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Our 12 Favorite Sets of Hollywood Lookalikes

Zachary Quinto and Eli Roth Getty Images

Separated at birth? Long-lost twins? Vague coincidence? It's all possible when actors look so alike they could be siblings.

Is that Zachary Quinto, the Chief Science Officer of "Star Trek Into Darkness," running from the horror of "Aftershock"? Ah, no, at second glance, that's actually Quinto's doppelganger, Eli Roth, the man who gave us "Cabin Fever" and shot Hitler full o' holes in "Inglourious Basterds."

Anyway, with "Aftershock" and the new "Trek" being released back-to-back, we figured this was the perfect time to match up our favorite Hollywood doubles as they compete for roles, attention and DNA. It's like looking into a mirror! Get More »

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'Gossip Girl' Stars on the Big Screen: Who Does It Best?

Blake Lively in The Savages Universal
It seems like just yesterday that Serena van der Woodsen was coming back from boarding school to find that her former BFF, Blair Waldorf, had become Queen Bee. Tonight, TV's "Gossip Girl" comes to an end, leaving with it a slew of absurdly attractive young stars unemployed.

Of course, we've seen a number of them on to the silver screen already — including Leighton Meester "That's My Boy" and "The Oranges" and Blake Lively in Oliver Stone's "Savages."

Since the world of these privileged few thrives on competition, it only made sense to see which GG star's movie career leaves the rest of the beautiful people in the dust. Read our (very scientific) rankings to find out, then weigh in yourself in our poll below. Get More »

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Q&A: Leighton Meester Is Sunny (and Funny) Like 'The Oranges'

Getty Images

Leighton Meester is the kind of girl who eats chocolate ice cream.

After six years of watching her fit into the finest of couture gowns on television's "Gossip Girl," we wouldn't have believed it ourselves if we hadn't witnessed it just before our interview. But, then again, Meester is on the cusp of a whole new chapter in her career, and that's exactly when surprises should be the norm, whether they be food choices or projects.

In her new comedy, "The Oranges," out in limited release on Friday, Meester is in great company – including Hugh Laurie, Allison Janney, Oliver Platt and Adam Brody – as Nina, a lost 20-something who returns home for Thanksgiving and hooks up with her father's best friend (Laurie). She's not conniving or devilish about it like we've seen her be on "Gossip Girl" and in "That's My Boy" and "The Roommate." In fact, she even makes you root for her unlikely romance as you laugh and even question the "rules" of relationships at any age.

So, after Meester finished her tasty treat, we quizzed her about those rules, hooking up with Dr. House and, of course, the end of the chapter in her life known as "Gossip Girl." Get More »

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Sex, Secrets and Suburbia in 'The Oranges' Trailer

The Oranges
ATO Pictures

If a movie takes place in the suburbs, chances are one of the characters is sleeping with someone he or she shouldn't.

Illicit affairs continue to lead to unexpected self-discovery in "The Oranges," the dark comedy in which a middle-aged man's (Hugh Laurie) tryst with his best friend's 24-year-old daughter (Leighton Meester) inadvertently prompts everyone affected by this scandal to step outside the realms of their white picket fences and take a long, hard look at themselves. Get More »

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GALLERY: That's Our Girl, Leighton Meester!

Whether it's film, television or music, Leighton Meester can do it all. To top it off, she looks great no matter what she's doing, from dazzling as a country diva in "Country Strong" to sporting Upper East Side chic in "Gossip Girl" to looking oh so scary in "The Roommate."

In fact, Leighton even makes playing a regular person look way better than most of us look in our daily lives. In her latest comedy, "That's My Boy," Leighton manages to stay looking pretty while trying to keep her fiancee, played by Andy Samberg, from partying too hard with his estranged father (Adam Sandler) on their wedding weekend.

Don't worry, though. You won't find any bridezillas here. This week's Hot People Looking Hot gallery looks anything but scary.

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Before They Were Famous: Leighton Meester in 'Law & Order'

Leighton Meester in Law & Order

For over two decades, appearing on "Law & Order" -- or one of its nearly nine thousand spinoffs -- has been a rite of passage for actors looking to make it big in television, film and theater. If you haven't ended up dead in a back alley, on the stand in front of a righteous public defender or being grilled by a tough cop while ominous chimes chung-chung in the background, well, you're probably a nobody.

But you know who is a somebody? Leighton Meester, who appeared on "Law & Order" way back in the '90s when she was just 13 years old. Get More »

GALLERY: Famous Family Types at 'That's My Boy' Premiere

A lot of mothers and fathers were beaming with pride today.

Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Leighton Meester and other sons and daughters walked the red carpet at the Hollywood premiere of "That's My Boy," the new comedy that casts Sandler and Samberg as father and son — with a bizarro reason for the barely-there age difference.

Check out our collection of pics from the premiere and get ready to bond with "That's My Boy" when it hits theaters on June 15.

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Emma Watson, Adam Sandler, Wiz Khalifa and More Will 'Work Hard, Play Hard' at MTV Movie Awards

Emma Watson
Getty Images

Some of our favorite stars are joining the already impressive line-up to appear at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards on June 3.

For starters, Wiz Khalifa will take the mic to perform his brand new single "Work Hard, Play Hard" at this year's big event.

Along with the Wiz, a slew of awesome presenters have been announced. Emma Watson tweeted yesterday that she'll be joining her "Perks of Being a Wallflower" co-stars Logan Lerman and Ezra Miller onstage. (She also promised the premiere of the movie's newest trailer during MTV's pre-show). Get More »

The 20 Sexiest Women of Summer 2012

What would a blockbuster be without a damsel in distress to save, or a femme fatale to fight? A whole lot less fabulous, that's what.

Throughout the world, the summer movies season is synonymous with chiseled male champions braving larger-than-life adventures. But judging by the crop of broad comedies and action extravaganzas being offered up in the coming months, it looks like the ladies may give their A-list counterparts of the opposite sex a run for their money.

Have a look at 20 starlets who are going to steal the cinematic spotlight.

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'That's My Boy' Trailer Puts The 'R' In Sandler


Doing goofy voices and screaming is Adam Sandler's modus operandi, but slap on a five o'clock shadow and give him curse word carte blanche and you've got one very Happy Madison.

Don't believe us? Then check out MTV's exclusive red-band very very extremely NSFW trailer for "That's My Boy," a movie that lets the Sandman loose in ways that make the family-friendly "Jack and Jill" tumble down the hill. Get More »

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