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Channing Tatum Might Direct 'Magic Mike 2,'...With Steven Soderbergh's Help

Channing Tatum and Matthew Bomer in "Magic Mike" Warner Bros.

Nobody quite expected "Magic Mike," last year's working class drama based loosely around star Channing Tatum's time as a male stripper, to be quite as unbelievably awesome as it was. But it really was amazing — a drama that informed the passing populace about a niche subculture in the same way "Saturday Night Fever" or "American Gigolo" did before it, directed beautifully by Steven Soderbergh and anchored by a performance that secured Tatum's place as one of America's greatest treasures, along with the Hoover Dam and the idea to combine chicken and waffles on one delicious plate.

While original director Steven Soderbergh is seeking (temporary, we hope) retirement, that doesn't mean plans aren't still running ahead on the sequel. Tatum, while talking up this week's explosi-o-rama "White House Down" with the Hollywood Reporter, discussed the possibility of him directing the sequel and what the plot would be. Get More »

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MTV Movie Awards: Best Male Shirtless Performance Nominees Strip for Your Vote

Juicy. Firm. Luscious.

Guys, we're not talking about a piece of fruit! (Though fruit is a nutritious snack that can often be described by the above adjectives.) Uh-uh, we're thinking more along the lines of abs than apples. Particularly, the abdominal regions of our 2013 MTV Movie Awards Best Shirtless Performance nominees. Which nominee will dance away with the Golden Popcorn in this brand new category on Sunday night? Get More »

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Paul Giamatti as Edward Cullen, Joe Fox, and Magic Mike

You thought Robert Pattinson was the ideal choice to play Edward Cullen in "Twilight." You believed that no other actor could play the stuck-up bookstore owner with as much hidden depth as Tom Hanks in "You've Got Mail." And you thought no one could radiate sex appeal like Channing Tatum in "Magic Mike."

Paul Giamatti dares to prove you wrong. And in the above video, he succeeds.

Yes, with the help of Vulture's Julie Klausner, Giamatti dramatically reads lines as each of the three debonair leading men, and blows our socks off in the process. Seriously, we're still in the process of going around the office and gathering up all of our socks.

Now the producers of each of the three films have to be questioning their decisions. "Oh, my. Did we make the wrong casting choice?" NextMovie's opinion on each of the three films, respectively: Yes, yes, and absolutely.

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The Lost Movie Character Yearbook

Everyone was young once: your teachers, your bosses, your parents. And in Hollywood, the land of movie magic, not only were your favorite fictional characters once children, they were all young at the same time.

We know, it doesn't make sense. But what other conclusion could we draw from this, a page from the Hollywood Movie High School yearbook? It features future VIPs like Bruce Wayne and Elle Woods before they hit the big time, Nina Sayers before she donned the Black Swan's feathers, Anton Chigurh before he grew out his bangs in "No Country For Old Men."

Hollywood Movie High School Rules!


LICK IT! A Portrait of Channing Tatum Made Out of Candy

Who can make a Tatum
Out of jelly beans
The girls all wanna taste 'im
Especially 'round the jeans
The candyman can
Cause he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good.

That's right, food-centric artist Jason Mecier, who last gave us the Kevin Bacon portrait made out of actual bacon, has handcrafted a new confectionary delight for the senses: a portrait of his majesty Channing Tatum in his "costume" (or lack therof) from "Magic Mike" made entirely out of Mike & Ikes (via Hollywire).

When Channing co-stars with Jamie Foxx in this summer's action thriller "White House Down," that might make a great opportunity to make a portrait of Jamie out of fox fur, or perhaps another one of Channing fashioned from over 1000 small portraits of Tatum O'Neal.

The possibilities are literally endless!

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10 Rejected 2013 Oscar Campaign Posters

Now that 2013 is underway, we're officially in the thick of Oscars season. Which means that studios are putting on the full-court publicity press for films they want to snag Oscar nominations (to be announced Jan. 10). Industry magazines like Variety are brimming with "For Your Consideration" ads for probable shoo-ins like Best Actor for Daniel Day-Lewis in "Lincoln" and Best Supporting Actress for Anne Hathaway in "Les Miserables."

But what about those potential nominees and angles that aren't quite so obvious? With the help of our friend Old Red Jalopy, we've unearthed ten, shall we say, "unorthodox" Oscar campaign posters you might have missed.

The Sessions Get More »

Honest Movie Posters 2012

Making movie posters — or in industry speak, one sheeting — can be tricky business. Needless to say, sometimes certain cinematic nuances (e.g., the movie sucks) can be lost in the effort. As such, a look back on 2012's crop of flicks shows quite a few posters which told very little truth about the movies at hand.

Enter The Shiznet to set the record straight and display what should've really made it into the marquees this year.

Infusing some homegrown veracity into "Magic Mike," for instance, the evil Brit geniuses yielded a film more appropriately titled "Sausage Fest," the tagline for which is "Bursting at the seams with man ass." Break us off a piece of that. The truth will set your buns free!

See more at

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13 Things We're Thankful For This Year

Despite hurricanes, earthquakes and every movie Taylor Kitsch made, 2012 has been a bounty of riches.

And, since it's Thanksgiving and all, we feel it's high time we took a moment to give thanks for those things (and people!) that have made this year so epically special.

So, without further ado...

1. 'Magic Mike,' for bringing sexy back.

2. Ben Affleck, for growing up to be a damn fine director. Who'd a guessed it?

3. Robert Pattinson, for teaching us what it looks like to truly feel.


4. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, for being super-cute and super-cool at the same time.

5. Javier Bardem, for being one of the Best. Bond. Villains. Ever.

6. The riff-off! (From 'Pitch Perfect')


7. The Hulk, for smashing.

8. Stephen Chbosky, for adapting and directing his own book, and thus making a near-perfect film.

9. Bruce Willis, for always looking so darn confused.


10. Bill Murray, for his various offscreen cameos around the world.

11. 'Twilight,' for ending.

12. 'John Carter,' for being such a great punchline.


13. Ryan Gosling, for living.

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GALLERY: Movie Characters in Costumes

Remember old episodes of "Scooby Doo," where they'd rip off a monster mask to reveal a villain — only to rip off another mask and reveal the real culprit underneath? It defies logic — first of all, where did they find such lifelike masks of  Old Mr. Jenkins, the carnival owner?

Logistic issues aside, those were our favorite episodes. There's an inherent charm of people dressed as people dressed as other people that's still pretty funny to us as adults. Jim Carrey? Great. Jim Carrey in "Yes Man?" Terrific.

Jim Carrey dressed as his "Yes Man" character who's dressed as Harry Potter? Phenomenal.

So let's take a look at some more actors — including the stars of this weekend's "Fun Size" — dressed as characters dressed in their costume finery. Happy Halloween!

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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Magic Mike' and More

Warner Bros.

This week: Before he became an actor, Channing Tatum worked as a male stripper, which inspired Steven Soderbergh to direct "Magic Mike," a behind-the-scenes look at a troupe of male strippers taking it off nightly at a club in Florida.

Also new this week is the self-explanatory horror thriller "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter," the sweet-natured apocalyptic romance "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World" and a definitive anniversary edition of "Blade Runner" on Blu-ray. Get More »

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