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Captain America is Directing a Movie (And It Sounds Kinda Good)

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Before he's ready to become the Star-Spangled Superhero once again for "The Avengers: Age of Ultron," Captain America Chris Evans is gonna need to exercise a little creative control, ya heard?

Evans, who is currently gaining some cred even outside the nerdy world for last year's chilling "The Iceman" and his part in the equally frigid-titled apocalyptic "Snowpiercer," has decided that it's high time for him to take the director's chair. And the movie that's gotten the ball rolling on Chris Evans as The Director is a little romantic film he's had his eye on for a while called "1:30 Train." Get More »

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Love Is a Battlefield for Reese Witherspoon in 6 'This Means War' Clips

This Means War
20th Century Fox

Aside from being something that Bugs Bunny occasionally says to people in cartoons, "This Means War" is also the latest silliness-infused action extravaganza from McG, director of "Charlie's Angels" and "Terminator Salvation."

This time he takes a typical romantic triangle involving Reese Witherspoon and peppers it with the fact that the two competing dudes (Tom Hardy and Chris Pine) are CIA agents going to increasingly outlandish means to land the girl of their dreams. Get More »

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Lea Michele Prepares for Re-'Awakening'

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Lea Michele might be full of glee, but for an entirely different reason, because the Broadway-turned-TV star is in talks to reprise her leading role in the movie adaptation of the hit musical "Spring Awakening."

Though discussions are still the early stages, they seem to have promise. "We're talking to Lea Michele because she made the role of Wendla famous and we'll see if that pans out and works with the timing of her schedule on [Glee]," the flick's director, McG (no, not his given name) told E Online.

He continued to gush, "I love Lea; we've talked about it… When I first got turned onto the show she was in it so it's her voice that echoes in my heart. I really think she's wonderful and we'll see where it takes us." Get More »

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GALLERY: Stars Engage With the 'This Means War' Premiere

Captain Kirk and Bane fighting over Johnny Cash's wife? Sounds like a new movie from the director of "Charlie's Angels" to us.

Chris Pine, Tom Hardy, Reese Witherspoon and several other lookers got some action at the Hollywood premiere of "This Means War," the romantic action comedy thriller (got all that?) from director McG in which two CIA agents engage in all-out war with each other when they discover that they're dating the same woman. Spy games get rough when a hot blonde is involved!

Check out our collection of pics from the premiere and prepare to do battle with "This Means War" yourself when it hits theaters on Valentine's Day.

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Chelsea Handler Locks and Loads For 'This Means War'

Chelsea Handler
Evan Agostini

Chelsea Handler has scored a rare non-"As Herself" role.

Deadline reports that the host of E! Channel's "Chelsea Lately" has joined the cast of "This Means War," an action comedy directed by McG, who looks to be returning to more comfortable "Charlie's Angels" kind of territory after the stress test that was "Terminator Salvation." Get More »

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