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See Ohio State Marching Band's Amazing Movie-Themed Halftime Routine

This weekend, while the Ohio State Buckeyes took a halftime break from their utter annihilation of Penn State, the school's marching band decided to pitch in with their own brand of day-ownage as well and performed one helluva movie-themed routine.

Dubbed the "Hollywood Blockbuster" halftime show, these OSU marchers pulled out all the stops to give a little homage to their favorite film franchises, and what's really interesting is that all of their choices are pretty relevant to today's market as well. Get More »

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'Lord of the Rings' Meets 'Power Rangers' in This Epic Mashup

Movie mashups provide some of the web's best entertainment in bite-sized portions. We've seen everything from epic supercuts (and part two, you're welcome) to downright terrifying face-mashes that put a creative spin on our favorite bits of pop culture.

In today's edition of truly awesome mashups, we present: "Lord of the Rings (Power Rangers Style!)", in which one YouTuber had the brilliant idea of taking footage from "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" and setting it to the theme of the Fox Kids classic, "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers". What results is a hilarious compilation that gives us a taste of what could've been... had Peter Jackson's trilogy been developed into a children's television show. A mighty morphin' one, at that. Get More »

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Bilbo, Such a Tease! New 'Hobbit' Trailer

Faster than you can say "Game of Thrones," a brand new teaser trailer for "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" arrives and reminds everybody that J.R.R. Tolkein's Smaug was the O.G. in the dragon scene.

Peter Jackson's second entry in his "The Lord of the Rings" prequel trilogy isn't due in theaters until December 13, but, hot on the heels of yesterday's poster reveal, this first look offers plenty to whet our appetites for a return visit to Middle Earth. Get More »

'Star Wars' And 'Doctor Who' Fans Fight At British Sci-Fi Con

Well, this was bound to happen eventually: after decades of peace between "Star Wars" and "Doctor Who" nerds, a giant brawl erupted at a British sci-fi convention in Norfolk (yeah, never heard of it either). It isn't clear how tensions were sparked, but one can only assume it was over whose basement apartment is the coolest. Apparently there was no "assault," but you can better believe some harsh words were exchanged about who is better at "Halo." Get More »

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March Madness Marches Into Middle Earth


For college basketball fans, March Madness is that special time of year around the workplace where everyone throws ten bucks into a pot, devilishly scrawls away at their one-sheet brackets and then secretly tallies up how many suckers who don't know a darn tootin' thing about the NCAA fattened the take. For the rest of us, it's just a weird point in the season wherein the weather can't make up its mind. A middle point, you might say, for earth. Middle Earth? Sure, why not. Get More »

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Gollum Does Les Miz

If there's one thing you can say about "Les Miserables," it's that its actors — particularly Oscar nominees Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway — don't just chew the scenery. They gnaw, gobble, and chew it up, before spitting it out again -- but, hey, that's how you win an Oscar, isn't it? (We'll find out on Sunday.)

Did you ever think "The Lord of the Rings"' Gollum — of all people, nay, creatures — could emote the same raw, haunting, endlessly-tragic passion that Jackman and Hathaway helped make "Les Miz" an epic soul-crusher? Well, one YouTuber decided to turn that question into a reality by doing his best impression of Gollum singing "I Dreamed A Dream."

If you're like me, the frogginess of his throat will make your toes curl in repulsion, your stomach ready to deep heave in disgust. But you're probably not like me (because I have a thing with voices, sorry) and you will enjoy this.

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The 50 Must-Have Movie-Related Gifts of 2012

'Tis the season, y'all. And we're not just talking about colored lights and carols. We're talking about presents.

Of course, after a year filled with "The Hunger Games," "Star Wars" news and "The Hobbit" anticipation, we searched high and low for the coolest stuff from the coolest movies, including those three and loads more. And we came up with 50 things every movie lover really must have.

A "Star Trek" oven mitt? It's in here. "Lord of the Rings" cufflinks? Check. The chance to sit on Ryan Gosling's face? That too. In other words, get clickin'.

Also Check Out: The 10 Best Blu-ray & DVD Holiday Gift Ideas of 2012

(Originally published on Nov. 19, 2012)

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Bag End: Air New Zealand Has a Hobbit-Themed Carousel

Boarding now at Gate C11, destination The Shire, departing at 12:35.

Air New Zealand continues to fully embrace "Lord of the Rings" mania, this time with a Hobbit-themed airport baggage carousel.

Peter Jackson, director of the in-production "Hobbit" trilogy as well as the extremely popular "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, chose to have New Zealand represent the film's Middle Earth setting. Air New Zealand has declared itself "Air Middle Earth," going so far as to produce an in-flight safety video where Tolkien-esque characters instruct you to look for the nearest exit. And now, of course, you can pick up your Baggins at this Bag End.

The first film in the trilogy, "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey," will be released Dec. 14.

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My Favorite Movie: Scott Porter

Getty Images

"I would say the entirety of the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy for me just pops because I read those books when I was 7, 8, 9 years old. I was done with the trilogy by the time I was 9 and I’ve re-read them so many times over the years. That and 'Big Trouble in Little China.'

"['Big Trouble'] is another childhood kind of memory. I know there are so many better films, greater films and just classic films.

"I just watched it 7,000 times when I was little. [John] Carpenter knew what he was doing in that movie, he knew exactly what it was. Kurt Russell knew exactly what they were doing, and there's something to be said when a movie knows what it is.

"And it was just, I don't know. The Pork Chop Express will stay with me forever."

Scott Porter stars in "10 Years," currently in theaters, and on television's "Hart of Dixie," which has its second season premiere on the CW on Oct. 2. He is most famous for his role as Jason Street on TV's "Friday Night Lights."

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The United States of Movies Summer Olympic Teams

This Friday will kick off the opening ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, and though our old Revolutionary War adversaries might be our allies now, that doesn't mean the U.S. of frickin' A. isn't ready to bring the thunder.

Using our powers of make-believe and fantasy, we've assembled athletic champions from the entirety of movie history to give us a clear advantage towards the race for Olympic glory in every sport of the XXX Olympiad. Get More »

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