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MASHUP: Our Movie Blood Splatter Supercut Is Bloody Good

Whether it's excessive and gross, used for comedic effect, or just pouring out of elevators all willy-nilly, blood's everywhere in movies. And with Halloween right around the corner, there couldn't be a better time to sit down and squirm through the best bloody movie moments. Get More »

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MASHUP: Shakespeare's Naughtiest Bits

Shakespeare sure knew how to talk to the ladies. How else would you let a woman know how tender your ass is by the way the hairs tickle it?

Yep, surprise, dude wrote that. You probably just didn't quite catch it through all the thees and thous. Get More »

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MASHUP: Cars Crashing Into Weird Things

Put on your seatbelt, it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

There's nothing we love more than a good car crash. Something about the metal-on-metal action triggers the daredevil in us, makes us stare in awe and glee at the wreckage. But as car crashes became more common, directors had to figure out more and more inventive ways of redefining the car crash game. Simply put, cars sometimes crash into the darndest things.

Ever wanted to see a car blow up a helicopter? "Live Free or Die Hard" has you covered. Michael Bay makes sure no fruit stand or water canisters are safe in "The Rock," while "Cannonball Run" gets its cars to cool off by taking a nice dip in the pool. You'll see all that and plenty more in the our mashup, compiled by Avaryl Halley. Be sure to watch till the end, which proves cars can truly crash through anything. And next time you get behind the wheel, remember: no texting, cause if you're not paying attention, this could happen to you.

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Every Movie Reference in 'The Office'

From Jim and Andy singing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" to Michael Scott putting his own spin on the classic "Airplane" quote, "The Office" is so littered with movie references that it seems impossible to keep up with all of them. Get More »

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43 Examples of Self-Sacrifice on Film Should Give You a Good Cry

Self-sacrifice in film has forever been the trait of a character's stoicism, selflessness, and passion for the greater good. From "300" to "The Dark Knight Rises," watching a character give his (or her!) life for another is almost always a mark of bittersweet courage on the big screen, a plot twist that often leaves a lump in your throat.

Somebody out there in YouTubeland has made a mashup, serving up 43 moments of heroic sacrifice on screen, a video that reminds you when you fell in love with Jack in "Titanic" and why "The Iron Giant," of all things, left you teary-eyed. Personally, that modern classics is the one, in over three minutes of tear-stained benevolence, that always gets us choked up. But, believe us, if you haven't seen "The Iron Giant," get on it. Just don't get too attached the the robot, or at least bring a Kleenex or two. Or ten.

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The Inevitable 'Burt Wonderstone'/'The Prestige' Trailer Mash-Up is In

To their credit, the folks at Warner Bros. are making no apparent effort to conceal or apologize for the fact their newest comedy flick "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone" is but a chuckle-filled nod to the story arc in Christopher Nolan's Oscar-nominated "The Prestige." Give or take a few plot points (and dialing down the death toll a touch), the two stories have got a lot in common, and this video mash-up aims to prove it. Get More »

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'The Hangover' is Dark, Also Rises in Epic Mashup

Something's rotten in the state of Gotham City, and it's not the metallic stank of Bane's handmade grenades. It's actually a baby diaper, the one worn by the tot backpacked to Zach Galifiankis, breakout star of the "Hangover" franchise, the third installment of which comes out in May.

So let's all scratch our heads in collective bewilderment at the fact that, until now, there were apparently zero "The Dark Knight"-"Hangover" crossover mashups. They just didn't exist, despite the brainiacs who plunge the web full of geek-sanctioned movie buffery day after day, hour after hour. But, finally, it's here, and Ken Jeong is looking super-serious about it.

In other words, the Dark Knight certainly Rises, but not 'til noon and with a pounding headache. It was that kind of night.

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Taylor Swift Meets Ron Burgundy

It was the meme heard round the world: Taylor Swift and the yelling goat. The unexpected mashup of the pop princess and a petting zoo staple went viral immediately, inspiring an endless supply of similar endeavors. The yelling goat got down with Usher, Jay-Z, and Bon Jovi, but now movie buffs can celebrate the meme with a new twist: "Anchorman"!

In the video you never knew you wanted (but thank goodness it happened), Taylor knew Ron Burgundy was trouble when he walked in. Will Ferrell's pouty, pompous evening news anchor gets thrown into the mix when "Trouble" is intercut with a scene where, instead of yelling like a goat, he's crying like a baby. But you would, too, if Jack Black drop-kicked your dog (best scene ever).

Now let's hear him do "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together."

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'The Shining' Gets 'Dumb and Dumber'

Once upon a time, "The Shining" was recut to look like a family comedy, and so began the art of the recut trailer. It's since become a common part of the Internet landscape, but credit should always be paid to the originator, which is why a mashup of Kubrick's classic with "Dumb and Dumber" is a truly decadent, demented pleasure.

When you pair a maniacal Jack Nicholson with a gastrointestinally-challenged Jeff Daniels, what you get is movie magic, as it turns out! All you need to do is add an ax-wielding, blood-hungry villain with some really stupid, classic potty humor, and you have on your hands a viral video destined for greatness.

Now, if only we could find Jim Carrey ...

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Big Money Mashup! Watch the Ultimate Movie Auction

Whoa ... we had forgotten about the Poison Ivy auction scene (which featured the appearance of the "Batman Forever" credit card) in "Batman & Robin." Yeesh.

Still, an unfortunate bit of Bat-history shouldn't keep you from participating in the Ultimate Movie Auction, a fast-paced, big-money mashup that collects several on-screen auction moments to create one mega-auction scene, complete with several different kinds of currency, conflicting stereo vs. mono sound mixes and at least two appearances by a cranky-looking Cary Grant. You can't lose!

Thanks to our auctioneers at for this decades-spanning look at big-screen bidding.

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