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Watch Philip Seymour Hoffman in 1993's 'My Boyfriend's Back'

Philip Seymour Hoffman in My Boyfriend's Back Disney

Philip Seymour Hoffman has built a respectable acting career over the past few years, picking up one awesome role after another. Besides being the man who will play the key part of Plutarch Heavensbee in "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire," he also happens to be an Academy Award winner, accepting a golden trophy in 2005 for his role in "Capote." With his fourth Oscar nomination this year for his masterful performance in, well, "The Master," the accolades keep raking in for one of Hollywood's finest talents. Get More »

The 'Emperor' Trailer Has Clothes, Tommy Lee Jones

Krasnoff Foster

Tommy Lee Jones in right in the middle of an Oscar race thanks to his performance in the historical drama "Lincoln." So what could he possibly do to top his role as abolitionist senator Thaddeus Stevens? Well, how about playing American icon General MacArthur in the upcoming historical drama "The Emperor?"

And as this new trailer show, they might as well start engraving his name on the Oscar right now. Get More »

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GALLERY: Stars Gone Skinny for Movie Roles

Forget all the extensive makeup jobs in "Cloud Atlas" — the real way to make yourself unrecognizable is to lose a lot of weight. The only way we would know that was Matthew Fox in "Alex Cross" is by his name being in the credits ... and we might even require additional confirmation beyond that.

In honor of the "Lost" star shedding the pounds to play serial killer/sadist Picasso, we've compiled a gallery of other stars who have gone skinny (sometimes way skinny) for a part.

"Alex Cross" hits theaters Oct. 19.

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'Alex Cross' Already Set for 'Double Cross'

Tyler Perry in "Alex Cross" Summit

Before "Alex Cross" arrives in theaters tomorrow, there's one thing we know for certain: Cross lives. In fact, we already know Tyler Perry survives to see a sequel.

Based on James Patterson's popular series, "Alex Cross" follows the battle between a Washington, D.C. psychologist/detective, played by Perry, and a sadistic killer (Matthew Fox).

According to Deadline, the sequel will follow Patterson's 13th book "Double Cross," which features the detective gearing up to face off with not one, but two killers. No word yet if Fox's baddie or director Rob Cohen will be around for a round two. Get More »

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Madea's Serial Killer Reunion in 6 'Alex Cross' Clips

Tyler Perry in "Alex Cross" Summit

Media mogul (or is that Madea mogul?) Tyler Perry is leaving his hallelujers at home as he stars in his first major Hollywood blockbuster which he neither produced, wrote or directed: Rob Cohen's "Alex Cross."

Based on the series of books by James Patterson featuring the title police detective, previously portrayed by Morgan Freeman in "Kiss the Girls" and "Along Came a Spider," this one finds Cross tackling a new serial killer named Michael "The Butcher" Sullivan (Matthew Fox). When this Butcher kills someone close to him, Cross will use all his cunning to bring this maniac to justice, even if it means he himself must go off the deep end. Get More »

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Tommy Lee Jones Gets Gruff With Matthew Fox in 'Emperor'

Getty Images

He might be a Harvard grad, but Tommy Lee Jones always seems right at home as a grizzled man of the law. Even if that guy is a "Man in Black" who enjoys the company of a talking pug.

We last saw him in "Captain America" as Colonel Chester Phillips, the Army dude who recruits puny Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) to join their rogue outfit.

However, his next role is no Marvel creation; instead, he'll be putting on those Army duds to play one of US history's most influential generals, Douglas MacArthur, in the World War II drama "Emperor." Get More »

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Ed Harris and Matthew Fox Fall Victim to the Zombie Apocalypse


Zombies: they are ugly, relentless and make no mistake about it, they WILL eat you. So it's rarely a surprise when we get word that the zombie horde has claimed another hapless victim or two -- unless, of course, those victims happen to be huge Hollywood stars such as Ed Harris and Matthew Fox.

Add two more brains to the menu, because New York Magazine is reporting that both Harris and Fox have dropped out of the new zombie apocalypse movie "World War Z."

Is no one safe from this undead menace? Get More »

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Matthew Fox Faces Off Against Tyler Perry in 'I, Alex Cross'


Matthew Fox has laid low since that last devastating shot of "LOST." If you're the kind of fan who wants to see him as nothing but Jack Shepherd, that's great, but we kind of hoped to see him kicking butt or making us swoon in some action or romance.

Well, it turns out he's going to be making us cover our eyes instead. According to Deadline Hollywood Daily, Fox has signed on to play the villain in Tyler Perry's thriller, "I, Alex Cross." Get More »

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