us a new Meryl Streep movie, then so be it. Get More »

The 9 Funniest Quotes from the Golden Globes

The 2013 Golden Globes: Last night, at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's 70th annual awards bash, we laughed, we cried, we, well...drank. Co-hosts Amy Poehler and Tina Fey proved to be smart picks to shepherd audiences in-house and at-home through the three-hour ceremony, and the awards show's legendary open bar did not disappoint.

Weird moments and hilarity flowed as freely last night as the Moet stocked at the celebs' tables, and how better to relive those moments than in meme form? Below, check out nine of our favorite Golden Globes moments, meme-ified. In the wise words of early-2000s emo band Fall Out Boy, Thnks fr th Mmrs, guys.

1. Anne Hathaway is visited by the Ghost of Oscars Past

Get More »

Q&A: Famke Janssen On the Labors of 'Bringing Up Bobby'

Famke Janssen Getty Images

Famke Janssen has played a lot of parts — sexy superhero, love-struck journalist, evil witch — but she's about to add a new line to her resume: Writer/ Director. That's right, the brunette stunner has moved to the other side of the camera for her new film, "Bringing Up Bobby," a project that took her quite some to cobble together ... which just goes to show how hard it really is to get a movie made.

The comedy follows Olive (Milla Jovovich), a con artist who moves her son to a conservative neighborhood in Oklahoma in an effort to build a better future. We won't spoil it for you, but suffice to say that things don't exactly go as planned for our ambitious heroine or her offspring. Janssen chatted with us about what inspired her to want to tell this story, how it was directing for the first time and what man she would love to share some love scenes with when she returns to the silver screen. Get More »

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Casting Roundup: Gyllenhaal, Swank and Whishaw Get the Gigs

Jake Gyllenhaal Getty Images

All of the week's hot casting news in one fell swoop ...

• Who would win in a fight — the Prince of Persia or Wolverine? Heat Vision reports that Jake Gyllenhall will butt heads with Hugh Jackman in "Prisoners," a thriller about a carpenter (Jackman) who takes the law into his own hands after his daughter and best friend are kidnapped. The "End of Watch" star will play the detective on the case who doesn't take to the amateur vigilante's methods.

• Might Q be joining Thor and Catwoman in Steven Spielberg's "Robopocalypse"? Variety reports that "Skyfall" actor Ben Whishaw has been approached for the role of an expert hacker named Lurker in the sci-fi action extravaganza that's set to hit theaters on April 25, 2014 (a rather non-Spielberg time of the year, no?). Get More »

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The 25 Best Music Performances in Movies

Pitch Perfect Universal

Actors are trained to be able to portray just about anything their role calls for, but there's one thing even the best actors can't possibly fake: Singing.

That's why we're always so impressed when actors sing on screen rather than just lip-synch some professional musician. Case in point: Next week's "Pitch Perfect," which features stars such as Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson belting out tunes like the divas they were meant to be. Get More »

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Our 15 Favorite Lady Villains in Movies


Everyone loves a bad boy. The snarling mustache twirlers get all of the fame and fortune -- the No. 1 spot on movie-geek lists, the Halloween costumes, the cool quotes -- and none of them have to worry about being called a witch.

But here at NextMovie, we're all about the bad girls. We love a lady who isn't afraid to embrace her nasty side in order to get what she wants.

In honor of "Savages" and Salma Hayek's role as a brutal drug cartel leader, we've gathered up the coolest and cruelest women to grace the silver screen. We're a little worried about ranking them, because if there's one thing we know about these vicious villainesses, it's that they don't like competition. But we did. Now, you read. We'll run. Get More »

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