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Kristen Wiig Has a Wiig-ish Meltdown in 'Girl Most Likely' Trailer

Okay, now that we've (reluctantly) accepted the fact that Annette Bening is old enough to have a daughter as old as Kristen Wiig, we can attend to the task at hand.

One of SNL's all-time MVPs, Kristen Wiig has struggled to find life after "Bridesmaids," the runaway comedy hit that, believe it or not, is now two years old. Wiig seemed poised for Will Ferrell-sized superstardom after that flick made a bajillion bucks, but oddly enough she's been unable to find the proper follow-up (which is no small task, mind you -- "Bridemaids" is a truly brilliant piece of work). Get More »

'Pulp Fiction' Almost Starred Daniel Day-Lewis and Matt Dillon

Pulp Fiction Miramax

In the 19 years since "Pulp Fiction" hit theaters, the film that made Quentin Tarantino a superstar has become a bona fide cinematic classic. Hell, it was a classic from the moment it first screened at the Cannes Film Festival. But as a new oral history of the film in Vanity Fair shows, "Pulp Fiction" was almost a very different film.

Forget Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis and John Travolta. How about "Pulp Fiction" starring Paul Calderon, Matt Dillon and Daniel Day-Lewis? Get More »

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Sibling Rivalry: Vote for Your Favorite Brothers and Sisters

Liam and Chris Hemsworth
Getty Images

They may be brothers and sisters in real life, but in the acting world, sibling actors are often fierce competitors. Sometimes they're even up for the same roles.

You could call these cases of sibling rivalry being played out on the big screen a real family affair, along the lines of "Mom always liked you best."

We've come up with a list of top actors who have competing brothers or sisters. Vote on your favorites of each brother-brother, brother-sister or sister-sister pairing -- and may the best siblings win. Get More »

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Russell, Dillon and Baruchel Get 'The Black Marks'

Kurt Russell
Getty Images

Kurt Russell, Matt Dillon and Jay Baruchel are getting together for one last big score.

The three thespians are wasting no time getting the new year started as they're headed to the considerably colder climes of Canada for the heist comedy, "The Black Marks," according to The Playlist. Get More »

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Matt Dillon Sets His Sights on 'Imogene'

Getty Images

Indie comedy, "Imogene" just found its leading man. Word on the New York streets is that Matt Dillon has signed on to co-star in this modern romance.

He joins an A-list cast led by the scene-stealing Kristen Wiig and Oscar-winning Annette Bening, Deadline reports.

Written by Michelle Morgan (who penned the 2008 dramedy "Middle of Nowhere"), the story follows Wigg, a playwright who stages a fake suicide attempt after losing her job, getting evicted from her apartment, and being dumped by her boyfriend—all at once. (Talk about a bad day.) Get More »

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