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'One Direction: This is Us' Trailer: Morgan Spurlock Supersizes 1D

This documentary will require 3D glasses. It may also require ear protection.

No, that's not a dig at One Direction's fabulous songs, it's just a point of fact given the insane amount of shrieking that has no doubt been captured on film. In an age where a 100,000 first week (and sometimes less) can get you the #1 spot on Billboard, these dudes have sold a whopping 29 million records since being knighted by Simon Cowell on the UK version of "X-Factor" just a few years ago. Get More »

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ZOMG! One Direction Movie Trailer Has Arrived!

"Everybody scream!" The first trailer for the One Direction movie is in!

The newest Ahhh!-worthy British invasion is all geared up to hit the big screen on Aug. 30 - helmed by "Super Size Me" director Morgan Spurlock in an, um, intriguing career move - and in just two days, the preview has gotten over 2 million views. So, there's an interest in this thing. Get More »

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One Direction Moves Full Speed Ahead With 3-D Concert Movie

One Direction at the 'Today' Show Getty Images

UPDATE: Sony has announced that "Super Size Me" helmer Morgan Spurlock is set to direct the One Direction 3-D concert film.


One Direction knows exactly which way they are headed: to the silver screen.

After performing on the Today Show for a record-breaking crowd of 15,000 — some of whom had camped out since last Thursday to secure their spots — the group revealed its big plans to Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer. Get More »

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