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New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'The Purge' and More

The Purge Universal

This week: All crime, including murder, is legal for one 12-hour period a year in "The Purge," a horror thriller in which Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey play a married couple that tries to keep their family safe during the annual event after an intruder gains access to their fortified home.

Also new this week is the trilogy-ending "The Hangover Part III," M. Night Shyamalan's "After Earth" starring Will Smith and son Jaden and the impressive sci-fi indie "Europa Report." Get More »

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New 'Mortal Instruments' Sneak: Demons and Shadowhunters and Moms, Oh My!

Sony Pictures is ready for its shot at the YA adaptation game with "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" rolling into theaters in a just over a month. With not one ("Divergent"), not two ("The Maze Runner") but three ("Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters") hopeful successors to the "Twilight"-"The Hunger Games" loot scoop on deck, all eyes are on the ticket counter* for this one.

With this new sneak peek at the film, courtesy of our pals at Yahoo! Movies, the movie's marbles — and demons and runes and that big, fancy Institute — are officially all on the table. Get More »

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Hot People Looking Hot: Lena Headey Photos

Bow before the Queen Regent!

Lena Headey has been workin' since the early '90s but only recently earned some hardcore fanboy cred with her turns in "300," "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles," "Game of Thrones" and, perhaps most notably, as the scarred crime lord of "Dredd." There's just something genuinely royal about this beauty that inspires filmmakers to cast her as stern — and mad hot — authority figures.

Lock your doors and check out our collection of "The Purge" star looking hot in various movies, television shows and photoshoots.

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'The Purge' Trailer: Kinda Like 'The Hunger Games' For Adults

So what would happen if "The Hunger Games" involved the entire country and not just a handful of hot teenagers? Well, thanks to the brand Apple Trailers clip for the upcoming horror film "The Purge," we now know the answer to that burning question.

And just as you might imagine, it involves a lot of Ethan Hawke looking like he's about to crap his pants. Get More »

New on DVD and Blu-ray: 'Frankenweenie' and More


This week: Tim Burton expands his short stop-motion film "Frankenweenie" into a charming feature-length film about a boy who uses science to bring his beloved pet back to life.

Also new this week is the comic adaptation "Dredd," Jennifer Lawrence slumming it in "House at the End of the Street" and the achingly beautiful "Samsara." Get More »

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All You Need to Know About 'The Mortal Instruments' Cast (So Far)

Lily Collins
Getty Images

Fans of Cassandra Clare's "The Mortal Instruments" series will agree that casting for the "City of Bones" movie has been one hellaciously long process. Consider this: The first actor announcement came down nearly two years ago.

However, as the spiffy new official movie website for "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" now shows, there are very few spaces left open on the casting roster. In fact, this week "The Tudors" star Jonathan Rhys Meyers might've nabbed the biggest opening left (he's reportedly in talks to star as Valentine Morgenstern, the brainy and sadistic arch-villain of the series). Get More »

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'The Mortal Instruments' Cast Gets Three More Stars

Getty Images

Heads up, Shadowhunters!

Lena Headey may be best known as the golden-haired Cersei from HBO's "Game of Thrones," but she's about to touch down on (and become a redhead for) another book-to-film phenom - this time on the big screen for "The Mortal Instruments"! Also joining the cast are "Mad Men" star Jared Harris and Godfrey Gao!

Author Cassandra Clare made the announcements on her blog today: Lena Headey will portray Jocelyn Fray, the mother slash badass shadowhunter whose kidnapping sends daughter Clary on a long, hard-fought rescue mission against the world's most powerful and deadly creatures. Meanwhile, Jared Harris is the pick for the duplicitous Hodge Starkweather, who has to decide between preserving his freedom and betraying the little ones. Finally, Godfrey Gao signs on as Magnus Bane, the illustrious High Warlock of Brooklyn. Get More »

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‘Judge Dredd’ Remake Villain is (Likely) Lena Headey


Someone's back, and this time it's not Arnold.

"Terminator: Sarah Conner Chronicles" star Lena Headey has reportedly been cast as the lead villainness in the new 3-D "Judge Dredd" movie.

The smoldering actress will play Madeline Madrigal, aka Ma-Ma, the leader of a gang that has taken over the Peach Tree City Block—which has some people scratching their heads. In the script, Ma-Ma is described as being "in her late fifties or early sixties with a big scar through her cheek and lip," Total Film recounts. Get More »

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