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'The Town' Lines That Could Also Be Used in Affleck's Whitey Bulger Movie

Warner Bros. Warner Bros.

One of Ben Affleck's first I'm-a-serious-filmmaker-now-so-stop-making-fun-of-"Gigli"-already efforts was 2010's "The Town," a heisty movie with a few feels and lots of fun quotables.

Affleck co-wrote the scripts for both "The Town" and his directorial debut "Gone Baby Gone" alongside fellow Boston-lover-slash-apparent-crime-scene-aficionado Aaron Stockard — who, back then, was only barely IMDb-worthy for his production assistant status on "Good Will Hunting."

According to Deadline, this little dream team is now set up for a third go-round at the writer's table for Warner Bros.' Whitey Bulger pic (ya know, after he handles s**t in the Batcape for a while for the same studio). Get More »

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'World War Z' and More

World War Z Paramount

This week: It's up to Brad Pitt to figure out a way to slow down a global zombie pandemic in "World War Z," a summer blockbuster with a new unrated cut that will excite horror fans disappointed with the PG-13 theatrical cut.

Also new this week is Sofia Coppola's "The Bling Ring" based on true events, Steven Soderbergh's Liberace biopic "Behind the Candelabra" with Michael Douglas and Matt Damon and the educational documentary "Space Junk 3D" on Blu-ray 3D. Get More »

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Star Trek Into Darkness' and More

Star Trek Into Darkness Paramount

This week: One of the biggest blockbusters of the summer, J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek Into Darkness," beams itself home on DVD, Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D and various retail exclusives packaged with collectibles and exclusive extras.

Also new this week is the twisted horror film "Frankenstein's Army," the Blu-ray debut of "The Talented Mr. Ripley" starring Matt Damon and the definitive "Friday the 13th": The Complete Collection on Blu-ray with all 12 films featuring movie maniac Jason Voorhees. Get More »

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Matt Damon Finally Getting That Directorial Debut

Getty Images Getty Images

Matt Damon's been trying to emulate the moves of his best bro Ben Affleck for quite some time — no, not by donning a cape but rather by saddling up in a director's chair of his own.

The Damon, formerly a writer-actor type with some considerable successes, has finally locked down his opportunity to behind-the-lens it up on a project called "A Foreigner," the script for which was written by Oscar-grabbing "Argo" penman Chris Terrio. Get More »

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Matt Damon Stands Up for His Bro Affleck, But Won't Play Robin

Getty Images Getty Images

How 'bout a little round of Pyramid? Okay, just take a stab at what we're describing here: peanut butter and jelly; crackers and cheese; hugs and kisses; thunder and lightning; Ben Affleck and Matt Damon ...

Ding, ding, ding!

"Things that go together" is right-o. Buuuut that last pair hasn't been a thing for more than a decade, and we've got some bad news for those who were hoping to see 'em reunite as the Caped Crusader and his trusty sidekick. It ain't happening.

Get More »

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'Elysium' Occupies Top Spot at the Cineplex

Elysium Columbia Pictures

Matt Damon's sci-fi parable about the dangers facing the 99% in the distant future ended up redistributing some wealth into its own pockets this weekend, as "Elysium" topped the box office with an estimated $30.5 million according to

That was enough to edge out Jennifer Aniston's R-rated comedy "We're the Millers," which brought in a strong $26.6 million. Disney's "Cars" spinoff "Planes" debuted in third place with $22.5 million, while "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters" rounded out a crowded field of newcomers with an estimated $14.6 million.

For a full run down of the weekend box office, including figures for returning hits "2 Guns" and "The Wolverine," head to

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'Monuments Men' Trailer: George Clooney Is Building a (Handsome) Team

Here's a theory we'd like to put out in the universe: George Clooney's handsomeness is made exponentially more handsome when he surrounds himself with other handsome people. That's why he does it so often. It's like a brain trust of handsomeness.

It would seem the glow from Clooney's star turns in super-handsome ensemble flick "Ocean's 11" and its sequels has faded slightly, so he would like to head to the handsomeness bank and make a handsome withdrawal. (OK, sorry, done saying handsome now. Just once more: handsome.) Enter "Monuments Men," stage left. Get More »

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Matt Damon Talks About 'Elysium' and Fighting Iron Man

Exoskeletal armor is all the rage these days, or so we've heard. "Elysium," Matt Damon's latest film, due out August 9, is proof of armor's status as the latest fashion must-have.

Of course, there's always the debate over who wore it best, or in this case, who would win in a fight: Damon's Max, who wears the armor to survive and strengthen him in "Elysium," or the original man in the iron suit, Iron Man — Robert Downey Jr.

Naturally, NextMovie was dying to know what Damon thought the outcome of a suit-on-suit battle would be, so when we sat down with the star to chat ahead of the release of "Elysium," we had to ask. Get More »

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Movie Stars Reveal Their Porn Star Names

The "porn star name game" is a time-honored tradition in America.

It's a game pretty much anyone can play, depending on the rules — we employ the First Name: First Pet, Last Name: Street You Grew Up On method (our apologies to those with allergies, maybe you had a goldfish?). And the results are, without fail, hilarious.

We asked over 100 of our favorite movie stars in Hollywood — including Channing Tatum, Emma Watson, Keira Knightley, Megan Fox, Ryan Gosling, Salma Hayek, Anne Hathaway, Matt Damon, Katie Holmes, Emma Stone and Neil Patrick Harris — for their porn star names. They did not let us down. Click through the gallery for all 100+.

Reporting by: Sandie Angulo Chen ("Millie 69"), Robert DeSalvo ("Rocky Waverly"), Claire Donovan ("Spunky Walter"), Elizabeth Durand ("Stephanie Veronica"), Bryan Enk ("Buck Densmore"), Max Evry ("Orion Cedar Crest "), Breanne Heldman ("Krugerrand Ardon"), Jenni Miller ("Mitzi Turtle Creek"), Kevin Polowy ("Sparkle Sterling"), Brandon Rae ("Sammi von Fernway"), Brooke Tarnoff ("Brandy W. Riviera"), Joanna Varikos ("Angel 14") and Kase Wickman ("Blake Sisters").

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'Elysium' and 'WALL-E' Are The Same Movie: Here's Proof

In case you haven't already noticed, Neil Blomkamp's upcoming sci-fi (dare we say dystopian?) actioner "Elysium" shares a few rather obvious plot commonalities with Disney-Pixar's near-wordless robot love story, "Wall-E." Basically, both feature a giant space station which houses pampered humans while the rest of the Earth is left to rot in squalor and wreckage and resourcelessness. Until one guy steps up and changes everything, of course, because Hollywood.

So it was only a matter of time, really, before some kind of mash-up came through, but we've gotta take our hats off to the evil geniuses at Funny or Die for making it happen by way of Matt Damon with a smidge of "Behind the Candelabra" action thrown in as a lil cherry on top. Get More »

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