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Arnold Is Back... As Darth Vader?!

It's pretty well known that while the voice of James Earl Jones was used for Darth Vader in the original "Star Wars" trilogy, there was actually a totally different guy (by the name of David Prowse) inside the suit. Which makes sense, of course; with that big helmet on, there was no way to really have the actor speak his lines during the scene anyway, so since they had to dub in dialogue, they might as well dub in the best voice actor around.

But what if they had picked Arnold Schwarzenegger to do the voice instead? Get More »

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'Thor' Star Jaimie Alexander Making a 'Last Stand'


Jaimie Alexander proved in this summer's blockbuster comic book movie "Thor" that she knows how to handle herself in combat, but can she go toe-to-toe with The Terminator?

As the warrior woman Sif, the 27-year-old beauty carved herself a place in our hearts with that mighty Asgardian sword and ferocious fighting ability, and now according to Variety she'll next be starring alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Last Stand." Get More »

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Arnold Is Back With 'Last Stand' And 'The Tomb'

Arnold Schwarzenegger
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"I'll be back." Never before has that classic Arnold Schwarzenegger promise sounded sweeter.

If it were up to us, Arnold would be in every movie now that his time isn't being monopolized by being the Governor of California and all that. But we suppose he's not as young as he once was, so he's got to move a little more slowly -- meaning there are currently only two movies in the works that might star the comeback-seeking former action hero. Get More »

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