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'Lola Versus' Puts the Fun in Dysfunctional Love

Lola Versus Fox Searchlight

Remember when you were 10, and you thought by 22 you'd be married, with a big house (that has a white picket fence) and two perfect children? Maybe a dog and a cat to complete the family? But when you hit 30, you may start to realize that all those dreams won't necessarily come true. Welcome to the suck, sucker.

"Lola Versus" is the story of a girl who didn't get everything she wanted, at the time she wanted it -- and how she deals with that. Greta Gerwig is Lola, who's fixing to marry the man of her dreams, Luke (played by future RoboCop and current Detective Stephen Holder on AMC's "The Killing," Joel Kinnaman). Things are going well for Lola. She's about to finish school, the wedding planning is coming along nicely ... and then kerplunk, Luke calls off the engagement just three weeks before the wedding. Get More »

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5 Questions with 'Lola Versus' Star and Writer Zoe Lister-Jones

Zoe Lister Jones
Getty Images

In "Lola Versus," Zoe Lister-Jones plays Lola's friend Alice, a sharp-tongued single woman who's there to support her BFF when she's dumped by her fiancé and has to navigate the hellish NYC dating scene. Greta Gerwig stars as Lola, "Robocop"-to-be Joel Kinnaman appears as her former fiancé Luke, and Hamish Linklater plays their mutual friend Henry.

In real life, Lister-Jones is coupled up with Daryl Wein, who directed the film and cowrote the screenplay with her. The two previously collaborated on "Breaking Upwards," an indie about when they tried opening up their relationship to other people. Lister-Jones also appears in NBC's "Whitney," and she had a lot to say about women in the movies and on TV. "Lola Versus" opens in limited release on June 8. Watch the trailer. Get More »

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Our 10 Favorite Movies from the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival

Your Sister's Sister
Benjamin Kasulke

The 2012 Tribeca Film Festival opened and closed with two glossy, star-studded premieres, as the raunchy rom-com "The Five-Year Engagement" and the surefire summer blockbuster "The Avengers" bookended the event.

But it was the far more modestly budgeted films in between that made the 11th annual Tribeca fest a success, with audiences and critics alike discovering gems you probably won't see plastered on the side of a bus anytime soon.

Our 10 favorites ranged from music documentaries ("Searching for Sugar Man") to quote-unquote mumblecore ("Your Sister's Sister"), but they share one common thread, at least in our eyes: They deserve a much wider audience. Maybe even on bus ads. – By Jason Guerrasio, Kevin Polowy, Nigel Smith and Brooke Tarnoff Get More »

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The Top 30 Must-See Summer Movies of 2012

Summer 2012 Movies Preview
Columbia Pictures / Warner Bros.

'Tis the season for massive explosions and people running from them.

Summer movies are coming, and iconic superheroes will dominate as "Dark Knight Rises," "Avengers," and "The Amazing Spider-Man" duke it out for box office supremacy, while the sci-fi derby includes fresh takes on the "Alien" saga ("Prometheus") and Philip K. Dick ("Total Recall"), plus a return visit to MIB headquarters.

Of course, it's not all grenades and gunshots. Just see a shirtless Tom Cruise in "Rock of Ages" and everythingless Channing Tatum in "Magic Mike" representing for the ladies this summer.

We count down the biggest and best blockbusters for beating the summer heat. Get More »

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15 Films to See at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival

2 Days in New York
Magnolia Pictures

It's Year 11 for the Tribeca Film Festival, and it looks like the fest created by Robert De Niro is hitting its stride.

The 11-day event, which takes place April 18-29, has always been known for its flashy red- carpet premieres (this year's fest is bookended with the comedy "The Five-Year Engagement" and Marvel's latest “The Avengers”) and fun family fare (free Drive In screenings of "Jaws" and "The Goonies"). Tribeca is also branching out into the online world: For its second year, the festival will screen a handful of titles from this year's Tribeca Online Film Festival as well as stream some of its panels.

But if you like to watch your movies the old-fashioned way (in the theater), here are 15 titles from this year's fest that we think you should check out. Get More »

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Greta Gerwig Gets Brutally Dumped In 'Lola Versus' Trailer

Fox Searchlight

Ladies, prepare to get your rom-com on. Dudes, prepare to pay for the tickets.

Greta Gerwig, the effortlessly charming Mumblecore queen who made a big impression in "Greenberg" and this week's fabulous "Damsels In Distress" wants to be the next quirky Zooey Deschanel-type in the new trailer for "Lola Versus," courtesy of iTunes Trailers.

Gerwig plays the titular Lola, a nearly-30-year-old unceremoniously dumped by Luke (future "Robocop" Joel Kinnaman) three weeks before their wedding. Ouch.

Helping her get through this rough patch is the de rigueur gay best friend Henry (Hamish Linklater) and feisty gal-pal Alice (Zoe Lister-Jones), who give Lola lots of bad advice as she binge drinks, Internet dates and pole-dances her way through a quarter-life crisis. Get More »

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Joel Kinnaman Goes From 'Killing' to Loving in 'Lola Versus'

Getty Images

If you're currently watching AMC's freshman crime drama "The Killing," then you know that co-star Joel Kinnaman is the most badass thing to happen to television since Jack Bauer electrocuted a terrorist using the inside of a lamp. As Detective Holder, Kinnman flaunts his Timothy Olyphant-esque looks while busting the baddest guys in Seattle, rarely playing by the rules.

Now, he's ready to show his sweeter side.

Kinnaman has been tapped to star alongside Greta Gerwig ("Arthur") in a new romantic comedy titled "Lola Versus." Get More »

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Greta Gerwig Hits Romantic Gold With Orlando Bloom in 'Lola Versus'

Orlando Bloom and Greta Gerwig
Getty Images

Greta Gerwig shows no sign of losing her It Girl status (or Next Factor status, for that matter) anytime soon.

After swapping spit with Ben Stiller in "Greenberg" and Russell Brand in "Arthur," she's about to get a romantic moment with a real heartthrob. No offense to Stiller and Brand, but we'd say Orlando Bloom is a pretty handsome step in a good direction.

The pair are circling "Lola Versus," according to Variety. Gerwig will star as the titular character, a woman dumped just before her wedding day who's on the lookout for her best self, as Oprah would say, before she hits 30. Get More »

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