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MASHUP: Our Movie Blood Splatter Supercut Is Bloody Good

Whether it's excessive and gross, used for comedic effect, or just pouring out of elevators all willy-nilly, blood's everywhere in movies. And with Halloween right around the corner, there couldn't be a better time to sit down and squirm through the best bloody movie moments. Get More »

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'The World's End,' But With the Credits From 'Cheers'

"The World's End," the newest Edgar Wright/Simon Pegg creation about a group of friends who attempt to one-up their epic bar crawl from 20 years earlier and instead become mankind's final hope against an alien invasion (everyone nods), comes out in three weeks.

We know what you're thinking: "Time's a-wasting. Where the hell is this movie's hilariously-edited mashup with the opening credits from 'Cheers' on Youtube from the ever-reliable Todd Spence? It would be amazing! You know it, I know it, the rest of the world knows it." Get More »

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New-Style 'Gatsby' Music Invades Old 'Gatsby' Trailer

As you may know, there have been 1,784 different movie versions of F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic American novel, "The Great Gatsby," give or take about 1,778 or 1,779. The above is a mashup of two of them, specifically Jack Clayton's 1974 version and Baz Luhrmann's 3D version which debuted in theaters just this past Friday.

Specifically, the bored video editor who made this and put it on the internet in his (or her) spare time took the music from the 2013 trailer and put it over the 1974 trailer, which would have undoubtedly freaked out Clayton and anyone working on the movie at that time. ("What on earth is a 'Jay-Z'? Is it a pastry of some sort?") Get More »

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Mashup: Here is 'Space Lincoln' Because Sure, Why Not?

In our continuing coverage of the fact that video editors secretly rule the universe, here is an extremely well-done mashup of "Star Trek" — the William Shatner/Leonard Nimoy versions, of course, because ain't nobody got tiiiiime for Chris Pine — and a gentleman dressed as Abraham Lincoln.

Because what if Lincoln was in space helping Captain Kirk? Haven't we all asked ourselves that question from time to time? Don't answer that, because I'll answer for you: Yes. Yes, we have. Get More »

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Mashup: 'Anchorman' and 'Thrift Shop' Meet For Smooth, Babymaking Glory

So, sure, all mashups we put up on NextMovie have an element of fun to them, but we admit that there are other supercuts and juxtapositions worthy of our attention out there. This is one of those transcendent mashups, and we can thank the smooth, dulcet sounds of Ron Burgundy and Macklemore for that. (Actually we can thank whoever flawlessly edited this video, but still.) Get More »

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Huzzah Beantown! A Cinematic Tribute to Boston

Boston, you've had a hell of a week. This one's for you.

The great capital of Massachusetts has been trapped in its own horror movie upon last week's terrorist acts at the Boston Marathon and the subsequent city-wide manhunt for the suspects. Thankfully, it looks like the nightmare has ended and Boston can go back to being the greatest city in New England without serving as the unwilling host to those who would look to do it and its citizens harm.

As a tribute to Beantown, the wizards at have conjured this mashup that highlights some of Boston's great moments in the movies, with scenes from "Gone Baby Gone," "The Last Detail," "Good Will Hunting," "Legally Blonde," "The Fighter," "The Social Network" and many more. Oh, and Cliff from "Cheers" provides some Wikipedia-esque narration as well.

We think you'll like dem apples. Enjoy.

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Feel Old Realizing All These Movies Came Out a Decade Ago

Throwback alert! With the buzz of the hottest  films of 2013 coming up this summer, let us not forget those that have gone before us. Supercut Originals created a mashup that brings back the most memorable movies of a decade ago...that magical year of 2003. Back in a time when the new millennium was still new, directors taught us to just keep swimming, that being the big G-O-D ain't easy,and the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. Get More »

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'Star Wars' + Schoolhouse Rock = Best Learning Device Ever

We all remember how we learned about bills becoming laws or what a conjunction is. Not by paying attention in class of course. But thanks to Schoolhouse Rock!

But what happens when Schoolhouse Rock gets combined with Star Wars? We get "Star Wars Rock," an awesome video by YouTube user OneMinuteGalactica that teaches us about adjectives. It has all the catchiness of a Schoolhouse tune minus the annoying animations, plus Luke Skywalker, Yoda, R2-D2, and all your other Star Wars  favorites. And you thought learning couldn't be fun. Get More »

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The Ultimate Movie Vomit Mash-Up

If you just had lunch, you may want to quietly escort yourself off the internet right about now.

That's because it's time for the most unholy of mash-ups: the Ultimate Movie Vomit Mashup. Or, as we call it for short, the Throw-Up Mashup.

Featuring choice chunks from "Stand By Me," "The Exorcist," "Clueless" and many, many more, vomit enthusiasts may find it hard to keep their excitement down about this one...or their lunches.

Check out the mashup above, see if you can ID every scene, then yak to us about it in the comments or on Twitter!

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Supercut: Big Words With Arnold Schwarzenegger

[From] Everyone's favorite Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has has to wrap his mouth around a lot of big words in his many film roles. And with that rockin' Austrian accent, that mouth-wrapping happens in a really unique way. Check out this mashup, including choice lines from "Kindergarten Cop," "The Terminator" and "Junior," among others, and just try and figure out what this guy is saying.

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