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GALLERY: 25 Models in Movies

Strike a pose and sashay down the runway with us as we celebrate those tireless women who strive to look fabulous to make the world a more beautiful place. We're talking about supermodels, and while they can't all be Meryl Streep, they can still make it work up on the big screen.

In anticipation of seeing Kate Upton in that wet nun bikini for "The Three Stooges," we're looking at our favorite models-turned-actresses. There are several famous sex symbols, a few fresh young faces, and even a couple of Academy Award winners in today's lineup, so sit back and watch them strut their stuff.

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Mary Harron's 'The Moth Diaries' Is Probably About Vampires

The Moth Diaries
IFC Films

And we think you'll agree after you watch the trailer -- Scott Speedman's voice-over is laying some pretty heavy hints as to what's going on with the new girl in school.

Mary Harron, the lady director behind "I Shot Andy Warhol," "American Psycho" and "The Notorious Bettie Page," has called class back in session with "The Moth Diaries," a wicked-looking reverse-take of sorts on Dario Argento's "Suspiria" in which Rebecca (Sarah Bolger), a student at a boarding school, becomes suspicious of the "new girl," Edessa (Lily Cole), who could be harboring a dark secret (again, our guess is that she's a vampire, but we could be wrong). Get More »

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'Snow White' and the Two Characters You've Never Heard Of

Lily Cole
Getty Images

Casting a live action version of "Snow White" would seem to be simplicity itself: you've got your Queen, you've got your Snow White, you've got your dwarfs, bing, bang, boom. Done.

But when you're trying to re-envision the whole fairy tale by focusing on the relationship between Snow White and the huntsman sent to kill her, well, things get a bit more complicated.

Case in point: according to Variety, Lily Cole and Sam Spruell have both signed on to join the cast of "Snow White and the Huntsman," where they will play characters that you've probably never heard of before. And for our money, that's a good thing. Get More »

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Jamie Campbell Bower Will Be Jace Wayland in 'The Mortal Instruments'

Jamie Campbell Bower
Getty Images

Now that "The Hunger Games" casting is drawing to a close, fan focus has turned to another highly anticipated adaptation: Cassandra Clare's "The Mortal Instruments."

"Instruments" has nabbed Lily Collins as the heroine Clary Fray, and we've been waiting eagerly to see who would play her companion and guide, Jace Wayland. Not just any man can play Jace, who is a bit of a bad boy, full of torment, sarcasm, and disdain. It's a potent blend of sexy, and the right blonde has to pull it off. Alex Pettyfer emerged as a frontrunner, but according to Deadline, he's lost the role to Jamie Campbell Bower. Get More »

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