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Link Riot: Han Solo Lego Portrait

• This Han Solo portrait was done completely in Legos. [Geek Crafts]

• 'The Lone Ranger' and nine of the weirdest westerns of all time. []

• Five reasons why 'White House Down' failed (explained in GIFs). [BuzzSugar]

• Check out the stars of 'Pirates of the Caribbean' then and now. [ScreenCrush]

• The soundtrack listing for 'The Mortal Instruments' movie has been released. [Hypable]

• Is there cause to worry about Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox's friendship? [Videogum]

• Quite a few directors have fallen out of love with film. We're looking at you, David Lynch. [Flavorwire]

• These are 20 crazy cult movies on YouTube that you need to see. [Death & Taxes]

• Ever wonder why movie studios are scheduling movie releases 5 years in advance? Here's an explanation. [The Wrap]

• This is everything that was learned in the latest video blog from 'The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.' [MTV Movies Blog]

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Link Riot: Awesome Lego Movie Trailers

• Movie trailers made even more awesome in Lego. [Forever Geek]

• This is why it's almost impossible to make Superman a dramatically interesting character. []

• Speaking of Superman, if Superman comics were as sad as 'Man of Steel' looks, they'd look like this. [Funny or Die]

• Rumor Control: new 'Catching Fire' trailer will not debut at Comic-Con. [Hypable]

• Here's 5 ways to know you're watching a Sofia Coppola film. [BuzzSugar]

• Betcha didn't know these 10 things about 'Monster's Inc.' [ScreenCrush]

• These are 18 Disney movies that never got made. [Mental_Floss]

• What if Pixar remade 'Flash Gordon' and other pulp hits? [io9]

• Did you ever notice these superhero movie mistakes? [Moviefone]

• Who knew that these 15 stars turned down career-changing roles? [The Wrap]

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Link Riot: Full Scale T-800 Terminator Made Out of Legos

• Someone made a full scale T-800 Terminator out of Legos. Amazing. [Gizmodo]

• Everything that you need to know about 'After Earth' can be learned from the reviews. [FilmDrunk]

• 'Girls' isn't the first and won't be the last. Porn parodies are here to stay. []

• 'Finding Nemo' is 10 years old. Here's 25 things you didn't know about it. [Moviefone]

• Do you think any of these actresses could pull off playing Hilary Clinton? [BuzzSugar]

• Grumpy cat is only the beginning. These other memes are worthy of movie adaptations. [Hollywire]

• Check out these photos of props from 'The Mortal Instruments.' [Hypable]

• Has anyone ever listened to the commentary in 'Independence Day?' Here's 25 things that was learned from it. [Film School Rejects]

• These movies were so confusing. Seriously, what the eff happened? [ScreenCrush]

• Oh you have the antidote handy? Here's 14 movie villain cliches that should go away. [Buzzfeed]

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LEGO Builds 'Iron Man 3' Plot Out Of Interlocking Spoilers


Once upon a time, all you had to do to avoid spoilers was simply not talk to people who had already seen the movie. Then the internet came along and paparazzi crawled out of the ground and bloggers began trying to one up each other and suddenly you couldn't even go to the bathroom without accidentally learning the plot point of some upcoming blockbuster.

And now even your toys are trying to spoil things for you, as Empire is reporting that the latest releases from LEGO totally give away half the plot of "Iron Man 3."

Our toys. At long last, is nothing truly sacred any more? Get More »

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New 'Lego' Movie Is Coming Together With Big Names


Building a successful franchise is no easy task, but when it comes to the big screen adaptation of "Lego," the pieces are really coming together, as Screen Rant is reporting that Elizabeth Banks and Morgan Freeman have joined the project as voice talent.

Looks like they are about to literally redefine "blockbuster." Get More »

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LEGOs Rise in 'The Dark Knight' Trailer

The Dark Knight Rises LEGO Trailer

LEGOs have never been so … well, dark.

"The Dark Knight Rises" trailer has been recreated — or is it rebuilt? — shot for shot with everyone's favorite construction toys, courtesy of the Rogues Gallery over at Paranickfilmz. Get More »

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Spoiler Alert: The Bad Guys in 'The Avengers' Are ... LEGOs?


Sometimes it can be really hard to avoid spoilers.

You can stop reading your Facebook feed, block text messages from friends you know can't keep a secret and quickly change the channel whenever Mario Lopez appears. But somehow, some way, those spoilers will find a way to get you, sometimes in the most unlikely ways.

Like on a box of LEGOs. Get More »

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First Look At 'Lord of the Rings' Legos Is A Block-Buster


Back in December, we reported about the Lego company piecing together the rights to Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" and "Hobbit" movies for use in their toy playsets.

Now The Hollywood Reporter has your first look at the initial wave of Lego figures based on the filmic versions of J.R.R. Tolkien's beloved characters.

While the prequel toys aren't scheduled to drop until closer to the December release of "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey," these pics show characters from Jackson's original trilogy including all members of the Fellowship, from Gandalf to Gimli. Get More »

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LEGO 'Cars 2' Trailer Is a Literal Chip Off the Old Block

Alex Pettyfer
Patrick Boivin

Disney must have really taken a shine to MTV's all-LEGO version of their "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" trailer, since they commissioned YouTube wunderkind Patrick Boivin to give their new Pixar release the blocky treatment.

The "Cars 2" video he created is somehow even more charming and funny than the real trailer, especially since he combines the handcrafted look with gorgeous animation and camerawork. This shot-for-shot version will undoubtedly pave the way for even more films to be creatively LEGO-ized, including "Straw Dogs," "Paranormal Activity 3" and "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" ater this year. Get More »

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'Pirates of the Caribbean' Trailer Gets LEGO Treatment

Pirates LEGO Trailer

After we brought you the summer's 10 biggest movies in LEGO form,  we thought we wouldn't be talking about our favorite childhood toy for a least another few months.

Then we saw this.

MTV has faithfully and painstakingly recreated the trailer to "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" with LEGOs, complete with mermaid waters, Blackbeard and sneers from unshaven, grizzled faces. The level of detail involved in this is somewhat scary. Get More »

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