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Watch Zoolander Watch Models Fall Down

No one ever said modeling was an easy job, and if they did, they'd be wrong because have you seen these gals? It's pretty clear that, for some bowlegged beauties, walking in a straight line in heels can be a total bitch.

Appropriately, just in time for New York Fashion Week, style icon and male model "Zoolander" takes in the best supermodel FAILS on all the interwebs (already a classic viral compilation), and laughs til it hurts. And he's brought the whole gang with him to point, stare, and cackle, including David Bowie, Tyson Beckford, and Owen Wilson. Will Ferrell says it best when, as Jacobim Mugatu, he whines that he feels like he's "taken crazy pills," which may very well be the case if you watch enough of these gaffes in a row.

Because, hey, sometimes putting one foot in front of the other and looking really angry (or just very, very hungry) is a really tough job, you guys! Zoolander gets it!

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Arnold Is Back... As Darth Vader?!

It's pretty well known that while the voice of James Earl Jones was used for Darth Vader in the original "Star Wars" trilogy, there was actually a totally different guy (by the name of David Prowse) inside the suit. Which makes sense, of course; with that big helmet on, there was no way to really have the actor speak his lines during the scene anyway, so since they had to dub in dialogue, they might as well dub in the best voice actor around.

But what if they had picked Arnold Schwarzenegger to do the voice instead? Get More »

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